Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Dr. Chandra" Says William Shatner Was Right...

Astrobiologist Chandra Wickramasinghe, who was the inspiration for a character in Arthur C. Clarke's "2010 - Odyssey Two," has stated in a recent interview that not only is there "contemporary life" on Mars, but he asserts that NASA is withholding the information for political reasons. He also defends the work of Dr. Gil Levin on the original Viking Labeled Release Experiment, which came back positive for life signs in 1976. NASA has subsequently consistently denied that Levin's results were legitimate, and has taken every opportunity in the ensuing decades to minimize his results.

All of this will of course be familiar to readers of Dark Mission, which lays out virtually the same case in its heavily footnoted 550 pages. The only significant area of disagreement between our premise and Dr. Wickramasinghe’s assessment is that he still clings to the “honest but stupid” model of NASA’s behavior, as opposed to our contention that NASA is operating on a “timed release aspirin” model dictated by the recommendations of the Brookings Report.

A full story on the interview can be found on the science and technology site.

The William Shatner Post


  1. "Honest but smart" - he must be playing it safe, to play well with others. Or he just didn't read your book yet. Kudos to him for his asserting his conclusions, though.

  2. Plenty of popcorn here....

    All we need is a movie.

    Nice suggestion.


    Hathor -- Immune to the effects of too much
    salt and butter


  3. It will take a few more than him to get "mainstreamers" for the No Adult Supervision Available agency to back off from their Kindergarten Brookings of the "Goat that Could" like King Geaorgie Jr was reading and sat as dumb as a Mars Rock for a full 7 minutes.

    Seems it the "elite" that can't handle the Brutal Truths of what they've through all these years.

    May they all fry in hades on movie screens everywhere.


  4. I'm still skeptical!

    I'm skeptical about The State hiding things due to studies like The Brookings Report.

  5. So...

    I wonder exactly what happens
    when a "rock" hits a hollow
    titanium sphere that big?

    Maybe whoever is home will just fire up
    the drive system and sidestep the impact....

    THAT ought to go viral on YouTube....


    Hathor -- Making Book On Luna Vs. The Rock


  6. What if the Moon fired up it's engines and hits the road out of Dodge following Niburu back on out to the outer rim of the Solar System leaving us puny humans stranded on fragile Earth as the ETI's says...frack this species and their tribal warefare...we'll come back when they've killed each other off.


  7. Speaking of things in orbit, there's a new article up at TEM: 'Von Braun's 50-year-old Secret", with a part 2 to follow.

    As for me, I am not skeptical regarding the real probability that the powers-that-be are hiding some very interesting things-- otherwise, why go hammer-and-tongs (a possible 70-year sentence) after Gary McKinnon?

    What I am skeptical of is Brookings as a valid reason for not telling people stuff. From my point of view, it is simply an excuse to keep elitists in their comfy, one-up position and everyone else in the dirt. Last time I checked, there were no riots in the streets of either Phoenix or Stephenville, despite mile-wide 'somethings' flying slowly over both locations.

    The only Brookings-lemmings who might jump into the sea will be those who find their life's work in Cosmology suddenly trumped by HD physics, and religious/political tyrants who will find their power-bases melting away when people discover there's a better way to power the planet than by burning fossil fuels and wrecking whole ecologies by damming rivers, etc. We should have been on clean, free electrogravitic power by 1910. Instead there's been nearly 100 years of foot-dragging and stonewalling by some very stupid, arrogant and short-sighted men, whose utter moral bankruptcy is finally coming to light. I intend to live long enough to make sure that history-- via our libraries-- remembers these jackasses as the absolute criminal filth they were/are.

    Here's to our universal awakening from a long and horrendous nightmare...



  8. I agree. Entrenched economics, and entrenched bases of power = obsolete modus operandi. Isn't it true that the auto manufacturers used to buy off patents (or still do) from inventors who came up with new vehicles that used other than petroleum? Or was/is it the petroleum industry? Maybe someone here can fill us in with those details.

  9. I have heard stories from people dating to at least the 1970's about either caburaters that get 70+ miles to the gallon, or even hydrogen fuel vehicles that were running with out a problem with the exception of a lack of hydrogen filling stations. I do remember reading about the latter in a science book when I was in fourth grade. There was even a picture of it, I think it was a big old Crown Vic from either late 70's or early 80's and a shot of the huge trunk stuffed with a big yellow tank for the hydrogen. Of course the text book I read was dated 1985 when we were in school in 1994, but still it seems we had a brighter out look on the near future back then than we do today.

