NOTE: All images from my books Ancient Aliens on the Moon  and Ancient Aliens on Mars are available for viewing on my Picasa Web Album.

With David Wilcock in Arizona

With Jordan Maxwell and the late Dr. Tom van Flandern

With Coast to Coast AM host George Noory

With actress Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica & "24") at the 2009 LA Kitten Rescue Furball at the Skirball

With Richard C. Hoagland

With Command Sergeat Major (Ret.) Robert O. Dean

Me & David Icke

Hanging with President Obama. I put a "kick me" sign on his back

With Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Caroll

With some dude who was in Yes and Asia

With "The" Sean David Morton

With author Bruce Lipton at the Evolutionary Leaders conference

With Battlestar Galactica actor Michael Hogan

With Galactica creator Ron Moore at the EMP Battlestar Galactica exhibit

Doing the Ancient Aliens thing

With Battlestar Galactica actor Rick Worthy "Simon" at the Flying Saucer cafe in Hollywood

With Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and Roxy Lopez on the sidelines in Arizona

With the Seahawks mascot on the sidelines at Centurylink field

With space shuttle astronaut L.Blaine Hammond at my lecture at MUFON OC

With Miriam Delicado

"Tarvaris Jackson? Seriously?" With Sean and Pete in Arizona

With actress Sean Young (Ace Ventura/Blade Runner/No Way Out) at the W hotel in Hollywood

With my twin brother Dave
With Jesus in Hollywood