Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Episode of Uncovering Aliens Wednesday, January 22nd on Science Channel

A new episode of my new reality show "Uncovering Aliens" will be shown in prime time on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014 on the Science Channel. The episode, entitled "Alien Invasion" will air at 10PM right after a repeat of the "Abductions & bright Lights" episode. That's 2 solid hours of Uncovering Aliens on Wednesday night! Don't miss it!

As always, check your local listings for times in your area.

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  1. Mike Bara copy of email sent to derrell sims & M. Elsberry : from getthederr@aol.com
    reply if you see a reason to do so...no reply is requested.... (DERR) -there is no relation of my name used and your actual name...

    congratulations on the show and the amazingly Lucky find--when you all were investigating lights filmed by joe kiernan.

    i am hoping you realize the significance of the show's success since the Lights seen on Myrtle Beach after the one ufo research guy fired off the parachute flares ( whatever they were ) attracted Lights that were some where similar that came to investigate.

    i would also hasten to add that a Light did appear as your team created the party lantern experiment as you were investigating the Michigan woman's experiences and photo... at the left upper side a faint Light did appear not part of the lights sent up.

    I think this is important...

    The most important event is what was captured on good imaging equipment at the Myrtle Beach event/study you all were conducting.

    I hasten to add that if you are aware of how much time went by between the time the flares were issued into the sky and the ufos arrived...that would be quite important--as it explains the ability of the ETs response time to be measured to investigate what They may have thought was a diff ET group coming towards their own areas ( or base)...i am aware that often times more than just one "take" is needed to get the films of the flares being shot off...so please feel free to inform me if you have the time of how much time was involved between the first flare being fired and the ufos appearing....also the exit of the ufo - the actual visualization is in keeping with the Light orb entering a blackened Larger ufo ship- as the shiny
    band that came off the orb at Left may have actually been the edge of the opening portal into the Larger vessel...good Luck in your efforts...
    -from derr- ufo-- the greatest Living ufo researcher in the world not connected to a book or a group or the Feds.....


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