Friday, December 21, 2007

First Annual Dark Mission Blog Christmas Presents List

Some of you have been naughty (Jim) some of you have been nice, but you all get Christmas presents from me this year. Here’s the list.

To James Oberg – A life sized poster of the Tin Woodsman from the Wizard of Oz.

Expat – A life sized poster of the Scarecrow.

To Ken Johnston – A copy of The Red Badge of Courage.

To The Hoagy - The Nobel Prize for Physics you so richly deserve.

The Fool – An autographed copy of my “Who Mourns for Apollo” articles.

To Biological Unit – A DVD of Schindler’s List.

To "Dr. Phil" Plait – A full “Plait” of crow for your Christmas dinner, you charlatan.

To my brother – The book contract you so richly deserve. May this year Bring you Starbound Light

To Lee Ford, Mike Kohary, Joe Cipale, my ex-wife, and all the other naysayer’s I’ve endured over the years; a copy of the New York Times Bestseller lists from November 2007 and a copy of Rush Limbaugh’s See, I Told You So

That's it! Enjoy the holidays and see you next year! There are several surprises coming that I'm sure some of you are going to find most unpleasant. Can't wait for 2008!


  1. Mike, Who is Biological Unit? Schindlers list sounds a little grim for a family memeber. Just curious. Every else was HI-larious!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. A DVD of Schindler's List proves that there are DVD's of Schindler's List.

    Remind us who we are dying for, without any form of gratitude, in the Middle East, puhlease !

  3. Have a Happy Holiday to Everyone in the TEM family.

    PLease note that my library copy of Dark Mission arrived today so I was able to freely check it out for reading over the Holidays :D :D :D

    When done I will return it to the library where the librarian actually will likely have second 'dibs' on the copy :D

    In So joyous a mood I almsot hate to bring this up...but it MUST be put out there for folks to respond to about Mr. Oberg's initial email to Ms Ferrari.

    A NEW thread at AboveTopSecret has been started ( and yes I mispelled MEANSTREAM MEDIA )...did anyone MISS the point? I don't think so..and you also DID promise to post the results you got from Mr. Boyle of MSNBC well BEFORE you received it at ATS in another thread...they and we are still waiting.


    Happy Holidays to all friends family and let's hope is something does hit stays well away from Cydonia :D


  4. Hey Big Mike. What about me? I was the first comment you ever had!

  5. What I really wanted, Mike, was a reason to leave you to your own sandpile and the denizens thereof, and as I've several times specified, all it would take would be a statement from you and/or Hoagland that on further consideration you've realized that I was never a colleague of Johnston's at the Manned Spacecraft Center (since I never was even AT the Manned spacecraft Center) in Houston, and hence never 'knew' his credentials were all accurate (somebody made that up -- it's just not true), and hence did not act unethically at the behest of the dark forces when I inquired to NASA if the JPL-posted CV he had given them actually had any documentation to back it up (I don't like attacks on my professional ethics from people who never seem to be able to produce any evidence, just suspicions). You don't even have to wrap it in pretty paper.

  6. Britain set to release secret UFO files

  7. PT - Sorry about that. You did deserve an X-mas present. Next year.

  8. ks15,

    I've done the best I can. Maybe Keith Laney can do better. He's the best image processor I've ever seen.

  9. Jim,

    The list we were on is called the "expanded New York Times Bestseller list," according to my publisher.

  10. Mikw: "The list we were on is called the "expanded New York Times Bestseller list," according to my publisher."

    Well, I'm all for cutting you that slack in any such possibly ambiguous boundary. Getting on ANY such book list is an achievement that makes ALL authors and would-be authors envious.


  11. Jim
    Did you even watch the video?

    Where is your refutation? I'm not married to this evidence. It's not mine. I'm just waiting for you to 'set the record straight'.

  12. Fool,

    I haven't had time to watch the video yet, I'm in the process of moving and I can't watch Youtube from my work computer.

    That said, IF there was a second light source, i.e. a light bulb, then everything in these images would have two shadows -- they do not.

    Further, there is a lot of fill in from from the lunar surface, as we covered in the WMFA series. I will have more to say after I view the video, but I have to say I am already dubious for the reasons I just mentioned.

  13. I'll leave the question of any second light source to Mike, since he raised the possibility that this could be shown to exist, and could be reflection from supposed lunar structures. This seems to have been just a suggestion subject to invite discussion, not a formal claim, and so I consider it a tentative idea until Mike feels better about making it into an argument for prooof.


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