  10. Re:
    Isn't it true that the auto
    manufacturers used to buy off
    patents (or still do) from
    inventors who came up with new
    vehicles that used other than

    It is indeed.

    The first car actually was an electric.

    Workable hybrid electric cars were developed
    soon afterward, as the physics of the day
    was sufficient to reveal their many obvious

    One of the better known stories of how the
    automotive industry has treated inventors
    pertains to the fellow who invented the
    windshield wiper delay control. He could
    not get any of the "Big Three" to implement
    his patented control, but then they started
    infringing the patent, and he had to sue
    them all, which was where things were by
    the time he died---of old age.

    He never realized a penny from his invention.

    Too bad a patent in the US is nothing more
    than a ticket to a litigation. In most other
    countries, patent infringement is defined
    to be a crime, and can be prosecuted at the
    expense of the taxpayer. (At least that is
    how it was prior to the formation of the EU.)

    Here, it's only a civil matter.

    If you can't enforce the patent out of your
    own pocket, "you're outa luck, charlie."

    It reminds me of the old saw, "Well now,
    just how much justice can you afford?"

    (The URL must be assembled.)

    Picture this applied to patent litigation.

    'Nuff said.


    Hathor -- Stoking the Fires of Hell for the Rich and Powerful Who Do These Things


  11. Good insights - thanks. I've figured that what is in the briefcases for such inventors is a huge wad of cash to quit doing it, and a free house somewhere else.

    Kind of backfired for GM - they shut down their entire plant in Janesville, WI because it only made caravans, etc. Didn't see the Prius comin.

  12. Yeah, I love it when Hoagy goes on the air and gives away the new stuff for the next book for free... :)

    Oh well. It is truly amazing stuff. You guys' heads will explode.

  13. Looking forward to some good, head-explodin' goodness. In that spirit and in the context of the comments here, keep it up Mike and Hoagie.

    As the rat said in the movie, Ratatouie, "just because someone can, doesn't mean they should". Just because gov't and/or gatekeeping "elites" can distract most people from what's really out there (e.g. Mars and the moon), doesn't mean they/it should ... anymore.

    Linking NASA/JPL so clearly with Nazis, Astrological orientations, etc. with such easily verified authority just created instant credibility for Dark Mission's premises and thoeries. Visa-versa for the traditional smoke & mirrors crowd.

  14. By the way, I can see within 20 years an all-electric dragster capable of keeping up with a nitromethane-fueled Top Fuel dragster right to the finish line. The reason is simple: electric motors have HUGE torque when it starts turning, hence the reason why Harry Grepke's car had the torque of a V-8 engine. One problem electric car designers have to deal with is how to control all that huge torque down low to prevent damage to the tires!

    As for that 1960 Brookings Institution report sent to NASA, people forget the time period it was written--the height of the Cold War. As such, much of its conclusions were not very sanguine. But fortunately, we've gotten over the report's conclusions, and philosophically and theologically humans are actually looking forward to the day we have proof that life did evolve on some place besides Earth (whether it's soil sampling on Mars, more advanced missions to the outer planets of our Solar System, more advanced telescopes that finally see Earth-like planets around nearby stars with atmospheres that have nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor, methane, etc., or even the Allen Telescope Array finally discovering a true artificial radio signal from a nearby star).

  15. Re:
    Oh well. It is truly amazing
    stuff. You guys' heads will

    I'm taking something for the increased
    suffonic pressure already....


    Hathor - Playing Nurse To Guess Who


    P.S.: Hellooooooooo, nurse!


  16. Hi Gort,

    Let's see...OH! There!

    I still had to assemble it in Notepad.

    I was on a public computer defaulted to
    640x480. Duh.

    Here's another link showing both kitties:

    They're just made for each other! :-)


    Hathor -- Playing the matchmaker


    P.S.: "Sit down Hathor"?!?!?!?!

    Would you risk the appearance of SEKHMET?!!

    A Thousand Names Of Sekhmet


  17. Well yeah, there's always more detail to add, that's for sure. But sometimes I just think it's better to wait when Richard wants to go ahead.

    He finds it, he does what he wants with it.

    The goal of Dark Mission is to get the NFL, I mean NASA to admit that Super Bowl XL was fixed, Uh, I mean get NASA to admit that they have lied to us for more than five decades about a whole variety of things.

    The goal, seriously? To wake people up. To get people to ask questions. Not the idiotic Moon Hoax and "9/11 was inside job nonsense," but questions about the real stuff that NASA has been hiding for so long. I'm not naiive enough to think we'll ever get justice, but we might someday get then truth.


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