Friday, May 8, 2009

AOTW - The Skull on Mars

A few years back Joseph Skipper spotted an object in a rover photo that came to be known as the skull on Mars. Now I don't know what the heck it is, but it sure looks like something that used to be alive. What do you think?

Full Article is here.


  1. It sure looks like a skull to me. [inserting sarcasm here:] But I guess that all of that weather Mars gets again created a perfect arrangement of eye sockets, nose placement, and overall cranial shape. I guess I'll also overlook the slight mound before it. My apologies to Mr. "Your Host" - this skull is likely the one I saw before, and not the one he referenced. Thanks for bringing Skipper's site to the forefront, Mike, as this guy seems to be doing a pretty thorough, if not very interesting, and objective job.

  2. Even I can see this.
    Does anyone have any idea how long bone will last exposed to the elements?

  3. it doesnt look like a human skull, maybe a primate if anything. If it was a skull it probably wasnt intelligent.

  4. Joe raises the better point - not sure about micro-meteorite impacts, etc. affecting such bone preservation on Mars. This would be the deal-breaker if environmentally prohibitive. I do think the larger size of the top of this cranium shape rules out primate or lower intelligent species.

  5. I got the following from:

    Considering what we think happened on Mars I thought the following was chilling...

    MW: “All the human bones we find from the Biblical period are made of bone, but the bones we find of our ape-like ancestors are made of rock and are millions of years old.”
    AiG: Not all of the alleged apemen are permineralized, and not all human fossils are nonpermineralized. Note, however, that human fossils today are almost all from the post-Flood period. Permineralization is much more likely in the conditions pertaining in the Noahic Deluge and its aftermath

    I also saw simular views on other sites when looking up petrified human bones.

  6. Mars is basically like a giant refrigerator. Things stay preserved, including I would think, skulls.

    I definetly think this is a skull, fossilized or not. But whatever this thing was it had a helluva upper jaw. I'd hate to see the mouth on that one when it was alive.

  7. I would have to agree - little doubt it is a skull. Could it be possible that the bottom part(s) on the lower sides (jaw area) are some separate bones or rocks? Surprised this one was let to slip out by the program. Seems to be more damning evidence of life on Mars, and kind of makes their excited announcements of detecting periodic water traces comically underwhelming.

  8. I know everyone knows this but this
    "skull" is just another reminder-
    If an object looks like anything other than a rock NASA will look the other way. At least publically.

    Nasa s lack of action almost confirms anything like this example is important.

  9. I am voting for a statue on this one. It looks like it has a protuberant nose (as opposed to an open nasal cavity on a skull), and looking at the right-hand side of the thing (as one faces the head), there appears to be some sort of collar (like maybe a big neck-ring on a spacesuit?) curving around the side of the head and then down towards the chin. The very straight fracture-line (the shadow in the photo) roughly bisects the collar and the mouth, which appears as a shadowed slit.

    The other possibility I was entertaining was that it could possibly be something mechanical (like a robot-head), but the very straight edge to the shadow mentioned above leads me to believe I am looking at something uniformly solid (like stone or concrete) that a big chunk has been broken off of.

    I would dearly love to see that thing up close and personal...

  10. And if I may revisit
    an earlier topic for
    a moment---

    A couple of weeks ago, I spotted another
    "Zeta Scout" jumping around in the skies
    north of Barksdale AFB.

    It be-bopped about for several minutes, then
    suddenly bugged out.

    I saw why about 30 seconds later---

    A TR-3B showed up, running a search pattern
    where the Zeta Scout had just been.

    It passed directly overhead at less than
    a thousand was huge...awesome
    to behold....

    The TR-3B somehow looked VERY ominous...
    rather like a large, angry bear looking to
    kill something---like maybe a Zeta Scout.

    Apparently, the TR-3B is sufficiently badass
    that even the Aliens don't care to tangle
    with it.

    They just laughed and jumped around the
    sky whenever Barksdale sent up the A-10s
    from the 917th Tactical Fighter Group....

    But this time, there was no A-10 scramble.

    Just that Triangle-From-Hell-Itself TR-3B,
    cruising around as if to say to the Aliens,
    "Mess with THIS...."

    It seems the Aliens have a LOT more...shall
    we say, "respect," for the TR-3B.

    HOO - rah! ;-))

    GO AIR FORCE!!!!! :-))


    Hathor -- Laughing at the "Alien Menace"


    P.S.: It would appear that "Tan" will have
    to rephrase himself:

    "We are as ghosts before their capabilities."

    Not any more, Jack.

    You guys are nice, solid TARGETS.


    P.P.S: Speaking of alien bones, with the
    TR-3B we can generate all the alien bones
    we want.

    I mean, they'll be a little charred, maybe,
    but hey! I'm not picky!


  11. The good thing about the blurred Moon-towers is that now folks are looking critically at the blurring.

    In his article, Skipper also poses the same question that I have in past conversations about supposed crap resolution capabilities (which are mightily selective!) on our space missions-- how come we can image postage stamps on Earth from space, but somehow we just seem to keep sending out crap 30+ year out-of-date technology to look at the Moon and Mars? And it's costing us millions of dollars, too...

    If there is one bright spot in all of this, it is that the folks doing the altering just assumed that no one would have the patience to crawl through all the visual material and look at it closely, and yet good people are doing just that. More and more evidence is accumulating that supports the assertion of 'skulduggery from the get-go'.


    I take it you are referring to Riley Martin's 'Tan'? If so, I can draw you your very own bootleg Biaviian Symbol (in crayon, on typing paper) for $35. For $50, I'll draw it with Magic Markers on poster board. I've done enough logo designs for Park & Rec Fun Run T-shirts over the years that I am sure I can forge any number of Biaviian 'Get Your Butt Off Earth In 2012' space-tickets that would be undetectable, even by the Biaviians themselves...



  12. Hi T'Zairis,

    Yep! That's the one!

    Kinda gives the phrase "Nice Tan"
    a whole new meaning....


    Hathor -- Enjoying a good pun


  13. Points well made. The tower shots to me are a textbook example of the government clearly showing the public a censored object whose image it paid for with taxes. I'm certain they would have a set of the same uncensored somewhere. Not sure how they could keep it from an FOIA action by alleging national security.

  14. His friends buried him in the sand at the beach then ran off.

    Actually if C3P0 was on the moon then this guy is the storm trooper!

  15. I've always thought that the upper jaw area looked like a Stormtroper helmet myself. Other than that, I guess I have to say that thing really looks like a skull to me. It's symmetrical, it has the right proportions, 2 eye sockets, etc. I'd sure hate to meet it in a dark ally though, whatever it was.

  16. That's funny - I kind of had the image of stormtrooper in mind when i first saw that too. I guess I'm hanging out in the right place.

  17. It just occured to me---

    With the "recent" dust storms
    that covered the face of Mars,
    this skull, at the very least, ought to have
    a layer of dirt on it....

    Perhaps the rain washed it away? :-))))


    Hathor -- Forecasting precipitation


    P.S.: Yes, yes, I know, the "wind" blew it

    Equally preposterous, being as there is
    "supposedly" no atmosphere to speak of.


    P.P.S.: And flying dragons have antigravity....


  18. Ref. 35A72, found at

    To me, there appeared to be another statue on the same frame. If looks perhaps like a leopard or other type of cat. Was this one discussed before?



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