Thursday, May 14, 2009

AOTW - The Cydonia Domes

The original Enterprise Mission page is here. These domes are located just north of the Tholus at Cydonia.


  1. Addendum---

    When entering the given
    coordinates for The Big Whatsit, leave off
    the "N" and the "W"---just enter the location

    70.545033, -40.330811

    and zoom out to get the picture.


    Hathor -- Your tourguide to Greenland


  2. Marsandro--

    I've been trying to get a look at the 'Greenland thingy', but am not having much luck. When I enter the coordinates at Google maps (without the N and W, as you instructed), I keep getting flipped to a slightly different set of coordinates, and nothing comes up on the 'maps' tab. I tried clicking on the 'terrain' tab, but the load is slow, so I am going to try from work this evening, as we have speedier internet connections at work.

    In the meantime, can you at least briefly describe what you're looking at?



  3. T'Zairis,

    I did exactly what you did,
    exactly as I had suggested,

    That's it! You're looking at it.

    Just zoom out until you can see the whole

    Fascinating, eh? :-)

    You have the right coordinates. The computer
    simply switched coordinate format for you.

    And when you're zoomed in too close, that
    pattern is indeed all you see.

    Note the scale at the lower left of your
    image display....

    That thing is HUGE....


    Hathor - realizing that IS it!


    P.S.: When it was still frozen inside the
    glacier (three years back, before it
    suddenly "freed itself" by melting the ice),
    it had been listed by a USGS Client Survey
    as a gravitational anomaly of unknown nature
    (ca 1965).

    You can probably look that info up in a
    USGS database somewhere. The fact was
    noted by the late Frank Edwards in one of
    his UFO books.



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