Tuesday, December 15, 2009

OK, What Was it?

A few days ago, the interweb news nodes went nuts over a bizarre spiral formation which appeared in the skies over Norway. At first, I was impressed; it looked like for all the world like hyperdimensional weapon or even some kind of rail gun device going off. It didn’t take long for Richard Hoagland and lots of others in the UFO community to comment on it, and point out all of the reasons why it had to be aliens or some kind of Star Wars weapons test, and on the eve of Barack Hussein Obama’s (laughable) Nobel Peace Prize award no less! Adding to all the intrigue was the fact that this “cosmic pulse ray” seemed to be coming from the southwest, right in the direction of a HAARP-like device (called EISCAT) which was run by a consortium of European countries.

I decided to sit back and not comment on this for a number of reasons, but primarily because I figured there would be some kind of official explanation coming along quickly. At first, the Russians denied that it was a missile test that they had conducted, as would be customary if they got caught testing weapons over another country, but then they quickly reversed themselves and said, "yeah, it was ours." Of course, numerous UFO spokesman immediately cried foul, and claimed that we were seeing another Phoenix Lights type of cover-up, where the US military claimed that a massive boomerang shaped craft which flew slowly over that city in 1997 was actually flares from a weapons testing range over a hundred miles away.

However, in looking now at the video, I have to say that the claim of an errant Russian missile makes the most sense to me. Notice that there is a darker, bluish coil of exhaust behind the spiral; this implies to me that we are seeing the thrust cloud of a missile or rocket which has either been spun for stabilization\control purposes or is in fact spiraling out of control.

Note also how in some images the blue pulse is very tight, but then it rapidly diffuses until it is just a puffy plume of smoke or exhaust. This is exactly what I would expect to see if this is simply illuminated rocket exhaust.

Now, as to the tight, glowing spiral itself, again, this looks to me to be a rocket stage venting gas of some kind as it spins. The illumination is coming from the rocket exhaust at the back of the stage, creating the tight spiral effect. Also realizing that this is Norway and there are likely to be lots and lots of ice droplets in the upper atmosphere (if not the lower), the effect is even more dramatic. The ice droplets act like a million tiny mirrors, refracting the light and amplifying and emphasizing the glow. Now, if the fuel or whatever was being vented had ignited, we would certainly have seen a far more dramatic finish to the whole affair. As it is, we got a pretty dramatic “black hole” forming at the center of the spiral, but again, I think there is a perfectly logical explanation for this.

The mysterious “black hole” which appears in the center of the spiral as it dissipates also fits what I’d expect to see from a rocket stage burning out. Once the rocket has exhausted its fuel, the brilliant white spiral is going to lose its primary light source, and the result will logically be a dark spot which rapidly expands (from the distant viewers eye) and consumes the spiral.

So I don’t think this is a hyperdimensional weapons test or an alien device or at all. I think it’s a rocket that got out of control, was venting gas, and simply got caught on camera. And it all happened under some fairly unique weather conditions, which created the spiral effect.

Alternatively, this may very well have been a political statement on the part of the Russians. Barack Huessein Obama is (at best) the political reincarnation of the weak Jimmy Carter, and the Russians may have just been firing a shot across the bow to make a political point. But to decide it is a new weapons test without any real evidence is farther than I am willing to go. The Russians in fact do have some very sophisticated weaponry – ask Tom Bearden – but I doubt very seriously they were demonstrating it for all the world to see.

Having said that, it is plausible that this was in fact a staged event designed to get people buzzing about what it was. They could certainly have used a conventional rocket to create an event that appeared to be other-worldy, much like the recent Independence Day events in Moscow and elsewhere. But that plays into a wholly different kind of conspiracy – one that has a lot more to do with 2012 than it does with Obama’s absurd Nobel Prize.

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  1. The uniformity of the spiral
    is remarkable.

    The duality of the spiral is
    also remarkable.

    The color differentiation is extremely remarkable.

    Hmph. A rocket.

    Fits right in with the crystal towers....


    Hathor -- her two cents AND mine...


    P.S.: So...why can't any rocket debris be found
    at the end of the blue spiral trail?

    Last I heard...there ain't any....


  2. You disappoint me Mike.

    1 We are supposed to believe that a foreign country does an unannounced and unauthorized missile test over Norway and nobody is even the least bit upset about it?

    2 If you look at the lower right side of the photos you can see that the "projection" originates from the mountain or just behind it. You can see the higher brightness of the "source".

