Response to my Critics

Mike Bara

Every public person has enemies, people who are obsessed with their success and are jealous of it. I am no different.

In my case, there are primarily two individuals who attack and attempt to obfuscate everything I say and do. They masquerade under various pen names and pseudonyms in an attempt to make their numbers appear legion, but it's clear from the writing style and talking points that it's the same two pathetic bozos. They have on occasion managed to enlist the help of some NASA funded debunkers, but this has done nothing to improve the veracity or accuracy of their attacks on me.

This is just a partial list of the lies and complete distortions my critics have put out about me. Some of them are long and very technical, but so are their false claims about me, my co-author and sources. As you will see, I never said that orbital eccentricity was measured from the Earth, that centrifugal force makes you heavier, or for that matter any of the other false and stupid things these obsessed people say I did. I have stopped responding to these people because they have used multiple false identities to attack and me, sexually harassed my female friends and threatened me with physical violence. Enough is enough.

Consider this just a quick reference to the innumerable claims they have made. I could easily rebut all of their claims, but I would have no time to work on my own projects and I will spend no further energy refuting them.

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