Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Empire Strikes Back

As we expected, NASA has responded to the success of our book "Dark Mission" by lashing out at us and those close to us. The response came in the form of a direct personal attack by "science reporter" James Oberg of NBC news, who wrote to Kay Ferrari of JPL last week and made a series of spurious accusations against Ken Johnston for his public role in supporting "Dark Mission." Subsequently, Ferrari asked Johnston to resign his position as a JPL "Solar System Ambassador." Johnston refused.

Despite Johnston's adamant refusal to resign, Ferrari subsequently ordered the removal of Ken's profile from the JPL website. Fortunately, we preserved a copy of it here.

Ferrari made it clear that her request was made specifically because Johnston is quoted in "Dark Mission," not because Johnston has different opinions on space issues of the day. In fact, JPL employees are guaranteed a right of free speech in their agreements with the laboratory and members of the SSA program are encouraged to express their own opinions in helping to promote space exploration to the public.

Oberg's involvement is particularly disturbing, since as a "science reporter" covering NASA he is supposed to take an impartial stance regarding any controversial news stories about the agency. Instead, by sending Ferrari the information on Johnston and questioning his credentials (which Oberg, as a former colleague of Johnston's, knew full well were valid), he has taken an advocacy position in favor of the agency.

We certainly hope that NBC News has the journalistic integrity to question why one of their employees is taking a partisan position in a news story he should theoretically be covering. Indeed, NBC should consider recusing Oberg from any involvement in covering our upcoming press briefing in Washington DC.


  1. Congratulations

    Dark Mission is on top on Amazon Science › Astronomy › Astronomy


  2. PT, What "guy" are we yalking about? Ken?

    CC - Duh, it's fixed.

    Robert - LA is going to rock! I'm working it right now!

  3. Mike Bara said...

    Robert - LA is going to rock! I'm working it right now!

    October 26, 2007 5:21 PM



    I'll be with you folks in spirit for sure. I KNOW how much work goes into preps just for one hour classes and presentations and thinking ahead of what MIGHT be asked and going over answers...making sure ALL information is Brutal IS time consuming and even paying careful attention as we can...we are all still only a Human version of Martians :D LOL....

    All the BEST for everyone...hope I have MY issues fixed by then.


  4. Washington, New York and California? pfffttt....What about fly over country? We have space needs also! How about Atlanta? I could make it there!


  5. I'd love to do a book tour after the first of the year. The problem is up front money. Feral House is a small Indie press.

    PT - I've always been impressed with Skipper. We've cited his work a bunch of times.

  6. Are those trees real? He says they're a mile across. I mean I'm sorry to bug you Mike but that video on Youtube is pretty cool. It would nice to get your take on it. Huge lakes, tubes, trippy stuff.

  7. I saw Kecksburg and have never seen an object in the sky like it since.
    Meangreen..How does this tie in with Oberg?

    Comet Holmes is an amazing set of comet coincidences. April 11, 1996 and April 11, 1997 with Hyatake and Hale Bopp crossed each others trajectory at the same spot that Holmes went 1 million times brighter in the constellation of Perseus and precisely in between the eyes of Gorgon which is the head being held up by Perseus' left hand.

  8. How would you respond to the evidence at Eric Hufschmid's website that 9/11, the Holocaust, and the Apollo moon landing are Zionist deceptions?

  9. I would say...

    A) There is no evidence of any of these claims.


    B) It's a bunch of anti-semitic bullshit.

  10. Can we have some information on how the Press Event at the NPC went this morning?

    Was it taped for C-Span coverage later? If so..when?

    We Would als appreciate a new 'blog entry' about it, too.

    Hey I know we're asking "for the moon' here seeing as I KNOW how busy, and also tired and dragged out ALL of you must feel.

    BUT...we're all here hanging by fingernails because we couldn't be there at the NPC and in the Room...would have loved to have been.

    Are there ANY TV 'interviews' scheduled and other news of this scheduled you know about?

    Thirsty for news in a DUNE world. :D


    PS...all computer issues fixed...hope they stay that way.

  11. When was Holocaust discovered?

    After the Nazis surrendered, people began learning about the Holocaust. However, information about the Holocaust came out very slowly. It took many years before people realized what had happened, and the stories changed through time. How are we supposed to understand what's going on when nobody is allowed to investigate?

