Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mike Bara to Speak at the Bay Area UFO Expo Sunday

I will be speaking at the 2009 Bay Area UFO Expo this Sunday.

Details here



    Except 4 the schedule.

  2. I went to a Buzz Aldrin book signing at a bookstore in Manhattan today, and, in a room packed with mostly parents and their kids, he mentioned the Phobos moon monolith again. He said, in short, that we should go to Phobos and utilize it as a landing area, and that there is something very interesting there ("Have you seen '2001', kids? There's a monolith like that there"). He made a quick clarification though: "Now, the UFO freaks and alien cospiracy folks, they're gonna think I'm talking about an alien artifact - no, its a rock."

  3. Hey Jim,

    Why are you so eager to call Mike a liar? Do you really think Mike would make a post saying that he was going to speak at an event that he wasn't invited to?

  4. "Why are you so eager to call Mike a liar?"

    Why are you so eager for a request for clarification to be smeared as an accusation of lying?

    I don't run into much lying even in this debate. Mostly the misstatements stem from over enthusiastic, sincere make-believe. Sometimes it's only traditional credentials-enhancement for ego inflation... examples easily come to mind.

    Mke, I can't wait until Christmas, I've ordered a book and paid full price, a courtesy due from from one author to another.

  5. Hey Mike,
    Just got the new copy of the book today, looks great. The b&w pics look better, they seem clearer than the original. Can't wait to tear into it!

  6. Cool! I guess it's officially "out." Now, to runaround to every bookstore in town and put on the table next to "The Lost Symbol."

  7. Re the enlarged and revised edition: Sales Rank: #7,367 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)
    Popular in these categories: (What's this?)

    #2 in Books > Science > Astronomy > Aeronautics & Astronautics
    #3 in Books > Science > Astronomy > Astrophysics & Space Science
    #3 in Books > Professional & Technical > Professional Science > Astronomy > Astrophysics & Space Science


  8. Hey Mike, what do you guys think about Andrew D. Basiago recently coming out and talking about Project Pegasus, teleportation - even teleporting to Mars, and the fact that we have bases on Mars?

  9. You know, they're just stories. Show me one piece of evidence. That's what I want.

  10. Yeah, as if "the UFO freaks and alien conspiracy folks" could think anything else after that initial statement.

    I get the feeling he thought better of his statement on C-SPAN, and is a little worried about "them" giving him a hard time, so put in the disclaimer to satisfy them.

  11. Well, you know, Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper have both said flat-out that there are some very interesting craft out there that are without doubt not ours, and no one has gone after them with a scalar ice-pick or anything.

    Then there are people like Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin-- he testified on the (legal deposition) record for the Disclosure Project, and nobody has said word one to him, either.

    Now, I am not saying that people do not get 'leaned on' and/or silenced (though it seems to happen mostly with regard to the exposure of exotic technology, as in the case of Eugene Mallove), but when I see Edgar Mitchell, Gordon Cooper and 500 military/government Disclosure witnesses all speaking up on the record, Buzz begins to look either a) rather craven or b) assigned to damage control. With all the contradictory, waffling flummery he's been spouting lately, I think it's option (b).

    I also think his handlers are (very cynically) going for the 'well, he's kinda old and kinda gaga, and the field is full of nuts and weirdos anyway, so there's no need to pay any attention, folks' line, and I'll say it again--

    It is shameful, shameful, shameful!



  12. As one of the "UFO freaks
    and alien conspiracy folks"
    in question, being as I have
    stood toe to toe with a Blue

    I personally think the man should be chained
    hand and foot to the aforementioned Phobos
    monolith, and pummelled senseless by George
    Foreman while cooking delicious hamburgers on
    one of those new grills available from Wal Mart.

    If that remark seems a bit strange, just

    (1) It has the ring of poetic justice to it, and

    (2) It's just about lunchtime here, and I'm


    Hathor -- Ready to bonk this cat...


