Wednesday, April 23, 2008

William Shatner Hints He's Been Told Something About Mars

During a recent free wheeling interview with, actor William Shatner (Captain James T. Kirk of the original Star Trek series) hinted that he's been told "something" about Mars. Responding to a question about whether he believes that there is life on other planets, Shatner said:

"I will let you in on a little secret, that I have been told not to reveal. So I wont reveal who told me, but there is going to be new information about Mars. It wont be too long away."

Presumably, Shatner was told by someone inside NASA. As to exactly what he was told, it also presumably has something to do with life on the Red Planet, since that is the context of the question he was responding to.

Perhaps Dr. Gil Levin will get long overdue credit for the positive results of 1976 Labeled Release Experiment.

A link to the interview is here.


  1. Hey Mike!

    You know that someone like Shatner can't have done what he's done for a living and not made 'connections'.

    Also, since organics have been found all over the place, the next step would seem to be microscopic life.

    I'm not sure how it would be considered big news if the Phoenix lander found only organics on Mars when it's practically old news, already.

  2. Yes, microorganisms are the first baby step, even if it comes 32 years too late.

    And yeah, guys like Shatner talk with NASA guys all the time at various dinners and such.

  3. Well! So they're finally going to have to
    admit to the presence of the little fuzzies?

    I better get incorporated so I can get my
    Green Pets From Mars franchises up and


    P.S.: Somebody notify Keith Laney!!!


  4. I still say that ANY DNA from ANYTHING (Alive or dead/mummified) on Mars will be a Grails worth of knowledge.

    Consider the far reaching implications of tracking even micro-organisms?

    Are not things like the Flu - or the common cold - pantheons - and therefore adapted to there hosts? If there was a face on Mars - and we are descendants there of - I don't want to catch the "Martian Flu" - or - Martian Ebola - or - I could go on for days...

    Anyone else catch my drift?

  5. T'Zairis,
    In your studies about Sekhmet, have you seen any indication that she is associated with the constellation Virgo, the constellation Leo, Both Virgo and Leo, or None of the Above?

    As above so below. make it so. Aho. :)


  6. Wait a minute!!!!!

    I thought Hathor was a stunning redhead and
    queen of the Go'a'uld!

    Oh---sorry---too much TV. ;-))

    Aw, shucks---and I was wanting to take her to
    the Lost In The Fifties dance, and teach her
    and her Jaf'fa the Stroll!

    Welllll---I thought she'd look *cute* in tight
    jeans and saddle shoes!


    P.S.: Hey! Shatner's a Hollywood guy!

  7. Adrian, the association of Sekhmet with Hathor came much later in the course of Egyptian civilization than the origin of either Goddess. Ditto Sekhmet as the 'Eye of Ra', helpmeet of Ptah, etc.

    If one looks at early scraps of myth surrounding both Goddesses, their eyes are described as the sun-disc (right eye) and the moon-disc (left eye). This is because Hathor is your basic Sky-Goddess, while Sekhmet is the Force which powers all creation, including our sun and light-reflecting moon, through which Her power 'looks' at the earth (i.e. influences the energy-system).

    If one digs deeply into the mythology of Hathor, one also finds out that Her son was not originally called 'Ra'. His name was Ihy (meaning 'jubilation' or 'joyousness'), and while He was at times associated with the falcon who flew through the wide spaces of his Mother's big turquoise house, mostly He was a sprightly boy with a child's side-lock of hair and the soul of youth, whose energy was supposed to rejuvenate the Pharaoh during the Heb-Sed festival (which makes me personally wonder about the possibility of ancient Priore-type healing devices, like the sort of thing that Tom Bearden discusses on his website).

    What must be remembered about Egypt is that its civilization existed long enough for it to garble its own very early history. Ra, the warrior with the Sekhmet-Eye and the ruler of the House of Turquoise is an upstart part of that forgetting.


  8. ""Adrian, the association of Sekhmet with Hathor came much later in the course of Egyptian civilization than the origin of either Goddess. Ditto Sekhmet as the 'Eye of Ra', helpmeet of Ptah, etc.""


    ""This is because Hathor is your basic Sky-Goddess, while Sekhmet is the Force which powers all creation, including our sun and light-reflecting moon, through which Her power 'looks' at the earth (i.e. influences the energy-system)""

    t'zairis....Really?!? I don't think so..but first..I did not mention that Ra was Hathor's I can't really fathom the reason why you suggest I did..

    and second :-) are you worshipping Sekhmet or something???? When you mention "....Hathor is your basic sky-goddess..." to top it with glorification of Sekhmet...

    I wonder why???

