Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blog Going Dark

Okay guys, I'm off to Roswell tomorrow so there'll be no blog updates until Tuesday, at least. Feel free to post but understand I won't moderating the comments until at then.

Everybody have a nice holiday weekend!



  1. New to the blogs here. I have a few questions:
    Is there any serious discussion about nibiru, and is there evidence it is Planet V?
    A close friend of mine is a postdoc from MIT and has worked at JPL and NASA and has friends in a classified company called "the aero corporation". They can't tell me what type of work they do . They seem pretty normal, is there anything I can tell them that would help them out?

  2. You lucky dog. What a great gig - enjoy!


    Monday, July 7, 2008 - 11:30 PM Post

    Another "nail" in Hoagland's "coffin"!, Hoagland makes HUGE mistake in assumption.

    This is for the record to confirm my discovery.

    I'm reading Richard C. Hoagland's and Mike Bara's book "DARK MISSION: THE SECRET HISTORY OF NASA" which I borrowed from the public library. I'm presently on Chapter Four, page 171, and Hoagland has been talking about his alleged discoveries/findings of crystalline structures above the surface of the Moon and which, he alleges, appear in photos taken by Orbiters and astronauts. He particularly mentions astronaut Alan Bean who after retiring from NASA has become an acclaimed artist. Hoagland says that Bean paints real events and "imagined depictions" of his fellow astronauts doing things they didn't get to do on the "real" Moon. Hoagland points out that Bean paints a black lunar sky when imagining and when he paints memories of his own visit to the Moon he paints the sky in an odd bluish tone "we have come to expect from all the 'shattered, geometric glass' in the un-retouched surface images to which we've now had access."

    Hoagland continues on page 162: "Of all Bean's fascinating paintings, one in particular stands out above the others. Titled 'Rock 'n Roll om the Ocean of Storms,' [sic] it depicts Bean and the Mission Commander, Pete Conrad, horse-playing on the surface of the Moon. Not only does it display the bright, refractive color scheme which has become the hallmark of the Bean-interpretation of the lunar surface - the sky above the astronauts unmistakably depicts not only Hoagland's 'battered lunar dome' but its specifically 'inclined buttresses' as well." The painting is shown in the color photo section as Color Fig. 12 with this caption: "'Rock and Roll on the Ocean of Storms' [sic] by astronaut Alan Bean (left). Note pink lunar regolith and 'structured reflecting slanted, inclined buttresses seen in Apollo 14 frame AS14-66-9301 from Ken Johnston collection (right)."

    Well folks, when I saw the painting and what Hoagland calls "structured reflecting slanted, inclined buttresses" the "buttresses" triggered something in my memory and I searched my sources (NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazines I was looking at this afternoon and my NASA lunar books yesterday) and I realized that I had caught Hoagland in a big blunder. You see, those "buttresses" in the painting are NOT "structured reflecting slanted, inclined buttresses" but an astronaut's lunar footprint! Alan Bean painted the iconic image as a "transparent" (no pun intended) background to the main images of the astronauts on the lunar surface. As you will see in the photos below there is no doubt of my discovery. The only difference I can see is that the photo of the footprint should be rotated to match the painting's image of the footprint, or right side up.

    I will bring this to Hoagland's and Bara's attention so that they can get ready to eat crow [Eating crow is an English idiom meaning humiliation by admitting wrongness or having been proven wrong after taking a strong position].

    I love debunking!

    Skeptical Ed

    [2 photos: painting by Alan Bean: "Rock 'N' Roll on the Ocean of Storms" and astronaut lunar footprint]

  4. It's always nice when another blithering idiot such as yourself can come into the blog so I can chew you up and spit you out.

    Please tell me where in Dark Mission it says that the diagonal stripes on the Bean painting are NOT the astronauts footprint? In fact, on Bean's own web site it says that's what the diagonal textures are supposed to be.

    Our point is that they are an exact match for the diagonal structures that are seen in the Apollo 12 and 14 photography. Bean would have certainly seen this during his time on the Moon. We freely speculate that either Bean is deliberately placing the footprint so the banding matches the diagonal structures in the sky above the landing site, or it was done subconsciously by a man struggling to remember what he really saw there.

