Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Paper Adds Even More Confirmation to Prediction Made in "The Choice"

Artists conception of a Trans-Neptunian world.
In my second book The Choice, I made several predictions about future events and discoveries that promised to back up many of the claims made in that volume. Foremost among them was the prediction, based on the Hyperdimensional Physics theory of Richard C, Hoagland and Erol Torun, that one or more planets of near Jupiter mass would be found beyond the orbit of Pluto.
A few months ago, I reported that a new paper would argue strongly that perturbations in the orbits of observed trans-Neptunian objects indicated the presence of at least one (but more likely two) massive objects well beyond the orbit of Pluto. Now, the paper has appeared in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. It confirms my original prediction, including one that states that at least one of the objects could be as far out as 550 AU (about 51 billion miles).
These latest findings also indicate that data from NASA's WISE telescope is far from the final word on the existence of Planet X or even Planet Y, since, at least according to the data released so far, WISE failed to find these two objects.

Stay tuned for more as this continues to develop.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Satellite Temperature Data Proves That NASA/NOAA Claim that 2014 is "The Hottest Year on Record" is a Lie

Updated RSS Data from December, 2014 shows it was just an average year temperature wise, and the short term 18-year trend is near zero.

Is the Earth getting warmer? Is Carbon Dioxide build-up due human industrial activities making the ice caps melt and driving polar bears to extinction? Is, as NASA and NOAA claim, 2014 the "hottest year on record?"

The proof is in the satellite temperature data from the Remote Sensing System database. And the answer to all of those questions is "No." NASA is just lying again, as they always do.

Analysis Shows Claim That “CO2 Concentration Is Highest In 600,000 Years” Is Highly Dubious At Best

More proof that Carbon Dioxide does not cause warming: It's actually the other way around.

Ice core samples show that spike in Co2 is related to Younger Dryas Nanodiamond event.

Analysis Shows Claim That “CO2 Concentration Is Highest In 600,000 Years” Is Highly Dubious At Best

The key points:

– A large sudden rise in CO2 decays away in 100 years or less.
– A large sudden rise in CO2 does not cause a rise in temperature.
– A large rise in temperature causes CO2 to rise, not the other way around.

- All the rises in CO2, including in modern times, came after temperature increases.

– The delay between temperature rise and CO2 rise is somewhere between zero and 150 years. We can see that delay in modern times. The rise in temperature after the little ice age began in the late 19th century, accelerating after 1910. The rise in CO2 began about the time Keeling started measuring it in 1959, accelerating after that, a delay of about 50 years. Is the rise in CO2 all due to temperature rise? No. It is a combination of temperature change and increased fossil carbon emissions. Will those emissions cause temperature to rise further? No. The large rise at the ND event caused NO temperature rise in either of the data sets above.

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