  12. JimO
    You would probably do better by being still here. You've done your little damage.
    Squawk off and be happy now.
    Before you go however, know that the tactics you employed on Ken are the same as those applied against myself by others likely motivated as you yourself were. That is pulling whatever strings you have to ensure someone with anything alternative or shocking to bring to the table is discredited, run off, made a pariah and a byword, and that any sort of accomplishment they may have achieved at NASA whether contracted or volunteered is erased.
    Pretty despicable.
    Surely cowardly.
    I read your braggings about who you contacted in your postings elsewhere and do not need to read the actual content of any of your mails to whomever to understand what your motive was.

    Let's not get lost in the point here.
    You acted unethically, you're being called out on it.

  13. Jim, you are misunderstanding what I was saying.

    I am asking The Enterprise Mission to substantiate their claims.

    I'm asking them to supply specific quotes of what you said rather than vague insinuations, and asking them to back these up with factual and verifiable information.

  14. Funny guy... Here you are viciously and with **'s replacing the 'double hockeysticks' in your quote of me..
    OK, since I see you're either 'thenthitive' or a monk-
    Let me ask another real quick one.
    Are you even for real?
    because that's pretty..
    how should I say..

    I will however defer to doing the forceful placing of my pedal extremity to your posterius maximus in a more gentle language:

    Fair enough.

    "Seemed a little fishy to me, so I asked what I was overlooking."

    but went about it in a way that made sure he was 'dealt with' we're sure.

    You've now said your say, and though it sounded as if you might be of no mean obfuscational skill.
    Nothing was proven, you have only denied, Bara and co. have only alleged.

    And except for the delusion I am under confusion or that I curse you because I enjoy cursing rather than the actuality that I curse at you because you know you deserve a cursing, you might even be right about being so-called innocent-

    but for some reason I'm sensing filth behind a whited wall.

    You're here where most are highly aware of such 'tactics', right after several have been launched, while attempting yet one more to clear yourself of yet another!

    If you're so innocent, and wish to prove you are in the only actual way to do so conclusively...
    show us your emails to Ferrari and others.

  15. OOOh..
    Did I make Jim mad?
    Poor thing. What a pity.

    There's filth, and then there's FILTH.
    since you replace lls with **s in the word hell yet don't mind getting people canned for being mentioned in a book about a subject you disdain by authors you loathe, I'd think you are either maliciously ignorant of what real filth does- or are rather like I said, a whited wall.
    I could care less about your site Jim. Why don't instead YOU go read it?

    but first
    Once again.

    If you're so innocent, and wish to prove you are in the only actual way to do so conclusively...
    show us your emails to Ferrari and others.

    Non dislosure of evidence is fraudulent exidence.
    You say you shot some emails around in an inquiring manner, let's see them.
    Either lay it all bare, even your personal stuff or no one's going to believe you due to the physical result of your so implied innocent inquiries
    Poor you, I've been in a similar slot before, it's a rut!

    Who just had their flame blown out?

  16. Mr. Bara has promised to respond to my complaints on the thread, "I'm Baaaack!", so that's where I'll be continuing that conversation.

  17. Will you be posting the emails there?

  18. So, it's either get an FOIA or you will NOT be showing us what you said.
    What about the other emails?

    We want to see what YOU said.

    You're obfuscating.

  19. I'd rather see you defenestrated by committee, which is what you're here afraid of after all isn't it?

    You'd like no one to know that you're no better than the most petty pseudoskeptic troll.
    Too late!

    The once great Jim Oberg is now reduced to the same status as those who write reviews for books they've not yet read...
    "Let's see if a few well placed calls and emails won't get him canned"
    Should have thought that one out better first Jim.

    There's no confusion here except on the point you're trying to obfuscate.

    What have ANY emails from or to Ken or Mike and ANYONE have to do with you playing Rasputin?

    We want YOUR emails.


    We want to know exactly what YOU said to anyone involved in this.

  20. Klaney: "We want to know exactly what YOU said to anyone involved in this."

    Unless you demonstrate a modicum of competence and initiative (as in FOIAing JPL), you'd better learn to live with disappointment. I see no point in spending any effort at changing your mind at all.

    Just turn your name-callometer setting up to 'hyperbolic' and get on with your nasty rants. That's where you seem to prefer spending energy, rather than in constructive investigation. Every diatribe confirms the impression of your mental processes.

  21. Nonsense Jim.
    You're scared.
    You stepped over the line but didn't cover your tracks with people that know hoe you tread.

    I called you on it, you diverted to an attack on my character for giving you a well deserved and truly aimed slap across the jowls.

    Typical, too typical, I'd say predictable, common.

    A nasty rant in response to a conniving snake is not a sin.

    Raggedy man.
    Maybe you get 'resigned" sometime too.

  22. and another thing Jim Trollberg...

    The very fact that you would require anyone to FOIA your proof of snakedom is proof of your snakedom.


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