    The point is, the placement of the “footprint” in the sky above, combined with the multicolored surface is way too much of a coincidence for us to ignore.

    Perhaps we didn’t make that clear enough in the text.

    Or maybe you’re just another idiot, like expat.

    I’m going with the latter.

  5. To repeat what you have not addressed.

    You say: "Perhaps we didn’t make that clear enough in the text." Not only did you NOT make that clear enough in the text, you didn't mention it at all! But if I'm wrong, please tell me on what page I can find it.

    So, again, where in the book does one find any mention of Alan Bean using his boot to imprint his painting?

  6. I knew your next response would fail to address the fact that you don’t even know how to use Google.

    You come into my blog acting like you have some big revelation about the diagonal marks being the astronaut’s bootprint, when we never said in Dark Mission – anywhere – that it wasn’t. All we were pointing out was that the marks bore a strong resemblance to the diagonal structures we see on two different datasets from two different missions using two different film mediums. To quote:

    “Of all Bean’s fascinating paintings, one in particular stands out above the others. Titled “Rock ’n Roll on the Ocean of Storms,” it depicts Bean and his Mission Commander, Pete Conrad, horse-playing on the surface of the Moon. Not only does it display the bright, refractive color scheme which has become the hallmark of the Bean-interpretation of the lunar surface—the sky above the astronauts unmistakably depicts not only Hoagland’s “battered lunar dome” but its specifically “inclined buttresses” as well.”


    “The only question remaining in our minds is whether this was some kind of intentional, but oblique “disclosure” on Bean’s part—as a way of legally getting around his responsibilities to stay silent under “Brookings”—or, if this is a sign that his unconscious mind has been “remembering things” his conscious mind had been trained to effectively forget.”

    So where in there did we say that the diagonal marks WERE NOT, according to Bean’s own website, a stylized bootprint? Again, our point was that regardless of what it was supposed to be, it’s placement and depiction matched the actual ruins with incredible accuracy. Not only did we not try to “hide” this fact, as you imply, but in the footnotes to the book we actually gave you the Alan Bean gallery website where you could go and see the painting, and where it says that the marks are supposedly a bootprint.

    You know, the website you are not competent enough to even find with Google?

    So basically you accuse us of hiding something we never hid, of making a claim about a website that you say didn’t exist, and of saying things we never said.

    So how do you want your crow? I hear it’s not too bad with a little salt.

    But you’ll have to ask James Oberg about that.

  7. You know you are lying and you don't have what it takes to admit it.

    "You come into my blog acting like you have some big revelation about the diagonal marks being the astronaut’s bootprint, when we never said in Dark Mission – anywhere – that it wasn’t."

    You never said anywhere in the book that IT WAS! Talk about copping a plea!

    "All we were pointing out was that the marks bore a strong resemblance to the diagonal structures we see on two different datasets from two different missions using two different film mediums."

    You didn't say anything about the marks bearing anything. What you say here is what you should have said in the book and it's a little too late for that.

    You are playing with words and you are not a good player. Next time, mean what you say and say what you mean.

    The book stands with your and Hoagland's words and you can't unring a bell.

  8. My god, you are like dealing with a juvenile version of expat.

    I never said in the book that it was (claimed) to be a representation of a bootprint?

    Yeah, because it's completely irrelevant to the fact that in my opinion, it's meant to represent the diagonal structures, no matter what it says on the Bean website or what he believes consciously.

    As I've repeated how many times?

    So let's see, because I didn't bother to include a sentence about what it says on the website (even though I included a direct reference to the website in a footnote) I'm a "liar?"

    Seriously? You've got to be kidding.

    Admit it, you're expat's nephew, right? The one that "proved" that Data's Head was a "fraud?"

  9. After reading the original 'Bean Moon Art' article on TEM a few years back, I scoured the web looking for large versions of Bean's paintings, because I wanted to see texture, color palette, and so on. There were at that time-- and still are-- multiple websites which feature galleries of his paintings, complete with the explanation that the texture in his Moon works comes from both boot and suit-fabric impressions, so it is common knowledge that this is how he texturizes his art.

