Tuesday, December 5, 2017

My First Novel "Lightbringer" now out on Amazon Kindle and Trade Paperback

My 1st novel, "Lightbringer: A Dark Mission Novel" is now out on Amazon Kindle and is coming soon on the nook platform! Also available in paperback. Pick it up for the holidays!

Lightbringer is the story of FBI Special Agent Lori Pars, who finds herself assigned to investigate the bizarre ritual murders of a NASA scientist and a well-known NASA critic. It soon becomes clear that her superiors would prefer that she simply close the case as quickly as possible, rather than conduct a serious investigation.  This rankles Lori, and she chooses to follow clues that lead her to Trevor Vartan, a former British MI-6 agent who left the intelligence service under mysterious circumstances. 

Lori’s pursuit of Vartan leads to a dramatic confrontation. She soon finds herself isolated and hunted, and the only man she can trust is her prime suspect in the murders - Vartan. She eventually discovers the true occult agenda behind the murders, and a dark plan by a rogue group of NASA insiders which has terrifying implications for the entire human race. Lori now has a clear choice; does she turn herself and her suspect in, or does she trust Vartan and risk everything to stop a nefarious plot that may threaten the entire world?

Lightbringer is based on my non-fiction bestseller, Dark Mission – The Secret History of NASA.  Dark Mission has sold over 65,000 copies to date and spent some six weeks on the New York Times expanded trade paperback list in 2007, reaching as high as #21 at that time.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Nazca "Alien Mummy" Update #2

A well-placed source inside Gaia has told me that they commissioned a very well known and respected Remote Viewer to look at the alleged "Alien Mummy"nicknamed "Maria" and that he told them... wait for it...


It will be very interesting to see just how Gaia reports this development, if at all...

Stay Tuned!!


Thursday, July 6, 2017

My Thoughts on the Nazca Alien Mummy

New Study Shows NASA/NOAA "Scientists" Faking Global Warming Data

A new statistical study has shown that nearly 100% of claimed warming in the last 20 years is due to data "adjustments" by Global Warming hysterics and not actual thermometer readings. The constant meme of "'Fill in the blank' was the warmest year on record" is a lie created by #fakescience. In other words, Global Warming is complete scam, perpetrated by those who stand to get research money to study it.

Article is here.

Study is here

Below is a graph showing the actual measured temperature worldwide since measurements were first taken in 1881. It is a straight line.

Global Average Temperature Readings 1881-2013. Scale is 1 Degree Fahrenheit.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

My Statement on "Unearthing Nazca" and the Supposed "Alien" Mummy

Here, in no particular order, are my thoughts on the alleged "alien mummy" supposedly found in Nazca, Peru which is featured in the Gaia.com video "Unearthing Nazca," which can be found here.

1. It's fake AF.
2. It looks like it was made out of paper mache'. I've seen rocks on the original Star Trek that looked more realistic.
3. Jaime Mausan - Need I say more than "The Roswell Slides"? We've been down this road before.
4. Several of the "scientists" involved in this scam have very questionable backgrounds and credentials.
5. As far as we know, there is no confirmed trail of evidence as to where it was found.
6. One of the producers involved in this mini-film is personally known to me. She is not very smart, emotionally unstable and not an honorable person.
7. Jay Weidner - I know Jay Weidner. Jay Weidner is a friend of mine. Or at least he was before I posted this. I like Jay Weidner. But if jumping to conclusions was an Olympic sport, Jay Weidner would have more gold medals than Michael Phelps.
8. Gaia - Gaia has some good programming, like George Noory's show. But they also have more than their fair share of con-artists and flim-flam men on the network. Caveat emptor.

In the end, this appears to be just another attempt to generate clicks and drive subscriptions, which I have no problem with. But in my opinion as any kind of "proof" of aliens it will amount to nothing. We have been scammed again.

Friday, March 31, 2017

George Noory Live July 29th, 2017 in Everett Washington

Join me for this special LIVE event with George Noory of Coast to Coast AM in Everett, Washington on Saturday, July 29th at the historic Everett Theatre! You don't want to miss it!