Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Question of Credentials - Post 1


  1. Good post, Brett, insightful and constructive. And a recipe for a remedy for pointless snarkiness all around. Let me try to deliver the behavior you call for.

  2. Mike (Bara) and Richard (Hoagland):

    1. I am in Hong Kong and I just finished reading your book "Dark Mission" which I first learned about a few months ago in a popular local Chinese newspaper called Apple Daily. I was utterly astonished by the contents of your book. I therefore looked up this and Enterprise Mission's website today for the first time and showed them to some of my colleagues at work.

    2. What compelled me to write to you immediately was that just as I was finishing the final pages of your book's Epilogue, I further noticed something very strange in the Figure E-12 MRO photo of the Face. I am unsure if I have noticed something you share or if I am just "seeing things" after being immersed in your book for days.

    3. The amazing "holographic" effect of multiple hominid and feline images on either side of the Face was noted, especially when shown as mirror images in Figures 8.1 and 8.6 of your book. Then I noticed the feline images actually extended beyond the top of each side of the Face.

    4. Those extra feline images, now extended beyond the "hair" or "head dress" at the top of the Face look striking similar to the head of a tabby cat, an image I am quite familiar with since I have a 19 year old tabby nick-named "Mio" at home who is looking on right now as I type). I marveled at what I thought, ie the additional tabby head images, were just an artistic extension of the Face's holography.

    5. Not so (as you like to say in your book). I was extremely taken by surprise when I noticed that actually large, medium, small, to minute, multiple images of the tabby's head are plastered ALL OVER the Cydonian valley floor, and not just confined to the Face and the two additional tabby images at the top of the Face, literally hundreds of them, next to and overlapping with each other.

    6. I then looked at some other MRO photos of the Face and found the same pattern. Is this a phenomenon you share, or (to be ever vigilant) could it be a photographic trick where you know who has "stamped" the image all over the MRO photos of the Face, at least those which are featured in your book?

    7. If the former, then we have the problem with the submerged city beneath the Cydonian valley floor as shown in the IR photos of your book. How did the tabby head images get on the valley floor if there was supposed to be a big city lying underneath it possibly under a thick sheet of ice?

    8. Or could the submerged city be long buried before the Face was constructed and the tabby images plastered all over the valley floor? A hint may be in Figures E-12 to 22 where close-up photos of what the Face is made up of. Even in the super close-ups (thus with less surface area to look at), one can still faintly discern a number of tabby heads with pointy ears.

    9. In other words, they are everywhere we look and whatever the underlying structure of the Face on Mars may be, what seems certain (unless we are being deceived) is that virtually all the high, low, light, and dark constructions in various shapes and sizes were carefully chosen and arranged into patterns of a vast, complex, and holographic blanket of multiple feline images all over the Cydonian valley floor.

    10. I do not know how to make of this, and I would very much appreciate your view in due course on this "Tabbies all over Cydonia" visual phenomenon. Again I may just be "seeing things". As reader of your enlightening book, I am certainly not an agent or plant sent by you know who.

    Best regards

    Leland Chu
    Hong Kong

  3. Thanks Mike. Turning from the Face to the Moon, your book has conjured up memory of Apollo 15 astronaut, late US Col Jim Irwin, lecturing to a packed audience at my school chapel in northwest London around 1979 to 1981. At the time the prevailing view was (and we had all assumed that) the Moon is a desolate place with amazing geology but totally uninhabited and utterly uninhabitable.

    For those of us who had asked in advance, we were treated to a very nice color photo of Col Irwin standing on the lunar surface, next to the US flag and the lunar rover with the background sky in pitch black and the autograph of the Colonel next to which he wrote "To Leland: With His love from the Moon." It took me some time afterwards to figure out the words meant "with God's love from the Moon".

    During the Q & A session, I was the last to be permitted to put a question to Col Irwin, and the question was "..did the astronauts have any weapons with them for self defense in case they encountered anything totally unforeseen..?" On hearing this, most of the audience burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

    Evidently most people in the audience agreed that such a ridiculous question could only be posed by a teenage idiot overdosed on Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, especially when one was speaking to the eighth man to ever walk (and the first? person to ever drive) on the Moon.

    Anyhow, when the noise subsided, Col Irwin replied (with a grin) that Apollo astronauts did not have weapons during the mission as they did not expect any need for them. Fair enough.

    Three decades later I still wonder.. having since realized what might be visible to the astronauts from the lunar surface...


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