    I will take the liberty to suggest some "actual" reading of scientifically translated hieroglyphic text's (or, when your able, do it yourself) on the subject because stating, as you do, that "Hathor is your basic sky-goddess" is almost the same as saying Osiris and Isis are your basic mum and dad.

    So please t'zairis I have but a simple request..please give reference to hieroglyphhic text's where we can find all that you mention about Sekhmet for I have a keen interest and open mind on the subject.

  9. >>I was also wundering [sic] about the stars mentioned in the Dark Mission book chapter dealing with the ritual star alignments..<<

    Yes, so was I. I was wondering whether the Hoagland/Bara cosmology allowed itself to be restricted in any way when declaring that star elevations are "ritualistic and deeply significant"?

    At various times Hoagland has invited us to be astonished by the amazingly significant elevations of Sirius, Regulus, Alnilam, Alnitak, Encke... The "significant" elevations are either 0°, 19.5° or 33°.

    What exactly are the rules of this game? Are there any? Or can Hoagland and Bara search their starmap software and find anything they like?

  10. I had a lot of interesting Hathor synchronicities when I first became interested in the cydonia region 10 years ago.

    But when I read "golder than the locks of the most beautiful women of your Earth," the red flags go up.

    Why do so many 20th century channelled beings
    and aliens use that goofy "of your ____" locution? It's as if they all learned the same non-colloquial English quirks from a copy of Channelling to Earthlings for Dummies.

    If we were on Mars talking to Martians, we wouldn't say "the mountains of your Mars." Or if we were in Europe, we wouldn't refer to a distance being "two of your kilometers" now, would we?

  11. Hah that made me laugh. That page actually was pretty helpful. As far as all the other conversation here I'd take channeled information with a grain of salt. I don't disbelieve it could be possible, its just that theres too much room for fakes.

  12. I don't know that "Fakes" is the issue so much as misinterpretation.

  13. And by the way, lunar impact points of spacecraft in the Ranger series were not under anyone's control. They were actually lucky that a few of them hit the Moon at all.

  14. "I don't know that "Fakes" is the issue so much as misinterpretation."

    Yes, that is a good point. I'm just a skeptic believe it or not. I usually avoid anything where someone says they channeled information. Although Edgar Cayce is interesting.

  15. The problem is twofold-- that particular view is 1) 20th/21st Century New Age, and 2) it is based on modern 'Western astrology' which is seriously messed-up

    I would agree with you, Western Astrology is messed up because people think that the constellations themselves are the drivers, and they ignore the Universal principles that underlie what the constellations represent. Any random stars could be cobbled together to represent those Principles.

    The main thing to keep in mind is 12, 30 degree sections that add up to a 360 degree representation of Unity. Astrology incorporates the 2 fold, the 3 fold and the 4 fold.

  16. It's truly a sad statement on a society when it places a chump like William Shatner on a pedestal.

    Maybe it is time for a reset.

  17. to t'zairis

    It is your prerogative to call me narrow-minded and rude. Statements as such say it all, especially when one uses it to escape the subject adressed.

    I asked you to give me references if any to actual hieroglyphic text's where one can read all the things you "claim" to be real or at least suggest that they are real. Instead you give references to books on how to read and write hieroglyph's like giving someone a "paint by numbers" present so... who is actually rude here? I can read it just fine thank you.

    And furthermore you find it necessary to indulce yourselves in give advise to start with books from Hancock, Bauval and others.

    I am sorry but that is really to much...Bauval of all people..maybe it would be prudent to read his work yourselves..because for all Bauval has done is everything but doing egyptology a favour.

    it can't be a secret if one knows the work of Robert Temple's "Sirius mystery" where Bauval possibly got his inspiration from. And yes, it is the same Bauval who turned the pyramid of Khufu into a great vagina in order for the dead pharao to ejaculate his soul between and amongst the stars..please :-) Yes..all in all a great help for archeology to state that the whole gigantic and very complex structure was solely build for priest's to mount an artificial penis onto a dead pharaoh in order to perform a ritual wherein this artificial "gismo" is thrusted into one of the shaft's in the king's chamber (obviously not mentioning that these shaft's where originally closed for one reason or another) I hope you will forgive a smile that this can't be taken seriously at all. These kind of theories are merely a continuation of the foolishness we already know from the archeological establishment and not very helpful at all.

    So why not keep the focus on all the mysterious and possibly interesting leads that may produce new idea's on already very clouded and restricted areas of science such as archeology concerning ancient Egypt.

    For instance....that.. according to ancient Egyptians..Ra is or was the Lord of Mars. As some of the other planets where governed by other gods. This fact next to that Hathor was originally the consort of Ra and that there offspring was...Horus

    All this does not reflect in a good or bad way on other goddesses :-) it is merely another angle


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