  13. Marsandro--

    Your blue zeta intrigues me because when I 'do the shaman-thing', one of my friends/guides is a blue man who looks like a zeta, though he is taller than the 3-foot high grays.

    I also had a close-up Black Triangle sighting which happened as the result of me sending a mental message that I 'wanted to clearly see one of their ships'. It was both very neat and very weird, as the thing came in low and soundless over the residential area where I live, and in the time that it took for me to go from my back yard, through the house and out to the front in an attempt to keep it in sight, it vanished completely. These things, coupled with the sightings of anomalously moving lights I've had over the years (while outside doing back yard astronomy) have shown me clearly that 'visitation' is an on-going phenomenon.

    Given the fact that some very level-headed folks are seeing some very interesting stuff (Dr. Lynn Kitei of Phoenix Lights fame, and the military/government Disclosure witness for starters), Buzz Aldrin's assertion that the Phobos monolith is 'just a rock' is a non-starter, especially when one looks at actual photos of the thing. The highly symmetrical nature of the triangular shape of the object and its location (in an otherwise smooth and relatively featureless place) argue very strongly for artificiality. There is *no way* that it is simply a 'natural, random outcropping of rock'.

    The dual claims in all the Buzz-speak concerning the monolith (i.e., 'let's go to Phobos to look at this really cool thing that's just like the 2001 monolith/but it's just a rock, folks'...) are an example of cognitive dissonance at its finest. It looks to me like Buzz has been sent out to muddy the waters now that other astronauts have spoken up on the record about ongoing UFO sightings that occurred during *all* US space missions.

    The bottom line is, I've got no more patience for all the foot-dragging and flummery, which is why I buy copies of books like Dark Mission to gift local libraries with. Surveys prove that most people understand that UFOs are a real phenomenon, and are extraterrestrial as well, and so I donate books that counter the 'it's all drunken elk hunters looking at Venus' crap.

    So I say shame on Buzz for not standing up with his fellow astronauts who have come clean and are completely unambiguous on the issue of UFOs! Shame on him!



  14. Hey everyone, they just confirmed that water is on the Moon! Not only that but it's pretty much all over the place and not just at the poles!!!

    Maybe there are even microbial aliens on Luna as we speak!

  15. Marsandro--

    OMG! The person I see sometimes when I am in trance has those same type eyes! It was interesting to me when I started seeing him (about 10 years back) because the basic stereotype is 'grey with black eyes' and this person was blue with sort of golden brown eyes, in which one could pick out an iris, pupil, etc. I am 5'8", and my impression is always that I have to look up slightly to meet his eyes.

    His dress is different from the suits that your guys wore-- he wears something that looks like a long, slightly flared skirt that goes from hips to ankles and leaves his upper torso bare. He also has some darker blue mottling/spotting on his shoulders and down the outside of his arms that reminds me of the markings that one sees on some fish, like trout. While the fabric of his garment appears soft, it has an iridescent quality to it-- sort of like that satin-type fabric we make that looks to be all one color but with highlights of a different color because of the warp and weft threads being different colors.

    He's always very happy to see me-- he smiles a lot and stands closer to me than the usual 3-foot human-comfort-zone. A couple of times, he has put a hand on my shoulder, and I get the impression that he has a thumb and 3 fingers, and that the fingers are somewhat longer in proportion to the hand than human fingers are.

    At one point, I asked him his name (standard shamanic procedure when talking with energy-beings), and he told me that since we were friends, he'd like me to name him as he always wanted a human name, and that I was 'very good at naming with respect for the soul'. I told him I would call him 'River', for his blue color and because we both understand that all water in the Cosmos is one big living, Sentient Being.

    I asked for a name in his language, and he named me something that sounds like 'ah-ka-REE'. It is apparently an onomatopoeic rendition of the call of a birdlike creature that looks a lot like a terrestrial owl, but with bright blue eyes and iridescent black feathers. In the culture that the name comes from, the Acarii is that culture's version of a universal 'Cosmic Bird', similar to the Native American Thunderbird or the Egyptian/Greek Phoenix in our culture, but it's more a symbol of celestial voyaging. He said he gave me the name so that I wouldn't forget that I am a Skyperson, too, which brought tears to my eyes and still does when I think about it to the point that I 're-grok' the experience.

