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Part #1 - Introduction

OK, so as I expected, within hours of posting my response to Stuart Robbins’ claims that the Daedalus Ziggurat image was fabricated by either me or Richard C. Hoagland, Robbins responded.  As usual, he made a lot of assertions, many of which are false, most of which are misleading, and some of which are just plain deceptive. As I skimmed his detailed collection of claims and statements, some of them backed by actual math, I debated not responding at all. But then I noticed at the bottom, where he made it a special point of emphasis to say that he was “Dr. Robbins” not “Mr. Robbins,” and I got curious as to who he really was. See, because of his association with an obsessive nutcase who has stalked me and Richard for 4 years and calls himself expat, I assumed that, like expat, he was just another member of the church of people that are frightened by the truth. But then I got curious as to what his doctorate might be in (I was thinking maybe forestry) so I started to look at his personal information. I was not surprised to find that he had no pictures of himself posted anywhere on his personal sites, but then by chance I found one elsewhere on the web:

That was a relief. At least now I knew now who I was grappling with. Then I began to look at his resume’ and all of the proud accomplishments he listed (besides winning the 2007 Boulder Comicon costume contest for dressing as Princess Leia in her Jabba the Hut slave girl outfit). And then I noticed something; -- his education was funded by NASA. According to his own website, he got a grant from NASA for his post-doctoral work. He also continues to get funding from NASA for his other research projects, most of which include studying craters. After I posted on Twitter about it;

Stuart responded on his blog on August 8th, 2012, admitting that this is accurate, but downplaying it of course.

“I make a meager living like most scientists and, like most astronomers, a fair amount of my salary does come from NASA-awarded grants, but I literally have less connection with NASA than a custodian who sweeps the floors of JPL.”

Yeah no connection at all, except for the part where they pay you… You can no more be a “little bit” on the take from NASA than you can be the proverbial “a little bit pregnant,” Stuart.

Now to be clear, I’m not implying that he is taking money directly from NASA (“hush money,” he called it) to post attacks against Richard and I on his blog. Although, to use his phrase, “I wouldn’t put it past him.” But being financially dependent on the very institution that Mr. Hoagland and I have challenged and exposed on a regular basis for more than a decade and a half for his rent, food and car payments by definition creates a pernicious bias that cannot be overcome. It is an inherent conflict of interest, and it permeates everything he does and writes about us. How can it not?

This changed everything for me. He wasn’t attacking me and accusing Hoagland and I of fraud because he was just a psycho, like expat, he was doing it because he was a paid shill for NASA. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he was able to respond so quickly and extensively to my posts because he was writing on his personal blog using taxpayer or university funded equipment and internet access while he was supposed to be working!

(Note: 8/16/2012; this suspicion was confirmed when Dr. Robbins posted his latest update today at 3:45PM, the middle of the work day. It obviously must have taken him at least a couple of hours to write this up. I’m wondering which government funded project you charged these hours of work on your personal blog to, Stuart)?

As my dad used to say, “It’s good work if you can get it” Sheldo… er Stuart…

At any rate, now that I knew he was being paid by NASA to attack me and Mr. Hoagland, I calmed down a bit. After all, like James Oberg and “Dr. Phil” Plait before him, NASA has constantly trotted out one paid shill after another to distort our claims, spread disinformation about us and generally charge us with one nefarious deed or another. It’s old hat, and the fact that they are on the NASA payroll completely discredits the shop-worn “I’m just an independent skeptic defending the people against pseudoscience” line.

That of course doesn’t stop Sheldon from using it.

Dr. Stuart Robbins – Paid Shill for NASA

Sorry, I mean Stuart.

The fact is, no one who is taking money from NASA, and therefore financially dependent on NASA, has any kind of credibility as a “skeptic.”  A true skeptic is someone who reserves judgment and questions established orthodoxies, paradigms and dogmas. I for instance, was initially skeptical of the Daedalus Ziggurat image, but inclined to lean toward its authenticity because of a variety of reasons I’ve already stated and will cover in this new post. I am also skeptical of NASA’s honesty and the integrity of the data they present, due to years of catching them fabricating data and painting over things they don’t want the public to see on images from all over the solar system.  I also am fully convinced that the official NASA version of Apollo photo AS11-38-5564 has been deliberately altered by NASA to obscure not only the Ziggurat, but a s***- load of other artifacts all over that image. I will provide further proof of that later in this posting. But Stuart, like Oberg, Plait, Sagan and a whole gaggle of others before him, is not a “skeptic.” He is a professional, paid debunker.  He is not interested in the truth, and he will never admit to anything that would cast NASA in a bad light. If he did, it would be career suicide.

