Sunday, June 1, 2008

Interview with Guy Malone on Live from Roswell Radio

Here's an MP3 of a radio interview I did with Guy Malone on Live from Roswell Radio. This is all part of the build up to the Roswell UFO festival July 4th weekend.

MP3 Page


  1. Yes, I know that the Egyptian bread offering was also used with other gods, but my understanding is that Osiris is the first for who this was performed. Or at least, he was among the earliest and this practice was subsequently adopted for other, later gods.

    Remember, they are all ancient gods to us, not so for the people living at the time.

  2. It may interest you to know that in the video
    that was pulled that contained one of Keith
    Laney's "rats," there was also a frame with
    what appeared to be a terrestrial type black
    cat, looking under a rock ledge, as if after
    a mouse.

    The midsection, hind quarters, legs, feet
    and tail were plainly visible, and I would
    guess it was a tomcat.

    And yet, this supposedly was on MARS....

    I still wonder why the video was pulled....


    Hathor -- On the Front Cover of Vogue

    P.S.: The "Laney Rat" was shown full frontal,
    standing upright, ears forward, nose down,
    looking straight at the lander, from only a
    few feet away.

    Cute little fella...curious, too....

    Looks a bit more like some kind of little
    bear or something....


  3. Mike,

    Listened to the interview - very nice way for me to cap reading your book. I am interested what your thoughts are as to: whether the Lunar X-Prize could bypass via private sector execution, the NASA filtration of potential images it would gather on the moon?


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