Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Visit to the Church of Scientology

I had the pleasure of visiting the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition of the Church of Scientology this past weekend. I was invited there in April after attending the LA Book Expo by Luc Dubios, a member of the Church and one of their representatives at the Expo. He and I had a frank discussion of the role of L. Ron Hubbard during the period he was hanging out with Jack Parsons of JPL in Pasadena, California. After I suggested he read Dark Mission, Luc wrote me and told me that he felt that Dark Mission could be more accurate in its presentation of the events of the so-called Babylon Working and Hubbard’s role in it. After many months of back and forth, I was finally able to clear my schedule and find the time to drive down to the L. Ron Hubbard museum and Life Exhibition on Hollywood and Ivar in Los Angeles.

Luc was very generous and gave me and my guest a personal tour of the facility, its exhibitions and the various instruments and techniques used in the practice of their religion. I found it all quite fascinating, and frankly I learned a great many things about Mr. Hubbard that I had not previously known. No matter what your opinion of Scientology or Hubbard, there can be no doubt that he was an incredibly prolific, travelled and learned man, who dedicated his life towards many causes that still improve the lives of people today, 20 years after his death. Honestly, I think (my opinion, not the church’s) that he was probably the inspiration for the character of Indiana Jones, if not others, and I thoroughly enjoyed the tour.

After that, we retired to the offices of Lynn Farney, the Public Affairs Information Officer for the Church, and we went over the issues they had with Dark Mission in great detail. I was shown documents which changed my perspective on Hubbard and his role in the Working to a significant degree.

I’ll be talking about this in more detail in the revised Dark Mission, but suffice it to say that I am now even more intrigued about the Secret History of NASA, and Hubbard and Parson’s role in it.


  1. My thoughts exactly T'Zairis

    This guys on scientology are well prepared in the art of speech and deception. You can very easily be caught in their web of truth & lies.

    I'm not saying that you, Mike are not aware of this things but is better to be always in red alert when you receive intels from that kind of guys.

    For more info I recomend to you also a David Icke's book: The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World

    ....or just a short review about Hubbard on

  2. I'm clear!

    Should I have said that?!?


    Hathor -- Eyeing this bit of humor a little sideways...


  3. Like any church they can employ the art of personalized schmoozing to spin their version. I can see you are taking it with a grain of salt in your pursuit of objectivity.

  4. I would like to know folks' opinion that now that the MSL is delayed until 2011, AND with the "issues" around the 2012 ride through the Galatic there ANY hint within NASA itself that more of the TRUTH of Cydonia or even LIFE would be forthcoming BEFORE the MSL lands?

    Because in my view...I just think it is another excuse for the OWLS to keep thier grip on power, knowledge and shut out the Brutal Truths we KNOW from Richard, Mike and other's works about the Ancient Ruins around our Solar System.

    Is there ANY REAL chance things will come out BEFORE the MSL lands?



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