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NASA's Dr. Stuart Robbins - The Gift That Keeps on Giving - Part III

In section 3 of his attack post, Stuart (PS4NASA) goes after me for statements made about the 2012 galactic alignment and challenges me to provide “proof.” Naturally, his challenge is intellectually weak and he could have easily found the proof he claims to want simply by reading The Choice:

2012 Galactic Alignment

It’s nice when one’s research involves going back into their own blog archives. In this case, for background in why the 2012 purported galactic alignment is not worth the electrons its printed on, I’ll refer you to this post of mine.

With that out of the way, Bara stated during the second hour at 27:48 into the hour: “We do get hit by a pulse of energy from the center of the galaxy right around this December 21[, 2012] period, in fact it goes for about a month before and a month after that where we’re really in this energetic pulse from the center of the galaxy at this time.” Then he went on to say that the energy is neutral and we can choose whatever we want to come out of it and it’ll happen. (Did I mention that the tagline for his book, The Choice, is, “You’ve heard of The Secret, now you can make The Choice”?) He also states around 10 minutes into the third hour, “We are aligned with the center of the galaxy [around the winter solstice].” Again, see my post linked in the paragraph above. And he brings in astrology. See the section before this one.

Just to amuse myself, I skimmed Stuart’s postings on the great 2012 Galactic Alignment, and as in most circumstances he manages to get most of it wrong. Although he does agree with John Major Jenkins interpretation to some degree:  Jenkins’ premise is actually somewhat correct in the sense that, yes, the sun will be somewhat near the plane of the galaxy as seen from Earth around the winter solstice in 2012.”

Just how close it is to that plane depends on where you draw the line, and the simple fact is that Stuart’s interpretation of that plane is no more valid than Jenkins’. He then goes on to agree with Jenkins on another point: “…in fact, the sun passes “through” it [the Galactic Plane] as seen from Earth once a year. It just so happens that for the last ~300 years through the next ~300 years, this will happen to coincide with mid-December – winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere and summer in the Southern.”

Stuart states this as if the ancient Maya didn’t know this, and could not possibly have planned their calendar around it. He simply dismisses it all as “New-Age woo and mysticism.” That's real scientific there, Stuwie...

Just for reference, the “galactic center” is thought to be within 1-3 light years of a supermassive black hole that is generally considered the to be at the center of our Milky Way galaxy. The nearest visible star is thought to be Sagittarius A*, a bright radio source that is part of the much larger structure known as Sagittarius A (without the asterisk).

The best bet location of Sagittarius A* is Right ascension 17h 45m 40.0409s Declination −29° 0′ 28.118. But, the truth is. No one knows exactly where the assumed supermassive black hole is relative to Sagittarius A*. This is important because he makes quite the stink in his galactic alignment post about the fact that while the Sun maybe be crossing the galactic plane, it isn’t directly aligned with the Galactic center. But again, that’s only where scientists currently guess the supermassive black hole is, and it may or may not be the actual “center of the galaxy” since no one knows exactly where that is either.

Further, as I outlined in The Choice and as Hoagland has commented on many times, the energetic effect is actually more powerful when the planetary bodies are not perfectly aligned. So it is disingenuous at best for Stuart to attack those discussing the 2012 alignment based on the location of an object that no one knows for certain. Further, the evident misalignment with the (assumed) location of the black hole may have no significance whatever, as it may not be at the “center of the galaxy” as it’s assumed to be. Finally, the tests done by Hoagland in 2004 and 2006 indicate that an off-center alignment is actually better than a perfect alignment for measuring the "energy."

In any event, arguing over the exact location of the center of the galaxy has nothing to do with what I published in The Choice or what I said on Coast to Coast AM in November, 2011.

Comparison of the location of the Sun (as seen from Earth) and the assumed galactic center on December 21st 2012.

But OK, I really wouldn’t expect much else from a semi-professional debunker like Stuart, so it really doesn’t mean much. He then goes on to criticize several of the alignment theories based on the idea that “gravity waves” were supposed to cause some kind of calamity on December 21st 2012. Since this has nothing to do with what I wrote in The Choice or what I spoke about on the radio that night, it has no relevance whatsoever to my work. The kind of alignments I’m talking about and the energies involved have nothing to do with gravity, so we can simply dismiss this entire part of the post. He then once again demands that I prove something stated in a radio program interview.

“I’m not even going to go into detail on this. For this claim, it’s up to him to provide the evidence for this energy blast. What it is, what it’s made of (since “energy” is not a nebulous thing that just passes through stuff like new-agers think), why we need to go through an alignment that isn’t actually happening, etc. Otherwise …”

Of course, once again, all of the “proof” Stuart claims he’s looking for is provided in my book “The Choice,” which is what I was promoting that night on Coast to Coast AM. Unless he has read my book, which he obviously hasn't, I'm not even going to address his silly demands. You want proof pal? Read my book.

Bara/Science -3, Stuart/Debunkery-0


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  2. That's all you can do, pretend the post doesn't exist and change the subject. The best part is you have no idea what's coming. you're a dead man walking and you don't even know it yet...

  3. You are a Schizophrenic who got on TV because Jewish.

  4. Mike: I have some good material for you: smoking guns proving that all the NASA photos of Mars since 1965 are not real. They are shot in studios and the Arizona desert. Here are teh smoking guns:
    1. A photo in the Sept 1955 edition of National Geographic, p. 426, showing Mars large green areas and a Blue atmosphere with clouds. Photo taken from South Africa as Mars came close to the earth. The title of the photo is GREEN PATCHES SPLOTCH THE RED FACE OF MARS. This one photo could cause a lot of heart attacks in NASA.
    2. The Canals of Mars. From the 1890s until 1965 earth based telescopes photographed lines cross crossing the planet which were called canals. These photos were so clear that the US Air force used them to make a map of those canals. See The Canals of Mars, 1962 on google. Today we are told canals do not exist.
    3. Percival Lowell-one of the greatest American astronomer. The planet PLUTO is named after him P=percival L=Lowell. He was the first to photograph the canals and some of his photos appeared on the front page of the NYTimes. Although he died in 1916 and Pluto was not discovered until 1930 it was named after him because he predicted its existence. Lowell has been under attack since 1965 because he believed that there was an advanced civilization on Mars and publish several books on the subject. If you google his name you see that he is viciously attacked for his belief by claiming that he never took photos of the canal system and he was suffering from hallucinations when he claimed he claim he saw them or that the blood vessels in his eyes confused him the the canals.
    I you want to send you copies of my research, let me know..
    Michael Cohen 5612025613


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