    3 The entire pattern is turning as a coherent whole which is impossible if it were simply an emission of fuel left floating in the sky.

    4 There are two spirals of equal intensity joined in the center moving out from the eye of this thing. Are we to believe that it sprung two leaks of equal size at the same time?

    5 The near instant speed at which a computer simulation was made to spoon feed the missile story to the public.

    6 The black hole that opens at the end is clearly not from it running out of fuel and leaving an empty space.

    7 Where is the downward trail of smoke smoke from it crashing to the ground?

    8 The spiral arms are far too coherent and well spaced to be diffusion of fuel.

    9 As the hole opens, why are the edges still glowing? And why does the entire pattern not fall downward under the force of gravity when the fuel runs out?

    10 No missile is even hinted at in any of the videos.

    11 Hoagland said on Coast that when they do test missiles they fire them in the opposite direction, not Oover Norway.

  3. Mike, you've managed to completely shatter my hopes there might actually be a plan to initiate some sort of a cohesive effort to bring ALL of this stuff into the mainstream.

    Like M.E. Mastrantonio said in The Abyss, "Who thinks that was a Russian water tentacle?"

    I guess it's a water tentacle, then.


    Good job.

    I give up.

  4. Guys, uh... for one thing, there are not 2 spirals, only one.

    And yes Spiritsplice, there are always protests over this kind of thing, but they are usually handled behind the scenes through diplomatic channels. I'm sure the Norweigians weren't happy about it, but what are they going to do? Declare war on a nuclear superpower?

    Look, the bottom line here is that not everything that appears to be otherworldly or a conspiracy IS otherworldy or a conspiracy. As much as I hate to agree with a douche like Phil Plait, I have to unless I see some evidence to convince me otherwise. Just like 9/11, I'd be willing to believe a conspiracy, I just don't see any good evidence of one yet.

  5. Okay Mike, so...

    The rocket debris is...

    ...where, exactly?


    Hathor -- patiently awaiting enlightenment....


    P.S.: This would have to be the first case EVER
    of the Russians making absolutely NO attempt
    whatsover to recover their lost hardware.

    Or, for that matter, of not even MENTIONING
    their desire to recover it.

    Unless somebody here can refresh me on the last
    such example?

    I may be the Spring Chicken of the group, but I'm
    still a member in good standing of the "Duck and
    Cover Generation."

    I remember when Kruschev came to power as
    Premier of the USSR...shoe and all....


  6. why call it a conspiracy...Eiscat was running an experiment at the time...look it up at their website...

  7. I'm gonna sit this one out and see if you can talk sense into your fan club, Mike.

  8. I have to say I still can't fathom your take on 9/11. There are hard facts that question the official "government" story. Ask Barry Jennings if he thinks a boiler explosion and fire brought down #7, or better yet, why the 9/11 commission didn't bother to investigate it.

  9. Good post, Adrian.

    Right on target.


    Hathor -- on the web...


    P.S.: For those who didn't follow the connection
    to the Overhauser Effect, the point was this:

    Rotating polarization of the microwave radiators
    serves in lieu of having a magnetic field at the
    target, as with a normal Overhauser lab hookup.

    So...since there was no magnet in the sky....
    (Such as would be needed, anyway....)


  10. And as long as we're on the subject, no I don't believe every conspiracy theory that comes along. I require evidence. Let's go down the list:

    1 - We never went to the Moon - Absurd. Idiotic.

    2 - TWA-800 - A missile. Indisputably.

    3 - Oklahoma City - Absolutely. "John Doe #2" is the spitting image of Jose Padilla.

    4 - 9\11 - Please. It was a plane that hit the Pentagon. George W. Bush did not fly planes into the Trade Centers. As to the 20 dollar bills? Interesting. Not conclusive.

    5 - Flight 527 - Yes. Amazing how the NTSB can ignore the eyewitness testimony of dozens of people who saw an explosion in front of the wing, an engine tear off and take the tail off, but they still managed to decide less than an hour after the incident that there was no terrorist involvement. Translation: Shoe bomber #1

    6 - JFK Assassination - See Chapter 4, Dark Mission - The Secret History of NASA

  11. Oh good lord....


    Hathor -- speak of the devil...


  12. Mike,

    Dark Mission 2 is for when ?

  13. OMG. Where do I start....

    Perhaps with, "the lie is different at every level." Perhaps you recall that?

