Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lightbringer Productions Inc. and Reel Magic Productions Reach Agreement to Produce "Tech Support" for the Big Screen

My new production company, Lightbringer Productions Inc. has reached an agreement with Reel Magic Productions of Las Vegas, Nevada to produce "Tech Support," a full length feature film for the big screen. "Tech Support" is based on my original screenplay and will be filmed in Los Angeles. Alan Pezutto of Reel Magic will Produce.

The script will be locked this week, with press releases and casting notices going into the trades for the week of March 15 - 19. Auditions will be held shortly thereafter with principal photography tentatively scheduled to begin in early April. There will be an official website and formal announcements next week.

"Tech Support" will be distributed worldwide by Asgaard Media.


  1. Hey Mike
    Best of luck with the production. I'll keep my eyes open and see if I can feed you some good peeps! And by the way, your close-ups in THE APOCALYPSE... According to Doris are still in the movie, as I finished the last cut on picture tonight! Now off to sound and get the music finished. See you at the theater!
    Victor Goss

  2. Hey VG thanks! My big debut. Your advice was well heard and needed. Thanks for everything.

    Know any lighting guys with their own equipment?

  3. ...*sigh*...

    I can but watch from afar....


    Hathor -- observing...



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