Friday, November 15, 2013

Who's the Giant Chair For?

In the course of researching some new posts for this week on the Kennedy assassination, I found this image of John F. Kennedy's address to the U.N. on September 20th, 1963. What struck me was the bizarre sight of a hugely oversized empty chair next to the podium. If you look at it and compare the scale to Kennedy himself (who is standing on an elevated lectern) it is obvious that the chair is about twice the normal size and far too big for an average height human to sit in comfortably. It looks in fact like it was made for someone at least 8-10 feet tall, if not taller.

Unless Wilt Chamberlin was planning to attend Kennedy's speech on U.S./Soviet space cooperation, who was this empty chair symbolically for? And who sits in it under normal circumstances? The U.N. delegate from Nibiru?

Maybe Enki was busy that day.

Anyway, if anybody has any further information on the symbolic meaning of the empty Annunaki-sized chair, I'd be interested in seeing it. For now, it's just plain weird.

UPDATE: This video shows that the chair isn't quite as outsized as I first thought. Does look like the arms and back are quite high though. Still don't know what the symbolism of the empty chair is supposed to be though.

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