Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No Blogging 'till Tuesday

I'm headed out of town for a few days, so no new posts until Tuesday, when I hope to have a new Hyperdimensional physics post up. You can still leave comments but they won't be moderated until Tuesday at the earliest.

Everybody have a nice weekend!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Edgar Mitchell Admits NASA Knows About ET

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the Moon and a 33 degree Scottish Rite Freemason, has admitted in an interview in England that UFO's (or ET's) are real, and furthermore NASA knows it.

Mitchell has always played up the reality of UFO's, while steadfastly denying our premise that the Moon is littered with artificial structures. We've always found it interesting that Mitchell encourages belief in something that will never be proven (flying saucers and aliens) but discourages belief in something that is eminently provable. It smacks to us of disinformation.

But, like all good disinformation, it must have a grain of truth in it to be credible. What we find most interesting politically is that he is throwing NASA under the bus, effectively admitting that NASA has covered up the evidence of ET’s all along.

I think there is a recent book out that has as its core premise the idea that NASA lies…

For more background information, check out the Hoagland-Mitchell debate transcript from the old Art Bell show here.

UPDATE: Dr. Mitchell has clarified his comments here.

Just for additional clarification: According to the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, there are in fact three official panoramas of the Apollo 14 landing site. There are additional partial pans there, but it is unclear whether they were assembled by NASA. The ALSJ has also assembled numerous pans of their own making. Our initial investigation only dealt with the three official pans issued by NASA and retained by Ken Johnston from (presumably) first generation negatives.

All data in our possession was sent to Dr. Mitchell in 1996. To this day he has not commented.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Interviews With Mike Bara on the Margaret Wendt Program

You can listen to another interview with Mike Bara on The Spiritual Truth radio program with Margaret Wendt. The interview was recorded on 7-15-08. to access it, go to and register (free). After that click on the "Radio" link and then "other radio programs."

Monday, July 14, 2008

Through the Looking Glass of Time...

In 1968, Richard C. Hoagland was a science advisor to Walter Cronkite and CBS News and an independent science media consultant. At that time, literally just months before Apollo 11 would make the first manned lunar landing, Grumman Corporation (now Northrop\Grumman) the maker of the Lunar Module, issued a press kit to all the media of the day; television networks, newspapers and wire services. Its purpose was to inform the various newsmen of all the crucial facts and figures relating to the Lunar Module; how it was conceived, what it did and how it worked. As an adjunct to this rather dry and technical instruction manual, Grumman hired a young hotshot science writer to compose the part of the manual which dealt with the Moon itself. For this they wanted a touch of poetry, not just the arid facts and figures of the Moon’s diameter and material composition, but also of the lure of Luna herself. They wanted someone to reach deep into the lore of our nearest celestial neighbor and extract that which draws us to her, that which makes the Moon a mysterious and beckoning destination; that which makes her a Face that could launch a thousand missions, Dark and otherwise.

They chose Richard C. Hoagland.

As you read through this decades old essay, you’ll be surprised at how much of what we thought we knew then is now known to be wrong, and how much still has the ringing echo of truth. Just after this was issued, he handed a copy to Sir Arthur C. Clarke, the author of 2001 and then a freshly minted on-air science consultant to CBS News as well. Clarke took the manual home that same night and brought it back to the young Mr. Hoagland the next day with a one word review: “Excellent!”

After reading it myself, 40 years after Sir Arthur, I cannot disagree.

His writing is lyrical and inspiring (did he really use the word “limned?”), as I think the Grumman folks meant it to be, but it is still stylishly, undeniably “Hoagy-esque.” There is at least one clever, interesting little surprise in the essay, a coincidence so obvious that it begs to question whether it is really a coincidence at all. Perhaps it is what Richard likes to call a “resonance” in the Hyperdimensional aether.

Or maybe it’s something more.

Take a few minutes and read it yourself, and let’s see how quickly you can all figure out the surprise I’m talking about. Even if you can’t, you’ll still enjoy the piece, even from the perspective of forty years of lunar history. I know I did.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blogging Roswell

No, this isn’t the name of some new post-punk Irish-indie group, it’s my travelogue from my 4th of July weekend pilgrimage to the Mecca of UFOlogy; Roswell, New Mexico.

