Tuesday, January 13, 2009

NASA Announcement of Mars Life Coming Soon?

A new article on one of my least favorite web sites, SpaceRef.com, indicates that a new NASA announcement concerning the search for life on Mars will be made in the next couple of days. Speculation centers around the possibility that previous methane findings are most likely caused by biological, rather than abiotic sources. We of course told you this years ago.

NASA has known there is life on Mars since 1976. They have even suppressed proof of past life on Mars. We wish they would just get on with it.

As always with NASA, we remain skeptical. This would seem to be the long rumored news that the two presidential campaigns were briefed on in August, but who knows?

Here is the official press release.


  1. It would seem obvious that they ought to be coming clean about life on Mars, but with NASA, who can tell??? They seem to follow a pattern of building up to what might be a big announcement only to spin-doctor it away at the last possible moment. This has always struck me as an attempt to have their cake (secrecy about Mars data) and eat it too (keep public interest up so they can get funding).

    At the very least they owe both you and RCH a bouquet of crinoids each...



  2. I'd like to see how they
    propose to explain away
    the RODABEARS!

    Imagine the on-site pictures taken by the
    first landing party...with a Rodabear right
    there in the picture, begging for food!


    Hathor -- Running the Martian petting zoo


  3. And as far as The Sun goes, don't rip it until you've cheked out Page 3, pal. It beats the heck out of page 3 of Aviation Week...

  4. How's Pathfinder for a source?

    It's photographed enough
    Rodabears for a whole DEN.

    Including one RIGHT BESIDE IT.

    I mean, what does it take?


    Hathor -- With a Rodabear in her lap


  5. The seasonal aspect of it, along with the wave of darkening and the color changes in the Viking site rocks pushes me further towards life as the source.

    NASA is cautious as always.

  6. I said it before: NASA has got to cough up the truth about Mars in order for it to get a broke U.S. to cough up funding anymore.


    At the cutting-edge of "this world’s" scientific knowledge, we will find the divine truths in the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad :

    How this process began which took place in the darkness itself—in the dark womb of space where God was in the process of his Own Self-Creation. He was atom itself, spinning and evolving in this darkness of space and orbs of consciousness. He alone defined what and who we are from the explosion of the first atom of thought. Therefore, his make corresponds to the “dark matter” or material of darkness out of which he produced himself to become mathematically the number one.

    The reality of the above statement is constantly being revealed by recent discoveries in the fields of Astronomy, Archeology, Genetics and Biology; and nowhere has this reality been more evident than in the scientific data that have come from NASA’s Mars space probes in recent yearsMars and its life; "It’s our Mars and our people (meaning original) so God taught me." He goes on to say, "Our Fathers made it (Mars) with some type of intelligent beings like ourselves. They are not animals. They are intelligent people. ...They show signs of civilization and they look something similar to us. Not exactly, but they look similar. They walk on two feet and they are not White folks.It can be said that the Holy Qur’an makes a general assertion about the existence of life in the cosmos, but nowhere, and at no time, has there ever been a specific, precise description of life on another world predicted before the development of the science to confirm it!

    The disclosure of this reality is not only beyond the scope of human knowledge and foresight, but could only have come from God himself


  8. I personally prefer a healthy belief in a divine being, but with no man-altered dogmas or interpretations attached. I'm a meat & potatoes guy. Just give me the hard, cold evidence and NASA's agreement that Dark Mission was right, before 2012 gets here.

  9. You tell 'em T'Zairis!

    With NASA's perpetual
    insistence on the position
    that "all we see is rocks,"
    it seems that now they are

    caught between a rock and a hard place.


    Hathor -- Laughing hysterically...


  10. And you know that the longer they carry on and insist that there's 'nothing there but rocks', the more idiotic they will look when the weight of the evidence for Mars life is so huge that it can no longer be fudged out of existence.

