Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The Real Deal Report: 8-18-2020

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Monday, April 27, 2020

Good Morning Britain's Ratings Collapse Amidst Piers Morgan's Hysterical Rantings

According to Media Guido, Good Morning Britain's ratings have been in free fall since anchor Piers Morgan began ranting like a hysterical woman over the Chi-Com Virus outbreak. The fading newsman and commentator, who had won over some fans previously for his stances on identity politics and veganism, has made a poor calculation with his all-in stance on full-blown coronavirus lock downs and attacks on President Trump.

According to the website: "On March 25 GMB’s viewing figures according to industry audience monitor BARB hit a high of 1.23 million, a month later by April 24 the viewer numbers have collapsed back down to 704,300. That is a 42.8% drop in people tuning in to hear him hysterically ranting. He’s lost Trump as a Twitter follower and almost half his TV audience…"

Morgan tried recently to boost his ratings by writing a frothing and completely incorrect hit piece on Trump for advocating proven, scientifically sound treatments like Hydroxycholoroquine and UV light therapy to combat the Chinese manufactured flu outbreak, which has been allowed to cripple the world's economies.

Morgan, Maxwell and a little girl

Morgan, 55, has been known to party with the likes of Ghislaine Maxwell, pedophile Jeffery Epstein's girlfriend and pimp, and has placed the blame for this mild flu outbreak on everyone but the people who created it: The Chinese Communist Party. As we will soon find out, many "newsmen" have been on the payroll of the CCP for years. Morgan's irrational behavior and questionable associations raise the question of whether he's one of them.