    What Dark Mission points out is that the fact that there is angular texture in his paintings (especially that which is in the 'sky' portions) is perhaps his tacit way of saying he saw angular things in the sky on the Moon. It doesn't matter what he made the texture with-- his boot, a palette-knife or an old cat-food can. It is the fact that the angular texture is there in the first place that is important. Interestingly enough, he doesn't do the texturizing with any of his other paintings-- I know, because I checked out his other stuff in the online galleries as well-- it seems to be just the Moon ones that get this treatment.

    My favorite painting of his is one called 'That's What It Felt Like To Walk On The Moon'. It manages to be both technically accurate and ethereal at the same time, and is filled with pastel rainbows everywhere-- it must be really something to stand underneath whatever that reflective stuff is and see color all over the place!

    There are also a couple of Moon paintings that Bean has done multiple versions of, each in a different color scheme, which makes me wonder if he is referencing how colors change under the ruins as the Sun moves.

    The bottom line is that Dark Mission didn't misrepresent anything-- what is discussed in the book is the presence of angular texture in the skies of Bean's Moon-pix, not the mechanics by which the texture was achieved, and anyone with a good grasp of basic English will understand what was under discussion, because the language is quite clear.



  10. T'Zairis, good call on the "cat-food can" LOL


  11. Gort,

    I assume you mean "above and to the right."

    Maybe not a pussycat, but it sure looks like
    an armadillo!

    I tried enlarging in MS Paint (but all I could
    get was about 200% magnification without
    losing image integrity), and it appears to be
    possibly a young Rodabear emerging from a
    hiding place in the box-like debris behind it.

    So---now we have three good closeup pics of
    adult Rodabears, and possibly a distant pic
    of one of their young---assuming it's not
    some other Martian species.

    Cute little guy. Looks curious, too.

    Great find, Gort!


    Hathor - Patron Goddess of Martian Creatures


  12. Shamus,

    The point is that in a 550 page book, anybody can say "they should have said more about this or that." When you have word limits and page limits, sometimes points get dropped. I specifically remember talking with Richard about this very point, and he said we should include something about Bean's webiste saying it was a boot print. As I recall, I had no desire to add to that section, since it was a tertiary point at best, and since IMO the assertion that the textures were a bootprint didn't change the fact that they looked exactly like the diagonal structures. I also argued that since we included the web link, it wasn't worth mentioning.

    How this bozo can claim this editorial decision was deceptive when WE INLUDED A REFERENCE TO THE WEBSITE is beyond me.

    Actually, it's not beyond me. These people, expat and nyeddie and their ilk, are deeply frightened by the data we present, so they have to make us out to be deceptive or insincere. The alternative, that everything they think they know is a lie, is just too scary for them.

    But that doesn't make me feel any compassion for them. They are d******s. The whole lot of them.

  13. Hello Mike.

    A quote;

    “Actually, it's not beyond me. These people, expat and nyeddie and their ilk, are deeply frightened by the data we present, so they have to make us out to be deceptive or insincere. The alternative, that everything they think they know is a lie, is just too scary for them.”

    For people to accept the possibility of ruins on Mars or the Moon, A fundamental change in their world view must take place. This change is scary for most people. It is a paradigm shift thing.

    The debunking crowd is a becoming divided into two camps….The increasingly silent camp and the desperately silly camp. Some of the debunking is down right funny.

    For me, I am ready for the truth about Mars or the Moon. In reality, We will be discovering the truth of our forgotten history.

  14. Folks like the individuals mentioned above appear to me what Brookings were thinking of 50 years ago. We could have every living person who has ever been a part of NASA or any research dept known or unknown, hold a massive press conference tomorrow to "disclose" (for lack of a better term) everything that has been proven by folks such as yourself and Hoagy, and there will still be some idiot trying to debunk the cold hard facts. As a matter of fact it's like the program I was just watching about the first proof of the solar wind. There was basicly one person who studied all the data and knew that it had to exsist to account for certain phenomena in the solar system. Even after a probe was sent up with a plasma detector and found the solar wind to exsist, (at a much higher consentration that anticipated) it was still debated heavily for a few years.

