Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The 2010 Conscious Life Expo

Over this past weekend I had the chance to speak at and attend the 2010 Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles at the LAX Hilton. As always, it was a fun experience and I had a real blast hanging out with my friends and cohorts in the UFO\New Age community.

I shared a vendor table with my friend Michael J. Kouri, who is a very well known spiritual medium with lots of celebrity clients. I have to admit it’s kind of weird to hang out with someone who can read your mind, see you spirit guides and foretell your future, but you have to keep in mind that we all have control over our own destiny, and Michael can only really see the probabilities as they are laid out from any particular moment in time. That said, it’s amazing to me how he is able to read people very accurately and with such compassion. He read a friend of mine over drinks on Saturday and it was quite astounding.

Friday was my free lecture, given in the Century B room of the LAX Hilton. The room has a capacity of about 80 people, and I was pleasantly impressed when I had a full house. I’ve been going over this lecture in my head for weeks, and I’ve been constantly getting the message that in order to reach more people, especially younger females – who are my target audience with “The Choice,” I need to get out of my head and speak more from my heart – the center of my chest. Taking this advice to heart, I had managed to cut my 45 minute presentation down to 180 slides (LOL).

Laughing at my inability to let go of old habits, the night before I had the thought that perhaps “The Universe” (that’s AKA GOD for those of you who aren’t hippies) would arrange things so that my computer and\or projector wouldn’t work properly, forcing me to wing it. Of course, I got in the room a little early, and the big G had indeed made sure that the projector wasn’t there.

Deciding this was a message, I just started to talk from memory. I was a little disorganized and it was tough to explain certain visual concepts without my slides, but I realized that I could probably do the show with as few as a dozen slides from now on, and that is my goal for the future. I was happy with the response to my lecture and next year when I have my new book out I’m sure I’ll be doing a longer stint. About half way through, I got a pleasant surprise when my co-author on Dark Mission Richard C. Hoagland showed up. He managed to give me a few fatherly pointers throughout the remainder of the talk and it was nice to see him and Robin again. Afterwards, there was some question and answer stuff from the audience. I have to say I was a bit disappointed at the number of conspiracy related questions from the male members of the audience, but you reap what you sow I guess. It will take me a while to establish a new brand identity so I guess I’d just better get used to it. That’s what I get for calling myself a “Born Again Conspiracy Theorist.”

After that, it was drinks and dinner in the bar, a production meeting for the documentary version of”The Choice,” my next book, and then home to Redondo Beach for a short night’s sleep. The next day I spent most of my time helping out the film production, bringing in and interviewing guests like William Henry Michael Kouri and Maryanne Comoroto, who impressed me to no end. I even asked her to marry me on the spot, but sadly, she is already taken.

Sunday was a big day, with more interviews and dropping in on the likes of Greg Braden, Jordan Maxwell and of course “The Sean” – Sean David Morton, who was on fire and had the crowd rolling with laughter. Even though I’d heard all the same jokes before, Sean’s delivery was so perfect and the audience so enthusiastic that I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off.

All in all, it was an exhausting but productive weekend. Now all I have to do is watch all the interviews, timecode the sound bites, write a script for the film, shoot my own talking head stuff, help with the editing, find a voice over actress… oh, and finish a 70,000 word manuscript for the book version of “The Choice.”

And did I mention produce a Harmonic Convergence live event and maybe produce\write\act in a certain R-rated stripper comedy that is close to getting funding…

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Update on "The Choice" & Other News

My second non-fiction book, renamed "The Choice," has been tentatively picked up by a new publisher. Originally sold to Feral House when it was called "The Nemesis Effect," it has now been pulled by mutual agreement. My new publisher has asked for a couple more sample chapters but it looks like we will have a deal next week. Look for an announcement here when that is sealed up. The release date is still Fall 2010.

I'm also working on edits for the film version of "The Choice," which will be a documentary film released by Asgaard Media, a new production company I am affiliated with.

Psychic Medium Michael J. Kouri on the set of "The Choice"

I guess I know what I'm doing all weekend.

PS - And keep you ears to the ground for some rumblings about a big hearted comedy called "Tech Support" being geared up for production...

It's Not Ruins on Mars!

A couple years back, Richard C. Hoagland sent me an image that at first astounded me. It sure looked like one of the Mars rovers had come up to a hillside that had three equally spaced structures on it. But after five minutes, we realized it was just an optical illusion. The image is from the Rover's Rock Abrasion Tool (the same one JPL used to grind a fossilized Martian plant to dust in 2004). The RAT has a special zoom lens on it for close work (they have to get a good look at the evidence of Martian life they are about to grind up).

The point is, the RAT camera has a fish-eye lens, which is why the horizion is distorted. What looks to be a smooth sandy hillside is actually the inside of the RAT camera's protective hood, and the three equally spaced "structures" are just tiny fittings or nutplates on the inside of the camera shroud. It's easy to be fooled, but sadly, it's not the smoking gun.

BTW, if you want to read more about the Martian crinoid fossil, check out chapter 11 of our book, Dark Mission-The Secret History of NASA.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Upcoming Appearances

Here's a quick list of my speaking schedule over the next few months:

"World in Crisis and the Emerging Shift in Consciousness" - Sunday, March 14th, 2-5 PM - The Aetherius Society, Hollywood, CA -

"AlienEvent\New Hope for Humanity" - March 20-21, 2010 - Olympic Collection Conference Center, Los Angeles CA

"The Science and Spirit of 2012" with Sean David Morton - Friday, April 2nd 2010 @ The Learning Light Foundation, Anaheim, CA

"Harmonic Convergence\Day of Peace" - Saturday, May 29, 2010 @ The Ricardo Montalban Theater, Hollywood, CA - Sign up for more information @

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Interview From 2008 in Paranoia Magazine

Here's a copy of my interview in issue 49 of Paranoia Magazine. It's from a while back, but still was fun to do.

Here's a link to a PDF version of the interview.