    Now that we've had the Stephenville and Phoenix Lights (not to mention yearly crop circles and glowing balls of light colliding with wind turbines which people snap pix of with their cell phones), Brookings is gone as a 'justification-crutch' for keeping a lid on things. People just don't riot in the streets, even when mile-wide UFOs fly over them, and to assert that telling people about microbes on Mars is going to cause widespread panic and chaos is utterly fatuous.

    One would think that as it becomes more and more obvious that there is life elsewhere right in our very own solar system, that these self-appointed censors would be repositioning themselves to minimize the ferocious damage to their professional reputations/credibility that is about to occur. But, no-o-o...

    Frankly, I don't understand the mindset.



  11. Hmmm...

    Perhaps they have some "other"
    reason for this foolishness
    that they keep under wraps?

    But what could it possibly be?

    My lion-like mentality is completely befuddled.

    I'm a puzzled little pussycat!


    Hathor -- Musing the possibilities


  12. Well, the only other thing I can think of is that they are perhaps going for a reverse 100th-monkey-effect-- you know, if they keep saying 'no life, no life, no life' they can somehow keep the people who do know that there is life (and they themselves would be included in the 'those who know' column) from overly influencing the planetary morphogenic field and tipping the collective mindset into 'disclosure mode'.

    Of course, this tactic is doomed to failure as human beings are not the only influence on the planetary Consciousness-field...

    I know this musing may seem a little 'out there', but given the occult/mind manipulation (of astronauts) strands in the whole NASA story, I have to think that certain NASA subsets understand the idea of a Consciousness-field quite well, and also have some basic understanding of how to go about manipulating/massaging said C-field.

    This is the only thing that even makes semi-sense to me, as I really can't see these guys committing professional suicide en masse, especially when the evidence for life on Mars is mounting up the way that it is. Their intransigence-- a virtually dogmatic 'no life' stance-- in the face of other nations' space missions, etc., is completely nonsensical from a purely professional (and ultra-rational) viewpoint, but it does have a strange sort of logic to it from a consciousness-manipulation angle.



  13. Interesting view...

    One is then given to wondering
    why they should vest themselves
    so heavily in such a position
    so difficult to maintain, and
    with so certain an outcome.

    I remain as puzzled as ever....

    100th monkey and all.... :-


    Hathor -- Probing the darkness...


    P.S.: Could Brookings possibly carry such
    weight? Even yet?

    And over lichens, crinoids, and rodabears?


  14. Oh, I was just thinking aloud... and not censoring myself.

    Actually, I suspect it is a complex of reasons-- some people like living in 'certainty boxes', some are elitist info-hoarders, some are power-hungry, some are greedy, some are fearful-- I think there are probably at least a dozen basic motivations for what is going on.

    What I really wish is that some of the more benighted folks invested in all the weird game-playing would just get over their petty-concerns-fixations and look at the bigger picture. Hopefully then they would begin to understand the long-term harm that long-term secrecy has produced. I'm not holding my breath, though...



  15. I'd put my money that we'll hear with a few months more information about the what is generating the methane on the planet. My guess is that there are still at least some sort of microbial life living about 1,000 mm or deeper in the soil, living off the water still trapped in the soil that deep into the ground. Alas, don't expect life right on the surface due to the atmospheric pressure being only 1% of Earth's atmospheric pressure and the thin Martian atmosphere allowing deadly radiation from the Sun reaching the surface.

  16. Then again...

    That's assuming that "data" is
    anywhere near the truth.

    The ORIGINAL data indicated something more
    like 0.67 Tor, approximately.

    But, that was promptly quashed, and replaced
    with a claim of "0.1 Tor" or some such.

    I doubt the "error" was anywhere near so
    large as subsequently claimed.

    More like, it slipped out, and somebody got
    their wrists slapped---HARD.


    Hathor -- Testing the air at Cydonia


    P.S.: Parachutes appear to work awfully well
    in the Martian "vacuum," as we have seen in
    NASA's own photos from orbit.

    And before anyone makes an analogy to the
    "sun shield" on the Skylab "blowing in the
    suborbital breeze," I would point out that
    the latter's relative wind velocity was on
    the order of five miles per second.

    Bit of a difference....



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