Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to Get Signed Copies of My new Book "Ancient Aliens and Secret Societies"

To get a signed copy of my new Book "Ancient Aliens and Secret Societies" or any of my other books, just follow the links below to purchase them from Have the book(s) mailed to my mailbox at 7545 Katella Avenue, #155, Stanton, CA 90680. I will then sign/personalize the book and mail it back to you. Be sure to include any return shipping address and/or special instructions for how you want the book personalized.

Monday, May 11, 2015

My Schedule for Contact in the Desert

Here's my schedule for the upcoming Contact in the Desert conference in Joshua Tree, California, May 29th-June 1, 2015.

Thursday, May 28th: Arrival. Drinking.

Friday, May 29th: RETURN OF THE GODS PANEL (AMPHITHEATER: Panel: 9-10:30AM) - See more at:

Friday, May 29th: Meet the Speakers Party! Come and join me and Jim Marrs for a brew. CITD CLOSE ENCOUNTER: MEET YOUR SPEAKER & NETWORKING MIXER (9-11PM) - See more at:

Saturday, May 30th: Free lecture ANCIENT ALIENS - THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL QUESTION (Lecture: 3-4:45PM) - See more at:

Saturday, May 30th: Panel SCIENCE OF UFO's: TECHNOLOGY & THE QUANTUM FIELD (AMPHITHEATER: Panel: 5-7PM) - See more at:
Saturday, May 30th: Free Lecture, Subject TBD 7:30-9:00PM

Sunday, May 31st: Paid Workshop ANCIENT ALIENS AND SECRET SOCIETIES (Workshop: 2-4PM) - See more at: Get a first look at my new book!


Hope to see you all there!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mike Bara Featured in New Living Expo Newsletter this Month

I'm featured in this month's New Living Expo Newsletter! Click below to read the newsletter and be sure and join me in San Francisco (well, San Mateo) April 24-26th. I'll be discussing my new book Ancient Aliens and Secret Societies due out in April!

You can read the newsletter here:

Thursday, March 5, 2015

NASA "Discovers" Martian Ocean that Hoagland and Bara Predicted 14 years Ago

Today, NASA announced with great fanfare the "discovery" of a large ocean covering the northern hemisphere of Mars that they say may have existed billions of years ago. The fact is that this ocean was actually discovered and predicted by myself and Richard Hoagland over 14 years ago in our Mars Tidal Model paper published on
While I'm gratified that NASA has finally admitted that Hoagland and me were correct all those years ago, I wish they'd get the details right. The fact is that this ocean wasn't always in the northern plains, it was in fact held in place around the equator by the tidal forces from the planet, "Plant V" that Mars used to be in a tidal locked orbit around.
All of this is covered in our Mars Tidal Model paper that we published online in 2001 after it was rejected by scientific journals because there was "no scientific evidence" to support our ideas.
Hmm. We seem to have overcome that problem, haven't we NASA...?

The original Mars Tidal Model Paper from 14 years ago.
More our Mars water predictions: article containing the NASA video on their version of the Martian Ocean.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Paper Adds Even More Confirmation to Prediction Made in "The Choice"

Artists conception of a Trans-Neptunian world.
In my second book The Choice, I made several predictions about future events and discoveries that promised to back up many of the claims made in that volume. Foremost among them was the prediction, based on the Hyperdimensional Physics theory of Richard C, Hoagland and Erol Torun, that one or more planets of near Jupiter mass would be found beyond the orbit of Pluto.
A few months ago, I reported that a new paper would argue strongly that perturbations in the orbits of observed trans-Neptunian objects indicated the presence of at least one (but more likely two) massive objects well beyond the orbit of Pluto. Now, the paper has appeared in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. It confirms my original prediction, including one that states that at least one of the objects could be as far out as 550 AU (about 51 billion miles).
These latest findings also indicate that data from NASA's WISE telescope is far from the final word on the existence of Planet X or even Planet Y, since, at least according to the data released so far, WISE failed to find these two objects.

Stay tuned for more as this continues to develop.