Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stupid Blog Post of the Week - #2

JimO said...
Where's his PhD diploma?Where's his certificate of graduation from flight school?Where's his certification of Lunar Receiving Laboratory work in anything related to photo or image management?Doesn't this blizzard of secondary, peripheral paperwork look like a snow job to anybody else?
November 20, 2007 8:14 AM

The Fool said...
What about "Dr" Johnston's fake degrees? Why has THAT not been addressed, if it is important to verify "credentials"?
November 20, 2007 8:53 AM

Robert Gonzales Jr. said...
Ken Johnson claims to have two advanced degrees from Reformed Baptist Seminary. I am the academic dean of Reformed Baptist Seminary (, and I can assure the readers that he did not obtain any degrees from our seminary. Either there is another institution that goes by that name (of which I am unaware) or Ken Johnson is giving false information.
November 15, 2007 8:22 AM

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy your turkey (or crow, as the case may be).

This final posting now marks the close of this Spanish Inquisition against the credentials and credibility of Dr. Ken Johnston.

-- Mike


  1. Thanks -- why didn't you post this originally, were you planning an ambush (grin) -- or still searching for it?

    This ought to be easy enough to verify, after which, the "Dr." title will stand as verified.

    Then, faced with verified evidence, we can agree on the facts and modify or abandon earlier judgments -- which makes "my side" different than "your side"... if you still defiantly and delusionally insist I "was a colleague of Johnston's during the Apollo program."

  2. Can we also see his flight school graduation certificate?

  3. I totally understand not wanting to keep nagging Mr. Johnston for these materials. But I do think these things and anything else he may have to confirm his credentials would be a fantastic addition to any future editions of Dark Mission, and in turn, increase the credentials of the book itself. Just food for thought.

  4. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition !!

  5. Strange, obviously all these credentials and records exist, so if this guy(jimo) was worth anything he would simply 'source' and actually do the work of verifying those records at their respective archives(institutions).

    What escapes me is his 'm.o.' here?
    I think perhaps the only place his favored word "delusionally" should appear is in a description of his angle.

    Research in an open Blog? Not very professional to say the least. I encourage Mike and co. to stop feeding a Troll.

    Oddly by his little game here of getting you guys to fetch and deliver for his lazy ass, it has 'greatly' raised my respect and admiration for Ken Johnston!

    My question is: When the fuller disclosure rolls out in these near coming years, much of it already underway, will we look back and call for a reckoning with regards to the shmucks who discredited and destroyed good men's characters and careers?

    Rarely does anyone look back and call these 'players' and deceivers to account for the disinfo and sabotage. What would they say? 'They were doing their jobs?' Bull! Who were they serving? certainly not their country or truth and integrity

  6. Dry dust in the Earth's
    deserts does not leave
    crisp impressions, so why
    does lunar dust?

  7. I would also like to say that, as a big fan of the space program, I find it really interesting and fun to see these medals and certificates. I've never seen them before. So I'm interested in them, not in a Spanish Inquisition sort of way, but instead from a historical point of view. I find them absolutely fascinating. I would genuinely like to see more of them.

  8. Dry dust in the Earth's
    deserts does not leave
    crisp impressions, so why
    does lunar dust?

  9. Dear Mike and the TEM family, and especially Mr. Ken Johnston,

    Like Iontruo2 is time to stop doing Mr. Oberg's homework and research for him. After all, many of these documents are copied in government archives. As Mr.Oberg has only shown how to do NBS MEAINSTREAM MEDIA ( no...I did NOT misspell the previous 2 is a 'new' word slant benefiting the behavior of "mainstream" gone bad ) "research" is to go to some Swedish UFO website for "verification" and "authenticity", and ONLY that 'printable ONE source'; likely doesn't KNOW how to search any government arcives properly. I am sure Mr. Stanton Freidman would be happy to show Mr. Oberg how to PROPERLY search for "documentation" about the veracity of someone's claims, for a fee of course :D.

    No Mr. Oberg you are outed for the little "sniper" that you are for NBC MEANSTREAM MEDIA.

    I wonder who in NBC NEWS or even CORPORATE gave you a call and said to pounce on this book and man with such vehemance? You certainly did a bad job of it and the person who paid you the money should be very dissapointed you've likely already cashed the check and he can't stop payment on it, unless it was an under the table deal in cash. Who knows nowadays when Presidents' lie and bumbling beaurocrats toe the pathetic lie?

    The FACT that this is picking up GREAT attention in RUSSIA...I think should be of great CURIOSITY to EVERYONE. So maybe it wasn't someone from NASA that called you Mr. Oberg? Was it the Dark Lord Cheney himself?

    Who knows what goes on behind closed doors?

    We are on the WRONG "Golden Path"...

    It is PAST the timeline for the BRUTAL TRUTH....

    NBC itself, as an "official" representative should respond to this blog I think and address Mr. Oberg's actions on their befalf, ostensibly according to Mr. Oberg.


  10. Dust problem would be resovled if we could see all the Apollo leftover junk.

    Hold not thy breath

    As long as the Checks clear, for both groups, nobody says nuttin'

  11. Rich Riggs said...
    Lost in the attempt to obfuscate by focusing on the personalities involved are questions that I want JimO or someone to answer..."Is it true that Ken was told to destroy original material from the taxpayer funded moon missions?" And, "upon whose authority was that done?" And. "Why?", "Why?", "Why? would anyone do that". I have less interest in the messengers here or even the method and interpretations...which I can make a decision on myself after presentation, I want an answer that is forthcomming, complete and sensible.