I was asked to speak at the Roswell CE4 conference because Joe Jordan, one of the organizers (and a hell of a nice guy) liked Dark Mission and because they couldn’t get Richard to come. I was happy to do it because I love to talk about Dark Mission, I love meeting new people, and it gave me an excuse to go to New Mexico and have some meetings with Richard on Dark Mission II. After some scheduling conflicts were resolved, my lecture was scheduled for Saturday afternoon the 5th of July.

Because I hate to fly, I decided to leave my day job (I’m a card carrying member of the military\industrial complex) early on Thursday the 3rd and drive to Phoenix for the night, leaving a relatively easy 6-hour run to Albuquerque on Friday. The drive to Phoenix was uneventful, except for the beautiful desert scenery and blue skies. I stayed at the Glendale Renaissance hotel, which is right across the parking lot from the Cardinals new stadium (and was built for last years Super Bowl). It’s a gorgeous hotel, and if you get a chance to stay in the Phoenix area, I highly recommend it. I grabbed dinner at the Yardhouse, right next to the hotel, and had two beers, blowing my diet for the week. Oh well.

As I walked back to the hotel there was an intense lighting storm just a mile or two away (it was like 113 degrees that day). No thunder, just lightening every 5 seconds or so. This seemed not to bother the locals, who blissfully chatted under lampposts and tall trees, apparently not too worried about getting “Dannion Brinklyed” by the electrical storm. I got inside as quickly as I could.

I arrived in Albuquerque only to find Richard hobbled from the venomous bite of some unknown insect or arachnid. The pain was so bad that we couldn’t really even discuss the new data he wanted to show me, so Robin and I watched fireworks from the porch of the hacienda de Hoagy.

The next day, I mounted my trusty steed Beyonce’ (because she’s black, she’s beautiful, and she has a very shapely… um, trunk) and hit the road to Roswell. I elected to take the long route because I wanted to see more of the countryside and I had plenty of time to get there. Along the I-25 I passed by signs pointing to the Very Large Array, and I was sorely tempted to divert there and hang out for the day, but duty called and I didn’t want to disappoint my fans (all three of them). One thing I discovered is that New Mexico has an abundance of suicidal bunnies that set up shop in the middle of the freeway or try to run under your car without getting hit. They are very good at this, and after driving over one of them and not touching a hare on his head, I decided that maybe it wasn’t a great idea to be texting on the freeway at 80 miles per hour. The experience did inspire me however, as I am now committed to starting an all girl goth-punk band called The Suicide Bunnies. Apply within…

When I got to the conference site I immediately saw a familiar face, producer Paul Davids (of “Roswell” fame) and had a nice chat, having not seen him in years. Inside I met Joe and Free Ward and a number of other very nice people who were part of the conference. After setting up my video and slide show with the projection folks, I slide down to the auditorium to catch the tail end of Farah Yurdozu’s lecture, which had a surprising number if parallels to mine. After a short break, Peter Robbins gave me a very nice introduction and I took the stage.

The talk went well, although I went a bit overtime as it’s well-nigh impossible to compress a 550 page book into a 90 minute lecture slot, but apparently I did OK. Most people that saw the lecture told me it was very good, and evidently I’ll be receiving a DVD of it soon so you’ll be able to judge for yourself. Richard Dolan was particularly nice, and it was good to meet a familiar and respected figure from the UFO community.

I would have liked to have stayed, but duty (and Richard) called so I headed back to Albuquerque. Richard was feeling better from his scorpion sting, and Steve Basset was in the driveway when I got there so we all hung out for the evening. Robin made us another great dinner and after that Richard blew my head up (again!) with the new material. I have to admit, I was skeptical of this new direction for Dark Mission II, but after seeing what he has I was gung-ho. The new data is REALLY cool.

The next day it was back to LA and very perturbed cat, who only had the critter care lady to keep her company while I was gallivanting around the country. Fortunately, she’s forgiven me just in time for her birthday, which is Friday. I’m getting her a session with a pet psychic.

All in all, it was fun. I wish I could have hung out in Roswell more, and if they invite me again I certainly will. The town is very nice and the alien motif is everywhere. I highly recommend you go sometime; it’s a really fun little town.

There are some more photos over on my flickr site.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blog Going Dark

Okay guys, I'm off to Roswell tomorrow so there'll be no blog updates until Tuesday, at least. Feel free to post but understand I won't moderating the comments until at then.

Everybody have a nice holiday weekend!