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Excerpt From the Forward to My New Book Ancient Aliens on Mars

The following is an excerpt from the Forward to my new book "Ancient Aliens on Mars" in which I present new information about the controversial "Daedalus Ziggurat" from my previous book, Ancient Aliens on the Moon.

In June of 2013, one of Stuart Robbins' sycophants on the web went searching for the origin of as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg in a vain effort to prove that I had somehow lied about its origins. In the course of doing so, he convinced himself that he had “caught” me in a lie/mistake, and eagerly sent an email to my manager gloating over it. In fact, what he discovered only reinforced my arguments that as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg came from a scan of an analog print which had been in this person’s family for years, and in the process he managed to completely throw Stuart (PS4NASA) under the bus and prove him wrong. The whole thing was really quite amusing.
Using the internet archive tool, this troubled individual (he sends me emails on an almost daily basis accusing me of being a “liar” and various other things) went to an archived website of an early anomaly hunter named Terry James, aka “KK Samurai.” Now, I knew of “KK Samurai” from the late 90’s and frequently enjoyed his finds and articles. When I had first seen the Daedalus Ziggurat while doing research for Ancient Aliens on the Moon, I thought it looked familiar but couldn’t place it. It was suggested that the original source might have been “KK Samurai,” but I expressed doubts about this because he always watermarked his discoveries with a “KK” symbol in the lower right hand corner, and “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg” did not have such a watermark.

This sycophant (and his sycophants) also mocked Terry James as a “known hoaxer” (which I knew he wasn’t), primarily because he was a Christian, according to them. But when they suddenly thought they “had” something on me, they withdrew these charges quickly.
What they found were some images on Terry James’ archived website that absolutely verified what “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg” showed, and appeared to be made from the same source file. I went in and pulled down the images myself to make sure there was no funny business with altering of the images by the sycophant.

Image retrieved from the Internet Archive showing the Daedalus Ziggurat, first posted in 1999-2000 by Terry James, aka “KK Samurai.” Note “KK” watermark in lower right.

In looking over the archived website I saw that in addition to first posting the image, Terry James also had done some colorization work on it. He also posted images showing that author Richard Coombs had made an initial comparison to the Ziggurat at Ur in Iraq, identical to the comparison I made years later in Ancient Aliens on the Moon without even knowing about Terry’s pages or Richard’s analysis.
Comparison of the Daedalus Ziggurat with the Ziggurat at Ur by Richard Coombs.

But the most critical piece of information from the website came from 1999, where Terry James thanked “Frank,” for giving him the image.  In fact, in the email from the sycophant, he identified the source of the image as a man named Frank Gault:
“The actual source of the image was a scan done by Frank Gault, which is why in the original presentation you see ‘Thanks to Frank....’ Gault’s father was ex-NASA, and gave his son a large collection of Apollo-era 10x8 photo-prints, perhaps similar to Ken Johnston's collection…”

After a quick perusal of the archived KK Samurai website, I was able to confirm most of this information. This sycophant apparently thought he “got” me because of my previously expressed doubts that Terry James was the source of the image I had originally given to Richard Hoagland (as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg). In fact, what his digging actually does is to throw Stuart (PS4NASA) Robbins completely under the bus.
As I established earlier in this forward, Stuart (PS4NASA) has unequivocally argued that “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg” was made from the digital NASA source file “5564.jpg.” I have counter-argued that “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg” was scanned from an analog original Apollo era print— a fact now confirmed by the sycophant. So this Village Idiot has now categorically confirmed that I was right all along and Dr. Stuart (PS4NASA) Robbins was and is categorically wrong. With friends like these, Stuart (PS4NASA)…

But wait, wasn’t I wrong about KK Samurai/Terry James not being the source of “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg?” Doesn’t that make me equally in error?
Well no. “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg”obviously didn’t come from Terry James’ website at all. If it did, it would have his “KK” watermark on it, just like ALL of the images of the Daedalus Ziggurat from his website do. Since “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg” doesn’t have this watermark, that must mean it comes from another source, possibly Frank Gault himself or his father and his collection of original, first-generation NASA 8 x 10 prints. Either that, or it came from someone who had access to Gault’s scans or someone Terry had passed the image to in the past and maybe just forgotten about.

as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg (L) and the version from Terry James website (R). Note that the “KK” watermark does not appear on “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg” and it is rotated and cropped differently.
So in one fell swoop, not only has Stuart’s (PS4NASA) sycophant failed to prove that “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg” came from Terry James website, he has by his own Plain Statement of Fact proven that it was not conjured up from NASA’s tampered digital image “5564.jpg,” as Stuart Robbins (PS4NASA) has categorically declared.
Thanks for the help there buddy. But I bet you’re off Stuart’s (PS4NASA) Christmas card list now.

“as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg” and Terry James’ enhancement from the archived “KK Samurai” website. “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg” rotated to match alignment.
But more important is what Terry’s version of the Ziggurat actually shows. First, in comparing “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg” to Terry’s original work from his website in 1999, it is plain to see that all the same features appear in both. The left side and rear walls, the walled enclosure for the “temple,” the square temple itself along with the entrance ramp and the dome on top. The left wall may be brighter and more defined in “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg,” but that may simply be because whoever enhanced it used a different technique than Terry James did. This is reinforced by the fact that the photographic glue residue overlays the top of the left wall, an impossibility if the wall had been “drawn-in” after scanning, as Stuart (PS4NASA) and the sycophants have argued (see enhancement above).