    November 22, 2007 6:49 AM


    Mr. Riggs,

    Very good question and I too would like some BRUTAL TRUTH answers to those. But we are unlikely to get them from any agnecy in this adminstration...especially NASA when it comes to 'controversial subjects'. One could also ask who told Gerry Soffen to go into the Press room at JPL in 1976 with the 'infamous' "HEAD" photo of the Ares Face in Cydonia and proclaim “Isn’t it peculiar what tricks of lighting and shadows can do. When we took a picture a few hours later it all went away; it was just a trick, just the way the light fell on it.” NO ONE in the ENTIRE press corps of slightly more than a thousand "Mainstream media" thought to ask Mr. Soffen to SHOW US that second picture. Why didn't he bring it out and SHOW the difference?

    Reason...because there was NO SECOND picture a few hours later. Toby Owen's find of the "Head" remained the only image of it until more than a month later. Mr. Soffen blatently LIED to the WHOLE PLANET that day. Why? Who gave him his orders? The Cydonia region was in night a few hours after Mr. Owen's "Head" was found and thus could NOT have been physically imaged by the VIS camera. Yet no one said a peep to the 'JPL beaurocrats' in charge. Which is why I question "Mainstream Media's" agenda as well as the Government's...ANY government beaurocrat or politician.

    I have learned, especially with THIS administration, that their words and actions do not match.

    I remain committed to the following:

    ACTIONS speak louder than words.
    ACTIONS are PROOF of intent.
    ACTIONS are the final judgment of character.

    It REALLY is that simple.

    Bob... :D

  12. To biological_unit:

    Earth sand, geometrically, is fairly homogeneous. Hence, it will tend to slide when piled (by whatever mechanism causes the piling), as the predominant shape is cubic.

    Moondust (or "sand") is highly heterogeneous by comparison, and contains glass sphereoids (about 50
    percent or so) which, together with some of the other irregulars present, will tend to retain shape after piling (such as by passage of something making tracks).

    You can do this with most any sort of aggregate containing a fair amount of irregularly shaped rocks,
    such as that used on railroad tracks. Even this rough aggregate will tend to show a limited ability to retain impressions (from something big enough).

    I assume "wind" is not an issue
    for you. ("Lunar sand dunes?")

    Tracking the tractors, are we? :-)

  13. re: footprints in lunar regolith

    Volcanic ash behaves exactly the same. I assume portland cement would, too, though I've never tried.

  14. Robert said,
    "Publicly Appologize FIRST for ALL past accusations...and make sure we believe you ARE truly sorry and not crying fake tears."

    A public admission that they were wrong, whether they feel sorry or not, would serve the purpose. The lack of such admission would cast a shadow of doubt on anything they say, and suspicion of their motives from this point on...even moreso than the admission itself would.

    This latest fiasco, the smear campaign, reminds me of the goings on described in Dark Mission: one lie/deception after another, after another, after another...all of which are easily uncovered. Doesn't the fact that these deceptions are so easily uncovered indicate that they actually want them to be uncovered? These people have to be intelligent to accomplish what they have in their lives; to be in the position they are now in. They absolutely cannot be the stupid, blundering oafs that they appear to be.

  15. gene said...
    They absolutely cannot be the stupid, blundering oafs that they appear to be.
    November 27, 2007 5:02 PM

    Why not?

    Mr. Oberg passed himself as a "NBC News space consultant" as if THIS was a NBC sponsored and sanctioned action. In other words...someone from NBC gave him a "job" to do...and he did it...SMEAR...this thing as fast and as ugly as possible. seems...Mr. Oberg may have overstepped his authority or those who gave the order are backing off. Since I have heard from NBC, it seems only fair for NBC to share with us HERE what Mr. Oberg's role was when he signed that attack as coming from NBC Meanstream Media. It would be appropriate I think for Mr. Alan Boyle or his boss to come here and repeat what he sent me in HIS email to me...for the record.

    I have also instigated an inquiry with the FCC and am awaiting an inquiry into that realm as well.

    So, the question becomes, can they REALLY "be the stupid, blundering oafs that they appear to be" bet your sweat last bottom dollar they can when they are in Mad-Dog Meantream Media mode. Just look at what happened to Valerie Plame and Jow Wilson...and this was Dark Lord Cheney himself...surely HE is much more sophisticated and smarter than these two "gentlemen" are to get to HIS powerful

    And by YOUR reasoning...the Dark Lord Cheney just really 'wanted to get caught'.

    Please call me when you get back to the REAL BRUTAL TRUTHS world.

    You are certainly living in naive boxed-in view of the world.

    Gene this reply was NOT intentionally meant to be mean...but TRUTHFULL


  16. Step five: Remove head from ass and stop trying to assasinate the character of a man you know full well has done everything he's claimed on his resume.

  17. People tire quickly of being told to:

    Stay Tuned :(

  18. Mr. Oberg - Didn't you mean to say that "Richard" and not "Robert" slimed Dr. Gonzales? Seems kind of strange for Dr. Gonzales to slime himself doesn't it? See how easy it is to get one word crossed with another? Heck, "Reformed" was closer to "Reform" than your slip was. It happens...get over it.

  19. "Kevo said... Mr. Oberg - Didn't you mean to say that "Richard" and not "Robert" slimed Dr. Gonzales?"

    I was referring to Robert's post on this thread dated
    November 26, 2007 5:14 PM
    which attacked Gonzales for being ignorant, arrogant, stupid, and cruel to puppies (well, almost all these things), or so i thought.

    I didn't see any sliming of Gonzales from Richard (Hoagland, right?), but wouldn't be surprised there -- he and Bara first went public with their sliming of me, and thus set off this whole on-the-record controversy.


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