Monday, May 19, 2014

"Uncovering Aliens" Marathon on Animal Planet's "Monster Week" Friday and Saturday

There will be 2 marathon showings of my new reality show "Uncovering Aliens" on the Animal Planet network's Monster Week this Friday night and Saturday morning. The first group of showings of all 4 episodes begins at 4PM Eastern and Pacific with Episode 1, "Black Ops Conspiracy" and runs through 7PM's reshowing of "Alien Invasion." 3 of the episodes then re-run from 3AM to 5AM on Saturday morning.

Even if you've already seen all 4 first-run episodes on other networks, at least DVR record the episodes and then run them when you are not otherwise watching TV. DVR recordings and viewings count in the ratings numbers too so don't forget!

Assuming we get the numbers the network is looking for, we should get final clearance to shoot more episodes quickly thereafter.

The complete schedule for Monster Week is here:

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