Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Quickie Press Conference Update

I spoke with Richard briefly this evening. He's exhausted, as am I (I'm travelling) and he said that the press conference went really well, with special attention from the Russian News networks. That's about all I know. He promsied to call tomorrow with a blow by blow.

I'll be in Vegas and LA all this week, so updates will be brief and comments may take awhile to moderate. Please be paitient, we'll have more news soon.


UPDATE: Bill O'Reilly's radio show called today and may have Richard on at 1:07 eastern if we can make the connection.

UPDATE UPDATE: According to Richard, the US press was scarce, as the Washington Post sent a reporter but as yet hasn't written a story. As I mentioned, Bill O'Reilly's office called, but Richard has been unable to establish contact.

The foriegn press was a different story. They showed up in droves, especially the Russians, who sent no less than 4 TV networks to cover the story and interviewed Ken and Richard for hours on end. They seem facinated by the Kennedy-Kruschev aspects of "Dark Mission." We'll have more after I get to LA on Friday.



  1. Will we see some photos, documents, etc in free access?

  2. When we are able to see the pictures?
    Какого хера? Где фотки?

  3. Hey I'm very interested in any news related to the press conference.
    When can we get an update?

    Also i tuned into o'reilly but didn't hear anything on ufo's.

  4. OK, it's in Pravda.


    U.S. scientists unveil NASA’s secrets about cities on the Moon and microbes on Mars


  5. Inquiring minds want to know: Is "klaney" for real or is he sock-puppeting for Mr. Bara? He clearly represents the target audience for Mr. Bara's statements -- perhaps too conveniently, eh, Mike?

  6. 13121986I'm as real as a kick in the nuts Jim.

    I've never sockpuppeted for anyone, I've never represented anyone's point of view but my own.
    Who are YOU sockpuppeting for? Whose point of view were you representing while calling around NASA trying to get Ken deprived of quite an honorable honorary title?
    Then tell me, whose face are you trying to save by coming here trying to hang responsibility for the nasty deed you did on political technicalities?

    I am no target audience.
    but I am into targetting audiences-
    and you should really hear what the audience thinks of your actions. Most held a higher view of you previously, but hey, underhanded dirty moves of this type are now recognized as typical from your side of the aisle. That YOU are identified as the perpetrator has not lofted anyone's opinion of you, and now even your supporters realize you must rely on dirty tricks, whether they tell you so or not..

    There's a simple compound word that describes it very well.

    I never figured you for one, but hey again... people change.

  7. Mr. Bara has promised to respond to my complaints on the thread, "I'm Baaaack!", so that's where I'll be continuing the conversation.


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