Wednesday, July 29, 2009

LRO Images the Apollo Landing Sites

For all you "we never went to the Moon" guys...


  1. These images show awesome resolution. All we need now is for you to provide the lat/longs of claimed anomalous structures and we'll see if LRO images those areas -- and what it shows. Also -- SMART, Change-eh, the Indian probe, the Japanese probe -- all those lunar observers of recent years whose pictures somehow never seem to show what the long-ago NASA shots are said to show. Whyever not?

    Where should it observe?

    Don't just say, 'over there by Proclus', or 'on the limb east of Crisium' -- give real lunar lat/longs.

    Or tell us why you won't.

  2. Jim,

    If you are too lazy to look up the lat. and long. of the Apollo 12, 14and 17 landing sites, don't blame me.

    Too bad they didn't put a color camera on LRO. That would sure make it more interesting, for obvious reasons.

    And try this one: 6 degrees N, 28 degrees W, between Hortensius and Hortensius C. But I want to see it the same day it is taken, without any 6 month "processing" period.


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