Thursday, July 30, 2009

Buzz Aldrin Says There's a "Monolith" on Phobos

You mean, like "2001" Buzz?


  1. Exsqueeze me?

    What did he just say? Seemed a bit surreal....the guy seemed quite excited about visiting "god's" marker on Phobos. What has he seen and heard that the rest of us haven't. Other than the obvious moon day trip 40 years ago.

  2. Even if his usage of "monolith" may raise questions (though it is apparently referred to as such elsewhere on the web), I think Buzz raises red flags when he glares at us and says it is "a very unusual structure" and that "when people find out about THAT they're gonna say 'who put that there?! who put that there?!'"

  3. .. or it could just be a jagged rock casting a long shadow near sunrise (sunset?). I guess Buzz figures that any interest is good interest,and any support is good support.

  4. In agreement with 'MT giggle-fest'; was just trying to find the photo of the shadows, etc., fast. It used to be displayed more places, but has gone bye-bye with the passage of time.

    I also went to Amazon after I watched the video of the Buzz, and I perused description info and customer reviews of his new bio, called 'Magnificent Desolation'. The video left me with the impression that he's still part of the Cover-up Brigade, and I wanted to see if he was more forthcoming in his book than he was in the video clip.

    While I didn't find anything to disabuse me of the notion that he is not really talking about Mars anomalies, he does apparently devote a lot of space in his book to his current squeeze, a woman by the name of Lois. She is apparently rather wealthy, as her family has all sorts of *banking connections*, which raises red flags for me when one is talking about 'governments within governments', secret connections, and things like escaping Nazis after WW2.

    The customer reviews of the book are mixed; it's mostly about Buzz's recovery from depression and alcoholism and his hook-up with the woman of his dreams-- there's not much about the space-end of things, and the book is only 366 pages. I'll have to see if the library system has ordered a copy of his bio as I am very interested in Lois's pedigree...



  5. Oh, that's just a catbox marker.

    Trust me.

    I'm a cat.


    Hathor -- Poking fun at the situation


    P.S.: You don't think I'm *LION* about it,
    now do you?!


  6. Buzz's brain is scrambled. I don't think he knows what he remembers. I wanted to talk to him at his book signing here in LA, but I had another committment I just couldn't get out of.

    I just don't think Buzz is a bad guy.

  7. Hmmm...I really don't know what to say about that...maybe the "medicine" that NASA poison the astronauts brain become to run off.
    Do u guys remember the conference when Armstrong, Buzz and Collins have big issues reminding if they actually saw stars on the Moon?
    On that table they look so guilty to they know something...and in the same time like there is a gap on their mind...

  8. Interesting observations, Sphinx.

    Like the Minbari Star Rider Clan
    would say,

    "There is a hole in your mind."

    Who ever thought TV could be so...



    Hathor -- On the SciFi Channel


    P.S.: I wonder if the Government used a
    "paddle-like device" on them?

    Or better yet---just exactly where they got it
    if they did???? !-

    Another little piece of "captured Alien



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