    When you ignore clear evidence of lies and deciet it makes you look like you are part of the in crowd pretending to be one of us.

    1 No, they wouldn't declare war on a superpower but they would condemn it and so on like Governments always do in the papers, call it a potential act of war, etc. They would not just ignore it. I have also heard from people living there and NOTHING has been said about it at all. Not even calling it a missile.

    2 The projection point is clearly seen in most of the pictures. You can see the projection is also directional.


    3 That pause is your conscience IMO. "or whatever it was.." What else could it be if the missile story were true? Confetti?

    4 One? or One primarily? Which is it? If you look at the video you can see the two being made in different directions simultaneously. Here is a crop from the IR image.


    Here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRKfLYwX-q0 you can see both of them at 0:23.

    5 This showed up the same day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zx8i5EfmYU4 Coments were conveniently disabled. It is also worth noting that like Climategate, the google search suggestion for "norway spiral" has been removed from the search engine.

    We also have this debunking hit piece from MSNBC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRKfLYwX-q0

    6 Because if it simply were something such as fuel left behind it would have no reason to simply disappear from the inside out. The freshest material would be on the INSIDE of the spiral and therefore would stay the longest. The fact that it disappears from the inside out (at a rather alarming rate I might add) is clear evidence the cover story is bogus.

    8 Continued diffusion and gravity would destroy the nice pattern we see displayed in seconds. There is no way it could hold such nice coherency even under ideal weather conditions.

    9 It is the case. Check it out.

    11 If it had landed on his hotel then fine, otherwise it is a pretty lame demonstration. I also don't buy that they can't get their missiles to work.

    Another point I should add is the "feeling" once gets on an intuitive level when watching the entire footage, especially when the black hole opens. Anyone even remotely sensitive to energy will get a very odd feeling when paying close attention to this thing.

  14. That's horrible news. If he doesn't want to do the book then you ought to figure out a way to do it yourself.

    I mean its either important or it isn't. And if if was important enough to do once...

  15. Spiritsplice: "6 -- Because if it simply were something such as fuel left behind it would have no reason to simply disappear from the inside out. The freshest material would be on the INSIDE of the spiral and therefore would stay the longest. The fact that it disappears from the inside out (at a rather alarming rate I might add) is clear evidence the cover story is bogus."

    I think the material is being spewed out from the object at a constant radially rate, and the concentration grows dimmer and thinner as it moves out radially. The spiral is being painted by the rotation of the dispenser. I think you have overlooked the radial velocity of the white (sunlit!) material.

  16. Well, Jimmy boy!

    It looks as if some of the
    fellas got in a lick or two
    ahead of me.

    Must be Irishmen!


    Mighty consistent that spinnin' bit o' junk you
    say was a rocket. Perfect circles it forms, now,
    does it?

    With mathematical precision, no less.

    And a blatherskite like yourself would explain this
    how? Luck of the Irish?

    I thought ye said it was Russian.

    Maybe it was the Faerie Queen.


    And the flight path was what? Perpendicular to
    the spiral?

    Aye, turns on a dime it does. Right fancy those
    new Russian playtoys. Learned a lot since the
    wall came down, haven't they.


    And so, it just put on the old brakes, and the lift
    vector was what, now? While the rest of it
    went on its way, on course and on schedule?


    And I see yer havin' a bit o' trouble deciding
    which particular part o' the thing went blewy.

    Make up your mind, will you!


    Salutations to m'fellow Irishmen, Spiritsplice and

    Give 'em hell, lads!

    Yer good at it!


  17. Sword says:

    I stated that the whole big issue with 2012 was the return of the star of craossing and all teh "fortold" things to come listed in the bible - most notable of course where the bible entries in Matthew.
    I'm fairly certain that over the course of the three "CHRIST-MASS" bloggs I get into the meat of the issue.
    I also stated years ago that we should be able to "see" this return. Still no evaluation of that ifrared item linked from google sky that for some reason was "blacked" out...
    ...come to think of it - Bara and company have revisted this "Star of Crossing" recently - still pushing the "brown dwarf" angle...
    tsk-tsk... ...they know better

    What say you?

  18. Let's stick to this thread,
    now shall we lads?

    Well, Jimmy boy, are ye game to stand up and
    answer Finnegan?

    Or am I too much for you?


    There's this spinnin' junkpile up in the sky
    over Norway, hoverin' pretty as ye please, held
    up by what? Antigravity?