So let’s keep the issue of his credibility as an independent voice out of this. He’s on the take, plain and simple. He can no more do a fair and independent analysis of this or any other claim made by me or Mr. Hoagland than Sheldon can sit on a different spot on the couch other than “his” spot. It’s just not in his DNA.

Separated at birth?

Or his wallet.

So now the point was, why respond at all? I was leaning against doing so, and several close friends (including Richard Hoagland) urged me to put my energies elsewhere. Plus, I have a book to finish off for David Hatcher Childress, a promotional tour to organize, and a Hollywood producer wants me to convert a screenplay I wrote into a graphic novel. All cool projects that interest me. Plus, I promised in my last post that I would pillory Stuart (paid shill for NASA) no further, and I hate going back on my promise.

But then, a bunch of weirdo’s and Cylon-like followers of Stuart’s (paid shill for NASA) started coming on to my Facebook page and attacking me in the most personal and vicious manner. Many of them were fake Facebook profiles, created just so they could come in and post nasty stuff about me.  They also personally attacked my brother and sent harassing messages about me to several of my more comely female Facebook friends. So I got pissed off.

Now, I know this is what “they” want. The Oberg’s and Stuart’s (paid shill for NASA) of the world want me to waste my time defending against their constant attacks, and no matter how I respond or how many times I prove their claims false, tomorrow there will just be 10 more charges/accusations/distortions they will challenge me to defend.  So it’s a never ending cycle of “are you still beating your wife?” type questions. Accordingly, this really will be the last time I respond to Mr. Robbins (paid shill for NASA) on this set of issues. I have better things to do.

So let’s do this…

(Quick note: to save time on the rest of this document, “Stuart (paid shill for NASA)” will now be abbreviated to “Stuart (PS4NASA).”

In his introduction, Stuart (PS4NASA) starts by saying that despite all our differences, he’s not a Hater (which is more than I can say for the creeps who follow his blog)…

“I also want to, very briefly, up-front address Mike’s claim (again) that I “hate” him with the evidence being my analysis of these claims. I addressed this idea at length before, and I recommend you read this blog post on it. That said, Mike, I do not hate you.”

Well, that’s nice to know, Stuart (PS4NASA), because based on this statement …

“So again, I am not saying that it was Richard nor Bara who “enhanced” the image originally, but I would not put it past either of them.”

… And this declaration…

“Hoagland is either a liar (he did not spend days analyzing this, he just went with it), or he is completely incompetent (that he spent days analyzing this and thinks it’s real).”

… And calling me “Hoagland’s little buddy…” and implying I’m “paranoid” and calling me several other unflattering names…

-- I wasn’t really feeling the love. In fact, I was kind of thinking you really didn’t like me or the people I work with. And then the fact you had expat, a psychopathic cyber-stalker, on your podcast to go after me kinda reinforced that impression.

Glad to know that was all a misunderstanding, and you never meant to imply that Hoagland or I might have fabricated the original Ziggurat image.

Of course, if you really felt that way you never would have put it in print in the first place, would you?

Stuart (PS4NASA) then goes on to express his deep concern for my emotional well-being:

“When you say that I attack you (which I don’t – I address your claims), it (a) makes you sound like you have a persecution complex, (b) makes you sound a tad paranoid and are in a black and white “us versus them” world, and (c) makes it easier for you to attack me rather than to address my analysis of your claims.”

I didn’t realize that you also had a doctorate in psychology Stuart (PS4NASA), but thanks for the concern. I can also honestly say at this point I don’t hate you either. But the people you surround yourself with are a bunch of vicious, nasty, psychopathic creeps with serious anger management issues.

As for Oberg… well I’m sorry to say I can’t be as generous. I hate his guts.

Oh yeah, and “Dr. Phil” too…

Now, let’s address Stuart’s (PS4NASA) main points.

From Stuart’s (PS4NASA) blog post:

“As promised, Mike Bara has posted a rebuttal to my analysis of the lunar ziggurat. To recap from earlier, I noted these three points of what Mike must explain before I would revise my conclusion:”

Well OK first off, I couldn’t care less about what you (PS4NASA) want me to “explain” before you revise your conclusion. I already know what your conclusion is going to be, regardless of anything I might or might not explain to you. You are a professional debunker, plain and simple. You are only pretending to be open to “revising” your conclusion. Plus, I have no intention of addressing everything you posted, because you post so much it would take me weeks, and as I said I have better things to do, so we’ll just hit the highlights. That said, Stuart (PS4NASA) then starts his rebuttal with his 3 questions. These 3 questions are the main pillars of his conclusion that the Ziggurat is a fraud. As I will show, all three of them are based on bad data, false claims and incorrect reasoning.

We will go over them one-by-one in the next 3 posts. For dramatic purposes, challenges #1 and #3 will be addressed first, and challenge #2 will be address in the final, epic post. So Alice… to the Moon!


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