Thursday, August 16, 2012

Non-NASA Images, Where Are They? (Sucker Post for NASA's Dr. Stuart Robbins)

(Note to readers: This post was created as a "sucker post" to extract certain information from NASA's Dr. Stuart Robbins. For the full context in which it was created, please read "THE DAEDALUS ZIGGURAT – RUBUTTING DR. STUART ROBBINS’ SPECIOUS SCIENCE [PARTS 1 THROUGH 5"]) -- MB

As I expected, after my post the other night, Stuart Robbins responded on his blog with the usual twaddle about how dumb I am and how I get everything wrong. In it, he repeats his claim about images "100x" better than the Apollo photo AS11-38-5564 that "prove" there is no Ziggurat on the Moon. Not only that, but he claims that there are "non-nasa" images at the same "100x" better resolution that prove the Ziggurat doesn't exist. Here's the exact quote:

“Why other images of the same place taken by several different craft (including non-NASA ones), including images at almost 100x the original resolution of the Apollo photo, don’t show the feature.”

Now clearly here, he’s implying that there are images from “non-NASA” missions which don’t showthe Ziggurat on them, and further, that he has seen them. How else could he claim they “don’t show the feature” if he hasn't seen them? If true and these images exist, then he should produce them. The burden of proof is not on me to produce them, it’s on him. He’s the one claiming they exist, not me.
Of course, so far, all he has produced are NASA images of the area, which, given that they've already painted over parts of the Ziggurat, I don't exactly trust.

If there are such "non-NASA" images, then produce them, otherwise shut-up about them and admit you BS'd your readers into thinnking they ever existed in the first place.

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