    Aye, I've heard the Russians were workin' on it,
    but I'd call that a bit of an odd way to give us
    all a demonstration!


    So, maybe it was held up by faeries. And where
    did it fall when they let it go?

    Did they toss it off to the sea to join the rest
    of it? Or did it fall straight down like a Blarney
    Stone From The Sky to kiss the sands of Norway?

    No? And why not? Tell us, JimO, if ye know so
    much about it!


    And did ye decide which stage it was, either the
    second or the third, was it now?

    Let's say it's the second. How'd the third stage
    know when to clear off, and go on it's way to
    the sea? Could it have? Or did it?

    So why's the spiral so nice and neat?

    Ought to be cockeyed, like your explanation of
    the spiral!


    And if the third stage is hangin' on to the second,
    what landed in the sea? The FOURTH stage?

    How many in God's name are there?

    Five? Ten? Twenty?

    I've heard the Russians build 'em big, but this is
    gettin' ridiculous now. Kind of like the British
    Army comin' back to Belfast for another go.


    And while we're at it, what happened to that
    oversized housecat?

    Where'd HE go?

    You'd think he'd be in the fray someplace, but
    no, he leaves it to Finnegan to do his fightin'
    for him!

    Well, I'll toast the real Irishmen here, Spiritsplice
    and Adrian!

    Here's to ye, lads!


  19. Aye, ye flea-bitten furbag.

    Where have you been?

    Did you expect ol' Finnegan to make mincemeat
    of JimO, and then bring you the kibbles?

    Now isn't that just like a housecat to sit on his
    big furry tail and watch while somebody else
    takes down the prey.

    Hungry now?

    Here, kitty-kitty!


  20. (*sigh*)

    It's a cat's life....

    Actually, Finnegan, I thought your take on the
    spinning stage just hovering in the sky with
    no obvious means of support was pretty good.
    I should have thought of that myself.

    I guess it takes an Irishman, huh?



    Hathor -- secretly admiring this newcomer...


  21. Come to think of it...

    If the spinning section is a

    The payload never would have reached the sea. Either---

    (1) the payload was still attached to the booster,
    in which case the spiral should indeed be in
    some sense asymmetric, or

    (2) even a detached upper stage did not receive
    its needed boost, as the fuel required was
    being sprayed all over the sky to create the

    In either case, JimO's "explanation" makes no
    engineering sense whatsoever.


    Hathor -- seeing the light....


    P.S.: Unless I'm missing something here, the
    spiral was OVER LAND.

    So where's the wreckage?

    There has to be SOMETHING....


  22. (continued)

    The spiral is a magnificent phenomenon for which jump-to explanations -- and the requisite evidence-shaping and selecting that ANY too-premature conclusion forces on a researcher -- need to be avoided. I note that the spin rate of the ejector object, as close as I could measure it, appears to be constant [please make independent verifications of this], and the motion of any released quantum of spiral-marker also appears to be purely radial outwards from the dispenser, at an angular rate that seemed constant within measurement uncertainty.

    That angular rate should be expected to vary, assuming the absolute dispersal velocity remained constant. For any significant change in absolute range over the period of spiral formation, that might be expected to create a change in angular velocity, which if measurable would provide an indication of actual range and sense of motion. But my own attempted measurements were not fine enough to differentiate different potential geometrical/motion models. I invite serious investigators to try harder and report back.

    The material comprising the spiral trail came from two separate points on the dispersal object, hence the double trail. And both dispersals are observed to terminate simultaneously and instantly. They do not tail off, or sputter, which I interpret as an indication that the dispersal, and its termination, was deliberately engineered for reasons not yet clear.

    Considering the very high departure velocity of the ICBM at this stage and its still being on an ascent path, the spiral seeming to hang 'motionless' in the sky is an entirely reasonable consequence of its actual ballistic motion and the geometry of the observer's location.

  23. Maybe I was wrong when I said you weren't stupid.

  24. Simple physics shows that buildings don't come down at freefall speed unless they have been imploded.

    If the story was what we are told it is, why all the lies and inconsistencies? It reaks of coverup.

    Are we to believe its just coincidence that the invasion of afganistan was already planned out the summer before 9/11 without there being any pretense for doing so before the so called attacks.

    I'm beginning to suspect the worst of you Mike.

  25. Oh yeah, 'cause you can see inside the structure of that building so well from that photograph, right?

    This is a prime example of the failure of our current education system. Allow me to fill in the gap.

