Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Interview From 2008 in Paranoia Magazine

Here's a copy of my interview in issue 49 of Paranoia Magazine. It's from a while back, but still was fun to do.

Here's a link to a PDF version of the interview.


  1. Oh, *that* again.


    I say we landed...*and* they had fake landings!

    The fakes were to cover any, uh, "discrepancies"
    in the REAL landings.

    Just my opinion....


    Hathor -- re-hashbrowns with steak and eggs,
    with toast and orange juice


    P.S.: It just occured to me:

    In all the hullabaloo about the images, did
    anybody bother to check for things like

    I mean, *if* we're dealing with any potential
    for Hollywood-style fakery somewhere along
    the way?

    With all that switching back and forth between
    the real landings, and the studio fakes? Assuming
    there might have been any?


  2. Well if we're going to (lol) "re-hashbrowns with steak and eggs,
    with toast and orange juice", I want to hear Mike's take on TEM's recent Norway Spiral analysis.

    That seems like it might actually be worth a re-hashbrown.

    Maybe we can throw some crow in the pan while we're at it... and set two placemats... one for Mike and the other for JimO.... a nice candle lit meal for two. :-)

  3. They don't call you


    for nuthin', do they!!!


    Looks like shish-kabob! :-))))


    Hathor -- LOL!



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