Sunday, April 6, 2008

I Feel Like Roy Batty

Every time I visit Richard, I feel like the character in the movie Blade Runner, when he looks around JF Sebastian's apartment and says "gee you've got a lot of cool stuff."

Richard has more cool stuff than anybody I know. The picture above is the same plate he so memorably used on CNN in the mid-90's. There is a screen cap of it on the front page of, I think.

We had a late night conference call with Joeseph Farrell last night, and Richard showed me some new images he's been hoarding. All I can say is this next installment of DM is going to be full of "cool stuff."

More pics below.



  1. Well, I sure hope “Longhorn” made the cut. That would blow this whole thing wide open.

  2. I'll check with Richard tomorrow.

  3. I meant to add also that the circle represents the static totality, so you could say that the symbol is something you could describe as the "unmoved mover." in that it represents is a transcendent idea, at least thats one interpretation.

  4. Seriously, have a good time, Richard has always been a real trip to mind meld with. I still remember the 'thing in the ring' with affection.

    While there, did you have time to zip down to Belen and help Ken Johnston search for all those missing flight school graduation documents and pictures you're sure he has, but just can't seem to find? You know, the stuff that can put into perspective to DoD reply that they have no record at all about any 'officer pilot' with any name similar to his in the 1960's?

    Ditto be sure to ask him about his experiences on campus at the Colorado Reform Baptist Theological Seminary in Denver, earning his 'Doctor of Metaphysics' certificate. The guy who founded the company tells me he just mailed out pieces of paper to anybody who sent him a check - he had forgotten just what amount was required for a 'doctor of metaphysics'. Ask Ken.

    And has his alma mater found the precious stash of Apollo images Ken courageously contributed to them decades ago? Last I've been able to determine, they threw them out a few years later. Anything new on Ken's search for them?

    These questions all relate to real issues of fact as claimed in your book and elsewhere, do please address them. Don't make us wait for the next book, please.

  5. So once again, Jim, you choose a personal attack as your first option, since you can't argue the facts.

    That should tell anyone paying attention all they need to know about you and the creeps who inhabit the halls of CSICOP, or whatever you're calling it now.

    Too bad you chose the low road -- you might have been a worthy adversary.

  6. Naw...JimmyO never will be a worthy of dealing with. One on One on C2C, Larry King, even Hardball and Richard would have him running off the stage...easily.



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