    Anyway, he's very kind and patient with me, and I get the feeling that his people may be part of the genetic tweaking of our species. He seems intensely pleased that I can 'do the shaman-thing' and talk to/make mental contact with him. It isn't like they've bred us like we breed animals, though. It is rather like they are trying to give us a leg-up so that we can do the things that they do, consciousness-wise. I think the 'shaman-thing' is what they are looking for in humans as evidence of their success, and they are really happy when they find people 'trying out' different layers of their consciousness.

    In short, I bet we've been talking to the same people, Marsandro. Your chats have been on the physical and mine have been in the consciousness-field, but I see your experience as a powerful validation of my own. Thank you!

    Also, I am not at all surprised by the 'Evil Color/nausea' thing (I've been reading some stuff online about it, too), as one of the things I understand from my own shaman-experiences is that light and color are powerful healing modalities. A lot of the stuff that I get 'assigned' when I meditate/trance is helping my own and others' health by manipulating colors and energy in/around the body. It's sort of 'if you want this kind of healing effect, you have to change the yellowish light you see to pink/green/whatever' idea.



  16. Okay, MeanGreen---

    As of now,

    The Cat will have a leading role
    in my next Big Movie! :-))


    Hathor -- Rolling with the punches;
    or, perhaps, rolling in the punch...


  17. Hi T'Zairis,

    The eyes of those I have seen
    were bright gold, and could
    flash reflected light just like
    the eyes of a cat.

    Moreover, the eyes seem to be set somewhat
    "forward" of the eye-socket, almost like some
    varieties of lizard, although these Zetas are
    hardly lizardlike.

    Nonetheless, they have a bronze-ish colored
    skin, almost like the color of a statue once
    it has been finished for display. I saw no
    mottling such as you describe, although the
    shoulders and torsos were covered.

    Perhaps "your Zeta" is home in the den, so to
    speak, and that is their version of what we
    would call "casual attire."

    I agree with the hand structure, although I
    did not pay that close attention to it. Even so,
    I noted that it differed from ours.

    I kept thinking three opposed fingers, but then
    I thought, no, different from that.

    I believe your description is right.

    I wonder how they would feel about loaning me
    some technology?


    Hathor -- Comparing notes....


    P.S.: Come to think of it---

    I have this recollection of being inside the
    scout ship briefly, and talking to this one smiling,
    bright-eyed Zeta who seemed to be a female,
    and who I would describe as being somewhat
    taken with me (as a specimen, that is).

    She seemed to find me impressive.

    They were honoring my request to see the
    inside of their ship. They even demonstrated
    some of its ability to morph (a clear indication
    of the use of nanotechnology).

    SHE exhibited some of the mottling you mention,
    albeit on the top of her head, and although
    lighting may have played a role, I seem to recall
    a sort of yellowish coloration amid the mottling.
    (She was seated, and I was standing.)

    The ship's lighting---which seemed to come from
    everywhere---was bright white with a faintly
    yellowish tinge.


  18. Marsandro--

    Yeah, I see the eyes as large and slightly 'pushed out'. The guy I see is a somewhat grayed blue. He's got mottling on his head, too. The spots and flecks are subtle, though-- not too much darker than the overall skin tone.

    River seems very good-natured; he is always smiling and projects an air of contented happiness. When he appears in my inner eye, I usually don't see him in any other location. It's more like he's standing next to me but he's in some alternate dimension standing next to me while I'm in this one.

    I did see him one time in interesting surroundings when I was taken to visit a place I call the Water Temple. It was sort of like he was sponsoring me so that I could visit it. I'd go into more detail, but I've gotta go to work in a bit.

    Not surprised about the female Skyperson being very happy with you. My own experience is that they are especially delighted when we ask for experiences that bring us closer to them as friends.




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