Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2 New Episodes of Uncovering Aliens to Air on Discovery Science Channel Wednesday

2 new episodes of my new reality show "Uncovering Aliens" will air during a 6-hour Uncovering Aliens marathon this Wednesday night, January 15th, in prime time on the Discovery Science channel. The marathon will start at 8PM with the new episode "Abductions & Bright Lights," followed by another all new episode "Alien Harvesting" at 9PM. At 10, the pilot episode "Black Ops Conspiracy" will re-air. It has previously aired 4 times on the Animal Planet network.

At 11PM, the cycle will repeat and all three episodes will re-air in the same sequence from 11PM until 2AM. Since some cable and satellite providers carry the East coast feed of the Discovery Science channel, this 6-hour marathon will guarantee that the episodes will be seen in prime time in both the Eastern and Pacific time zones. Check your local cable or satellite provider for show times in your area.

The schedule for Discovery Science channel can be found here.

Uncovering Aliens also stars Maureen Elsberry, Derrell Sims and Steven Jones.


  1. Why only 6 episodes.?....it makes no real sense to create a new show, which a crap load of people are interested in, and only have 6 episodes. One would assume a new show should air at least 12 episodes, if it was a topic that most people weren't interested in, then I would understand completely, however this area is VERY WIDELY accepted by more than enough people to enable 12 episodes to be consumed immediately. Of course your going to get your haters, but you get that with a lot of things these days.

  2. It's not YOUR SHOW. You are only one of four people and the most arrogant and unlikeable of the lot :-)

  3. I'm curious why only 3 episodes? Seem odd to me

  4. OK, I'll Tweet Caley Cuoco and tell her that TBBT isn't "her" show either.

  5. Chris/Brett,

    4 episodes to start. Don't know why they chose to do it this way, but stay tuned!


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