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Video of My UFO?

I went to see "Watchmen" with Sean David Morton last night, and on the way back I was telling him about my UFO sighting. He said the same things have been seen in the South Bay area several times over the last few months, including by him. I went to YouTube and found some videos:

It looked exactly like this one, only it didn't change color like this one did. This is footage from last Halloween and Sean saw it:

Here's one with a video testimonial. You can clearly see the ring shape and the slow, tumbling motion. This is from April 22nd of last year:

Part 2:

There's another guy who says they're fake, but I couldn't understand the name of the website he gave.

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15 Questions With Mike Bara

My buddy Skylaire Alfvegren over at the LA Examiner has started a 3-part posting of 15 questions for me to answer. You guys might find it interesting.

Phoenix Finds Liquid Water on Mars

Rick Sterling, one of our readers (and a frequent source of “heads-up’s” from his constant data mining of the internet) recently sent us a copy of a paper that declares that globules photographed on one of struts of NASA’s Mars Phoenix lander are in fact liquid water. As anybody who reads this blog (or Dark Mission) knows, my co-author and I have long argued that Mars is suitable for liquid water, even in its currently dormant icy state.

Not only did we successfully predict exactly where NASA would find subsurface water ice based on our steadfastly ignored Mars Tidal Model, we have long held that dark streaks frequently photographed on the Martian sands are from bursting pockets of liquid water.

NASA has maintained that Mars cannot support water in a liquid state since water vapor in the Martian atmosphere was measured by the Viking Orbiter Mars Atmospheric Water Detection instrument. The findings indicated the planet’s atmosphere was too thin and its temperatures too low to allow water in a liquid state. However, Dr. Gil Levin, the principal investigator on the Viking Labeled Release experiment, has argued for years that NASA’s assessment is based on a faulty assumption: namely that the planet’s thin layer of water vapor is evenly distributed throughout the atmosphere. Levin argues that it is far more likely that the water is concentrated in lower three feet of the atmosphere, creating an environment where pressure and temperatures can exceed the triple point of water, at least some of the time. This conclusion supports his long held contention that the positive life signs detected in the LRE were legitimate indications of current microbial life on the Red Planet.

Liquid water is of course crucial to the existence of life in any environment, and NASA has dragged its feet for years on reaching the conclusion that should now be obvious: Mars not only has liquid water at the surface; it has life. However, it also clear that such an admission is now only a matter of time as we follow the “timed release aspirin” model of such revelations that the Brookings Report recommended.

One other aspect of this paper that Rick pointed out was this statement:

“… brines have a large dielectric constant that can cause attenuation of radar signals as that measured by Mars orbiters…”

Now that’s really interesting, because we didn’t know that there were radar signals measured by the Mars orbiters. I wonder; what else might this radar data show?

We’ll see.

So once again, we see there is no discovery about Mars that we can’t figure out years before they’ll admit to it.

Now, when will they get around to admitting Mars was once a moon of a long missing planet? At this rate, not for decades, if ever.

Here’s a link to the article.

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The First Freemason on the Moon Speaks

One of the interesting revelations in Dark Mission is that NASA is not a civilian science agency, as most people believe, but rather an adjunct of the defense department. In the introduction, my co-author Richard C. Hoagland cites the information this way:

“Contrary to common public and media perception, however—that NASA is an open, strictly civilian scientific institution—the fact is that it was quietly founded as a direct adjunct to the Department of Defense, tasked with specifically assisting (via its unique technical capabilities, if not its potential breakthrough discoveries in outer space) the national security of the United States, in the midst of a deepening Cold War with its major geopolitical adversary, the Soviet Union. It says so right in the original civilian NASA Charter:

“Sec. 305... (i) The [National Aeronautics and Space] Administration shall be considered a defense agency of the United States for the purpose of Chapter 17, Title 35 of the United States Code...” [Emphasis added.]

In another section of the act, this seldom-discussed primary defense responsibility—the ultimate undercutting of NASA’s continuing public facade as a strictly civilian, scientific agency—is blatantly spelled out:
“Sec. 205... (d) No [NASA] information which has been classified for reasons of national security shall be included in any report made under this section [of the act]...” [Emphasis added.]

Clearly, from this and the other security provisions incorporated in the act, what the Congress, the press and the American taxpayers get to see of NASA’s ultimate activities—including untouched images and data regarding what’s really on the Moon, on Mars or anywhere else across the solar system—is totally dependent, under the Space Act, on whether the President of the United States (and/or his legal surrogates in the Department of Defense and the “intelligence community”) has already secretly classified that data. This is directly contrary to everything we’ve been led to believe regarding NASA for over fifty years.”

Now, the poster formally known as douche ba… uh, expat, tried to argue that these provisions only applied to patentable discoveries, because title 35 specifically deals with such discoveries. A discussion of that subject is here.

But now, the second man (and first Freemason) to set foot on the surface of the Moon has chimed in on the subject. 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason Buzz Aldrin had this to say recently in a interview on President Obama’s space proposals:

“It was evident that NASA's fortune of managing successful programs took a sudden dive for the worse right after the Apollo-17 mission was completed in 1972. Some might believe the obscure budget level and weak political support of NASA was to blame for the downturn of the agency in the post-Apollo era. However, while there was some skin-deep truth to such blame, the real truth lies deeply beneath the geopolitical complexities of the inherent NASA governing paradigm under which the agency was created: a military entity converted for the purpose of winning the space race.”

So now, even the first Freemason on the Moon acknowledges what we already told you in Dark Mission; NASA is not a civilian science entity, it is a military operation disguised as one. So don’t take our word for it, take Buzz’ word for it.

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Pictograms From the Edge

A few years ago, a debate ensued between Richard and me and the self-anointed “serious Cydonia researchers” over at SPSR. The debate, which included the late lamented Dr. Tom Van Flandern concerned the perceived presence of “pictograms” on the Martian surface. Van Flandern even went so far as to bring up these patterns in the Martian sands at his ill-fated “Artificial Structures on Mars” press conference in 2001. We also covered the issue in chapter 8 of Dark Mission.

We had always argued that these pictograms were only real in the minds of the SPSR researchers, who just couldn’t bring themselves to align with the much better arguments of a couple of rogue conspiracy theorists like us. Some of the most egregious examples of their ideas are shown below.

The "Dolphin"


The "King" (no, it’s not Farouk El Baz)

The "Fat Man"

At any rate, when I saw a recent Time magazine piece on the best objects spotted on Google Earth, I couldn’t help but hearken back to this old debate. Obviously, this mesa as seen from above looks like an Aztec Indian figure with a feathered headdress. He also seems to have acquired a pair of iPod headphones. In looking at it closer, I also noticed what appears to be a second whooping Indian face behind the first one.

The point is, these are both optical illusions. They are, like most of SPSR’s “pictograms” only recognizable in profile, like the Old Man of the Mountain in New Hampshire. This differentiates it from the Face, which is a face on view with 3 dimensional relief, a high degree of bi-lateral symmetry, and it resides in the midst of a series of other anomalous objects which have significant mathematical relationships to each other. All of which just goes to illustrate the danger of Face hunting without applying the proper scientific protocols, as was done in the original early Cydonia investigations.
On a personal note, it has never ceased to amuse me that certain members of SPSR rip us over “NASA conspiracies” or Data’s Head on the Moon, but then buy into these silly Rorschach tests.

Oh well, it’s tough to be us I guess…