Monday, March 17, 2008

New Article on Satellite Shootdown on Enterprise

The link is here.

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  1. My own contribution to the controversy is here:

    As I recall it, Griffin was there at the Pentagon presser to attest to the studies his own space debris specialists had done on the survivability of the frozen hydrazine tank, nothing more. That struck me as an entirely plausible explanation, consistent with what I was hearing from inside sources in houston and elsewhere.

    I found their technical assesment credible -- and the politically-motivated superficial dismissals from left-wing lobbyist 'experts' much less so.

    A full transcript of the Feb 14 presser is available on-line if anyone wants to read it and compare what was said to what Richard says was said. Anybody need the URL?

    A long and very technical debate over this hydrazine tank survival issue can be found here:

    It ends with the conspiracy side (led by a guy named 'Yousef')calling the dissenting technical experts (those who thought Griffin's team's analysis was correct) names, questioning their motives, and ceasing all responses to follow-up questions.

    Sigh. There's a lot of that going around these days.


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