Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is This Nibiru?

Most of us know about Zecharia Sitchin and his theories about "Nibiru," the massive planet-killing body that he says wanders through the solar system every 3,600 years. Sitchin derived this idea from his interpretations of ancient Sumerian cylinder seals and other cuneiform texts.

More recently, a British researcher named Andy Lloyd has posited the theory that Nibiru is not a planet but a star -- a Brown Dwarf star to be exact. In Lloyd's model, the Annunaki, the inhabitants of Nibiru, actually live on a moon that orbits this brown dwarf. He has posted his "Dark Star Theory" on the web and piled up quite a bit of interesting reading on his site.

I've always been interested in Sitchin's work because I think it is at least partially correct, and much of what he claims is in line with my own work with Richard Hoagland. Part of that was covered in Dark Mission, specifically where I mentioned my interactions with Dr. Gary Neugebauer around an object IRAS spotted in 1982 that was the subject of a Washington Post front page story. Since then, I've been trying to track down more information on the object with little success. There have even been purported images of Nibiru posted on the Internet from time to time. But just today Andy posted an article to his web site that contains an IRAS image of an object in Orion that he thinks may be the brown dwarf he has theorized. He got it from an astronomer friend, and I find his story credible simply because of the weird way that Neugebauer acted when I inquired about the 1982 article. Take a look and see what you think.

Andy Lloyd's Dark Star Theory Website
Zecharia Sitchin's Web Site
The Original Washington Post Story (CalTech)

Dr. Phil and Planet X


  1. Nibiru real? AND it has a Moon?

    I've never heard of Lloyd, but I have posited on my own not only the exisitence of a dark star in our solar system, but that it has a companion as well.

    Simply by studying Cydonia. =)


  2. Gilbert Erikson was the guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on 06-29-09. He posits that Wormwood/Niburu/Planet X is a brown dwarf approcahing our sun and already within the orbit of Neptune. Its orbit to the sun is oblique to the plane of the planets and is approaching from the south and visible now with infra-red from the southern hemisphere.


    The show desription says it is at/near Right Ascension 18 hrs. I seem to remember hearing the show and that it was near the arrow in the constellation Sagitarius.

    (Of course I would personally take Erikson with a grain of salt, as he is all about trying to merge science with the Book of Revelations, and the "second Coming of Jesus" and sh!t.) :)

    Just putting it out there as another theory.

    There is an anomaly in (or near) the constellation Orion that appears on Google Sky, not in the visible, but in the infrared. It actually appears in two places, but it's supposedly because of a parallax problem with two different pictures having been taken from different spots in the earth's annual orbit.


  3. Is anyone familiar with, or has anyone heard of the object that passed between the sun and mercury a few years back, that was twice the size of jupiter?

  4. What about the 500-mile wide UFO that Chinese astronomers and people spotted near the sun in the recent solar eclipse? I never did find an explanation in the news why the Chinese think it's an UFO. Could it be Nibiru?

  5. Nibiru likely is a bit larger
    than 500 miles wide.

    That wouldn't even make much of an asteroid...

    ...leave alone a brown dwarf star....


    Hathor -- With the measuring tape


  6. So according to Sitchin's theory, what was the ultimate fate of the Annunaki/Nephilim anyway?

    Are they purported to be with us today?


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