    Airplanes and some race cars (F-1, Indycars) use what is called a "monocoque" design. Simply put, what this means is that the skin itself (i.e. the pressurized fuselage of a jetliner, for example) is a stressed member of overall structure. The Twin Towers were essentially such a design, with the external lattice work supporting a considerable amount of the weight of the overall building. That's how they were able to build them so high, for one thing.

    Now, once that monocoque is pierced, i.e. the airplane skin ruptures or the coke can is punctured, the overall stiffness of the remaining structure is dramatically weakened.

    So here you have 2 massive top heavy buildings which have just lost maybe 25% of their exterior support structure (and actually more. The planes were flown in at an angle, so the wings cut through more floors, thereby weakening even more of the exterior lattice work on more floors. They also exited out the other side [see your linked photo], which created a huge gash almost halfway through the structure. The guys that flew these planes knew what they were doing). Add to that a fire which is bound to weaken the internal supports, and thousands of tons of steel and concrete above it are going to come down. It's just a matter of time.

    So that's how the Towers fell.


    Prove me wrong. But please, at least cite something other than your knowledge of the Laws of Physics.

  26. Period, eh, expat?

    I can see in the top of the towers JUST FINE.


    4 steel columns, reapeating steel (incredibly strong) lattice like structure, floors and walls hung on & around... yeah I get it.

    What... did you think I posted that on my website without having done any other research or THINKING about it?

    I posted that with the hope of getting the real 'morons' thinking critically about the facts. In my darkest dreams I never thought you would be one of them.

    Lol... and as far as evidence that the towers fell at the rate of gravity... MARY & JOSEPH, watch any video of the collapse and COUNT for yourSELF.

    So... Mike... If I can't cite basic geometry & physics, what can I cite? Should I just proclaim "beause I'm an authority figure and I say so" and then add, "period" for extra effect?

    Isn't that the same kind of thinking & attitude that has relegated Cydonia to the status it is now? The same kind of thinking that allowed Oswald to be the patsy for all these years? The same kind of thinking that has suckered people into believing and inventing 'special conditions' that can make an out of control missle produce a PERFECT spiral in the skies over Norway in close proximity to a HAARP installation?

    You are turning into a HUGE disappointment, Mike.


    That's where the "period" belongs.


  27. And the missing New York seismic records? And all the missing building and street videocam tapes?? And the heavily guarded disappearance and secret burial of the Tower's debris??? The refusal of the House committee to hear credible demolition expert testimony????...And who gave these expert jet certified clowns flying lessons?

  28. Oswald SHOT JFK. It was Tippett on the grassy knoll that killed him.

    I thought you read Dark Mission?

  29. Oswald was in the line
    of fire.

    Any closer to the limo
    and he would have been
    hit himself.

    I've seen the photo. Bob Katz, formerly of the
    Assassination Information Bureau of Boston, MA,
    showed it at an assembly I attended back in 1973.

    You will NEVER convince ME that Oswald did ANY
    shooting that day.

    Look at the Zapruder film: Jackie turns sharply
    to her right as if startled, just before she
    disappears behind the sign.


    trying to warn him at the last second.

    Oswald was Kennedy's man.

    Convince me otherwise. Go on, try.

    You'll never do it.

    I've seen too much.


    Hathor -- perusing "The Book Of Secrets"...


  30. Okay, Mike---

    How do you explain the
    late Roscoe White making
    open confession that HE fired the fatal shot from
    behind the picket fence?

    And then while you're at it, not OVER it, but
    THROUGH it, where some of the boards had been removed.

    I went there several times over the years, and
    the removed boards lay undisturbed all that time.

    They've since been replaced.

    And the view angle was perfect, mind you.

    So---who in the group has actually BEEN there
    and checked out the situation?

    And you've got the wrong angle for the kill shot,
    Mike. It came from somewhere IN FRONT of JFK,
    NOT from the "grassy knoll" where you say it
    was Tippett.

    Check out the autopsy info as to the entrance
    and exit wounds. The grassy knoll as the source
    of the kill shot just doesn't work.

    The Mob guys involved have all been identified
    over the last several years.

    And they're all dead.

    Murdered, every one of them.


    Hathor -- watching from the shadows...


  31. About 911...much as I
    would have prefered to
    bat around the spiral
    some more---

    ---being a cat, naturally---

    Would this be a good time to mention the
    Dancing Israelis?

    Or am I the only one who knows anything about


    Hathor -- chasing threads...



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