Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Question of Credentials - Post 4

Ken's reciept for his application to the astronaut corps.

A personal endorsement for his application from Neil Armstrong, and another one from astronaut Jack Swigert.

A personal letter from Apollo 15 astronaut Jim Irwin, expressing his support for Ken's candidacy.


  1. I'd be much more interested in a pdf of the actual astronaut application, to see --

    -- what his pilot rating was (if any), and the hours he claimed on various aircraft types

    -- what advanced degrees and granting institutions he claimed, since the PhD he claims, turns out to be from an institution that I've been advised does not and never has granted PhDs.

    Can we see that document, along with the claimed diplomas, the claimed flight status, and the claimed position regarding managing all Apollo mission photography?

    Somehow in the blizzard of these second-string peripheral documents, all the central, primary claims remain strikingly UN-documented.

  2. The pendulum swung.
    Mr. Oberg seems silent.

    The doubtful aspersions aswayed with fact...where are those sandcastles now?

    I hear the approach of a fine tuned machine...a blur of red goes whizzing past!!!!!!!!

    -but-Not so fast that I could not discern it was a Testarossa.

    A Red-headed herring!
    A Ferrari OKay? Lol.

    Nice work Mike. loose ends.

  3. Readers should be aware that I am working on a long response that needs to conform to Mr. Bara's standards, as host of this site. I hope to be able to get this through his hoops shortly.


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