Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Article Posted Under "Deleted Sections" Area

I've just posted a new article dealing with Mars Express images under the "Deleted Sections" area of Dark The link is here:

I hope you enjoy it.


  1. AWESOME put together of the data and explanations and true ANOMALASTIC science blowing the NASA/JPL/et al...crowd's erosion theories so out of orbit that I belive that if enough people FINALLY open their ask and ask NASA et al some HONEST and BRUTAL TRUTH questions about WHY they have been giving the Ares Face a political hack job since since Tobias Owen first looked and said WOW and handed the Viking HEAD off the Gerry Soffen and it went all south and downhill from there.

    Vince Dipietro and Greg Molenar are the TRUE heroes of rescusing this data from oblivian and putting it back onto the table and into the larger human consciousness and have broken through the NASA hijinks about the feature, the unfortunately continue here more than 3 decades later.

    It is PAST time to for NASA to come clean with the BRUTAL TRUTH of Cydonia. PERIOD.

    If not...the I encourgae Dr. Neukum to break ranks and PUBLISH not only the HONEST images you already have...but come forth in PUBILC in words, voice, and images and state IS a FACE, in Cydonia and on Mars.


  2. Well, yes. And he has a tendency to think mockery is a cogent argument. But I was hoping for better from you.

  3. well, all that Mike said it's true, but I don't know if it's the xmas spirit that invaded NASA in the last few days, but the last colour images of MRO are amazing ... apart from being upside down ... take a look at

  4. Why is everyone focusing on NASA? NASA is an AGENCY of the STATE! The STATE is in charge of information dissemination. PERIOD! How hard is that to understand?

  5. Will we be forever dependent on outside sources for “real” data on Cydonia, or will NASA and JPL ever give us the clean, straight up ground truth on Cydonia?
    (from the "deleted article")

    I am assuming this question is rhetorical.
    ppffffffffftttt. When pigs fly, guys. It's going to be up to you to keep the debate alive.

  6. Is Plait correct in writing that the "glass" feature superimposed on the photograph of Al Bean is actually a reflection of the Hasselblad iris? It does seem a more probable explanation than the one you offer. Was Bean equipped with some type of glass-cutting tool so he could escape from this structure?

  7. Mike: "...sometimes you have to defend yourself when others are lying about you and your work. Right Jim?"

    Absolutely. You defend yourself with truth and counter-arguments, not nasty accusations and smears.

    You still insisting that I was a colleague of Johnston's at the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston and knew that all his credential-claims were accurate?

    You ever going to provide any evidence for that? Surprise us!


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