Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Interviews With Hoagy and Bara on the Concious Media Network

Here's a couple of interviews that Richard and I have done for the Concious Media Network. Check out the site it's full of great stuff.

Bara Interview

Hoagy Interview


  1. You guys need to get on the mainstream, like Leno, to truly reach the uninitiated. She did a great job interviewing, however.

  2. Yeah...but the danger is right now that Mike & Hoagy can crash the audience that Leno have with Obama.
    For sure! Just imagine the score that Richard and Mike will obtain on Leno.
    ( including the guys from ISS and the entire crews on the UFOs that roaming around Earth)

  3. Yeah, she did an excellent job in setting up the questions and she really knew her material.

  4. Wow, I don't trust anything on CNN or MSNBC either, but they're a bit more reliable than the North Koreans...


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