Shortly after this exchange, Terry James himself showed up on the sycophant’s website and called me and Mr. Hoagland out for not giving him credit for the Ziggurat. I later learned that he had apparently not actually seen the “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg” image when he made this declaration. Fortunately, he left his email on the blog post, so I wrote to him explaining the chain of custody of “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg” and why he hadn’t been credited in Ancient Aliens on the Moon. I quickly got a reply, and we began a cordial email exchange. He made several major points in these emails:

“I can assure you I am neither a hoaxer or a Christian and yes I did find this pyramid on a very large scan of a photo sent to me by Frank Gault. I am also very certain that Frank did not mess with that scan or any of the many other scans he sent me… I also noticed that many of the lunar scans that Frank sent me were not found in the NASA public archive. I also noticed that some of the available images in the public archive had features removed or brushed out that were very clean in Franks scans.”

He also stated that he didn’t always watermark his images, although all of the Ziggurat images on the archived site do have one. So “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg” could still have originated with him or Frank Gault:

“I should (also) point out that I didn't always put my watermark on my images. I often just signed them or didn't mark them at all. Sometimes I just inserted my name into the image file. And on occasion I would send someone a clip of my raw data provided they gave me credit for it. So it is probable that I sent out a clip of the pyramid to someone who renamed the file and used it. Also keep in mind that Frank may have also sent some of the data to someone else without my knowledge. After all he did have the scanned data on file.”

Then, a second critic/attack dog that frequently collaborates with sycophant #1 sent an email claiming that Terry James had in fact admitted to “faking” the Ziggurat image. “Oh and isn't it great that Terry James aka KKsamurai has shown up. You know..., the guy who faked the ziggurat. He admitted he created it, still has the original, and has called out you and Mike as thieves and liars. Mike even dedicated almost an entire chapter to this fake.” Knowing all of these statements to be false, I passed the email along to Terry, who quickly replied: “I've been there before. I did not fake that ziggurat. He’s basing his position on a public archive image whereas I have real first generation data from a NASA lunar scientist. It’s not worth arguing.  I should also say I've found a lot of very interesting data on more interesting stuff… I can't help but say I have a lot more data yet unrevealed and none of it is faked. In fact most of it proves that NASA has withheld. Worse, they've edited many lunar images to hide the truth from the general public.”

In other words, Terry James reinforced that not only are the public archives which Stuart (PS4NASA) and the sycophants are so dependent on not complete, he also agreed with me that they have been altered from their original form when compared to first generation photographic prints. When I informed Terry James that I was going to cover all this in the Forward to my new book, he kindly offered to send me his original scan sourced from Frank Gault, and also confirmed that “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg” is NOT an image from his site, as claimed by sycophant #1. “Mike. If you are putting this in a book you need data from the original scan… The original scan is darker. To lighten something for the sake of vision and perception is OK provided you give them the original data.”

About a week later, I received a thumb-drive with Terry’s original scan, a GIF file named “Apollo-AS11-38-5564.gif.” The image has pixel dimensions of 1500 x 1138 at 72 DPI, making for an on disk file size of 1.62MB and a document size of 20.833 inches in width and a height of 15.806 inches. In other words, there’s plenty of data well above the “limits of resolution” with which to determine the authenticity of the Ziggurat as an artificial structure. And that’s exactly what it does.
Ziggurat image “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg” (L) alongside Terry James’ raw original (R).

In comparing “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg” with Frank Gault/Terry James’ original scan, all the major features are again confirmed. The front wedge shaped buttresses, the left and rear walls, the entire walled enclosure, the square “temple” structure, the entrance ramp, the “windows” on the side, the dome on top— all of it. With a little enhancement work, it becomes even clearer.

What Terry’s original scan shows is that all of my original speculations about the origins of “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg” are verified— it did in fact come from a first generation photographic print in the personal collection of a former NASA employee, whether that person is Frank Gault’s father or another source. It also confirms that the current NASA version “5564.jpg,” in total contrast to the claims of Stuart (PS4NASA) Robbins, is an overt fake that had the Ziggurat removed in a rather sloppy and obvious paint-over. Given this, it is now safe to assume that ALL NASA digital imagery is almost certainly compromised, as Terry has stated unequivocally in his emails.
Comparison of Frank Gault/Terry James scan of the Ziggurat, and NASA scan “5564.jpg,”— an obvious fake.

So, just to quickly recap:

1. There is not less noise in the NASA image “5564.jpg” than in the Ziggurat image “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg.” What Stuart (PS4NASA) thinks is "noise" is actually photo-album residue marks on the first-generation photographic print that “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg” was scanned from.

2. Stuart's (PS4NASA) assumption that “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg” was therefore modified after NASA's “5564.jpg” and by his faulty reasoning manufactured from it in Photoshop or a similar program is therefore falsified.

3. "as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg" shows every indication of being scanned from an early if not first-generation photographic print, and therefore has an earlier derivation than "5564.jpg." This is proven out by the research of Stuart’s (PS4NASA) own fans.

4. Terry James aka “KK Samurai” has now produced an original scan of a first-generation photographic print in the possession of Frank Gault, the son of a former NASA lunar scientist who obtained the photo directly from NASA. It shows that “as1120pyramid20smallue2.jpg” is far closer if not identical to the original NASA photograph AS11-38-5564. “5564.jpg” is therefore proven to be a fake digital image, at least as far as the Ziggurat is concerned.

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