    It's amazing how long some of us can clutch on to wrong information or out right lies. ;)

  15. When you present bullshit and then try to explain it as something else, the bullshit will still smell. Phew!

  16. Hey Mike whats your take on idea of various life forms said to be seen on mars? Are we talking about life that has might have adapted to finding the mostly underground water, or is there more water then just a few pools and that relates to why NASA was fooling with the color of the Mars atmosphere> seems they want us to think there is a weak atmosphere and no water to make it the most uninviting place ever... Reminds me in a sense of the reason why thy called the country of "Iceland" something to forbidding,when it is so very beautiful and green in many places. Is this a case of us being the unwanted settlers?
    P.S Nyceddie sounds like his meds are off... Or needs a stay at A__Holes Anonymous ... I think somebody needs to share with his community.

  17. This may be redundant considering what has been said on this blog but...

    If the atmosphere is as weak as NASA says, then parachuttes shouldn't work, or have little effect if they even managed to open in the first place.

    Going back to Pheonix, the trench dug by the scoop that revealed whatever ice they claimed it to be, it would make sense if it were carbon dioxide sublimating the way it did, but I'm still unsure if water ice would sublimate like that.

  18. Mike,
    So when we look at the life span of planet V it seems fair to conclude that it must have been mature enough to evolve complex life before its loss. Planet V's explotion leaves me with the question of if this was the result of the loss of its orbit and impact with Mars... naturality? Or was the impact the result of its fracture; and a large portion hurled at Mars by means of a "Death star" strike that Dark mission knows about sleeping near Saturn as understand it. Whatever the case dosent Mars have to be placed in its orbit or can it drift to its spot naturaly thus here we are today? Seems like a lot of luck if it wasnt placed.

  19. On page 222 you say: "That Dr. Farhouk El-Baz" Being familiar with the name I had never seen the first name spelled with an "h" and wondered if you knew something the rest of the world didn't.

    When you google Farhouk El-Baz the next page says: Did you mean: Farouk El-Baz

    How could you misspell the name?! Who came up with that "h" in the first name?

    "THE MOON AS VIEWED BY LUNAR ORBITER", NASA SP-200, 1980, is by L.J. Kosofsky and Farouk El-Baz. In "APOLLO OVER THE MOON: A VIEW FROM ORBIT", NASA SP-362, 1978, the Editors include Farouk El-Baz.

  20. Well okay but...

    A) Radiation dissipates
    B) The Bikini Atoll was surrounded by a thriving biosphere. I doubt that if the entire planet had been subjected to a cataclysm that ripped away half the atmosphere and reduced tempertures to 40 below zero on average that tortises and such would have survived. I don't think it's a reasonable comparision.

  21. Shamus,

    I think we can conlcude that something dramatic happened with Planet V - It did not collide with Mars. The orbital eccentricity of Mars indicates to me that it was fairly recently expelled from it's former position as a moon of PV. Mercury is another example, as it used to be the moon of Venus, IMO. The same for Pluto, which I think is an ejected moon of Neptune.

  22. Hi Starborne,

    Oh, man, you are EVER so right about the

    And here's another tidbit (or a hint, if you
    wish): look up the operating parameters for
    solar cells, specifically temperature range,
    and compare that to NASA's claims as to the
    mean surface temperature.

    And the rovers use solar cells....

    Those suckers are lying about EVERYTHING!
    (That's my personal opinion, of course.)


    Hathor - Exposing The Lies


  23. There was mention on Coast To Coast AM
    last night in the news segment concerning
    methane on Mars, and the arguments over
    what its presence there means.

    At that moment, I recalled a line from the
    movie, "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome."
    It went something like this:

    "Barter Town runneth on methane, and
    methane cometh from pigs."

    I can just see the book title now....

    *** THE PIGS OF MARS ***

    Sometimes this stuff can bust a gut....

    The NASA people must be cringing....


    Hathor - The Laughing Cat Mistress



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