Monday, November 9, 2009

LRO Reveals the Crystal Towers of the Moon

The original image:


  1. two things.

    Pixel resolution is supposedly .51 meters, i.e roughly two feet per pixel. For such a high res image, it's surprisingly... fuzzy... at full zoom.

    two. I've seen a lot of landslides. none of them looked remotely like this.

    Where are the scattered boulders at the ends of the "debris trails"

    Where are the intermittent "breaks in the line" for spinning rocks that went momentarily airborne while rolling to a stop?

    Where is the talus pile? The collection of debris right at the base of the fall? why so many streamers so far out from the cliff edge? why are they individualized so much? Why do they seem to overlay each other more than simply CROSS each other?

    I can't say that I would definitely call it proof of crystal towers (at least not artificial ones) but it doesn't look like a "landslide" to me.

  2. James...

    The ruins jump off the page even without the processing so long as the image is oriented properly and not upside down:

    They are not landslides because, once again we learn... there is TRUTH in the LIGHT.

    THINK about it. :-)

  3. VI,

    I totally agree. I've never seen anything on the Moon that remotely resembled this, except maybe around the Apollo 17 landing site and I'm stretching that one. If James has other similar expamples that are clearly landslides, I'd like to see them.

  4. I was shown just the image by a friend and asked what I thought I was looking at. My first 3 thoughts - crystals, natural, fractals. I thought it was an image of some sort of crystals under a microscope, horizontal, but with closer inspection I saw dimensions caused by light and shadow. At that point I could see nothing else but a crystal fortress. I was then told it was an image of the moon and shown this page. Simply amazing.

  5. Note another major problem with the "landslide" theory.

    Since when has a landslide produced runnels of nearly equal width?

    Where are the very large runnels and very small ones? why do all of them appear to be of nearly equal width?

    There is some variation, but the thinnest one I've found appears to be approx half the width of the average size. They should be every size if this was a completely natural "rockfall"

    It reminds me more of individual strands of seaweed minus the leaves, long thin streamers of stalk tangled together.

    It is possible it might be water seepage, but again the uniformity is a problem.

    I can't definitively say it is artificial since it lacks the hard geometrical regularity of construction, but considering the wear of micro impacts, it's hard to be certain.

    There is also the fact that this should have been photographed at a 90 degree angle to the surface, so whatever this is is lying along the ground. The photo processed here looks like a 45 degree oblique shot so at least some of the three dimensionality is due to processing.

    What filters were used Mike?

  6. Second note.

    Marius Crater is near where the "cave entrance" was found recently.

    Also I will note that the Nasa image is oriented properly North South. While Google Moon is too blurry to see fine detail I could find and match the extended photo to the general location. This is an artifact on the north wall extending down the wall to the south.

    Another idea occurred to me. This could "possibly" be a sign of an explosive decompression and collapse. I'm downloading the tiff for closer examination in Corel.

  7. Not sure what filters he used, but nothing exotic.

  8. I can't definitively say it is
    artificial since it lacks the
    hard geometrical regularity of
    construction, but considering the
    wear of micro impacts, it's hard
    to be certain.

    Actually, I seem to see a certain abount of what
    I would have to call repeating geometries....

    Look's as if a number of those visual
    objects occur in pairs....


    Hathor -- through the looking glass


  9. at best guess from examination I would say it resembles the kind of effect gotten from paint running down a wall.

    A thick fluid running down cliffs could cause it, but considering the size... I just can't think of any liquids which would hold together in "droplets" this big.

    It is definitely something lying along the ground though, with multiple overlapping layers of detail.

  10. Hmmm...I wonder...

    ...if what we are seeing... intended to be holographic?

    Now *there's* an idea....


    Hathor -- taking the leap...


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  12. I'm fearful!

    I'm ignorant!


    Oh, rubbish. Don't believe a word of that

    I'm obviously a cat in the know.

    To express it this way---with apologies to
    Adam Ant:

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    Yep-yep-yep. Brains in the ol' skull.

    Functioning, too.

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    Hathor -- And now, back to our topic...


    P.S.: Notice how *some* Ants are worth


  13. Here is my question:

    At the bottom of the "towers" it looks like large rocks or boulders are attatched to the sides. If these were towers then how do you explain the rocks on the sides of the towers?

    On the other hand if they are landslides then the boulders are at the tops of the landslide when I would expect them to be at the bottom. So, to me they don't fit with what I imagine landslides to look like, but don't appear to be towers either. Maybe it is the result of some sort of liquid flowing down the rim of the crater.

    What do you think about the boulders at the base of the towers Mike?

  14. Upon further viewing...

    The "boulders" would appear to be craters.

    That's my best guess from the blowups I've been
    doing in MS Paint (best I have to use).


    Hathor -- squinting at pixels...


  15. Hmm. Well, I'd love for you to be right, but you can tell they are rocks because compared to some obvious craters in the area the boulders have their shadows on the opposite side. You can see a lot more detail in the zoomable version on the LRO website (linked in mike's post).

    Sometimes I don't see much in these pictures until after Mike or Hoagland points out certain details or explains why a certain feature looks the way it does, so I was hoping Mike would go into a little more detail as to why he thinks they are crystal towers, or give his thoughts on what I think are rocks and boulders... Maybe we'll have to wait for a full on Enterprise paper, or DM II for more details though. Holds breath.

  16. KS15,

    based on your work, you may well be right. But why do you only show 1 part of the overall area? There is a second "ring" which makes it look like a connected structure when it is inverted. How about some enhancements of the whole bright area instead of just the one section?

  17. @KS15

    The Negative is the most interesting.

    Look at it closely. Where is the "scar" that the debris fell from?

    It's a smooth surface with very little variation until it gets to the "trickle marks" trailing from the lower edge.

    I quite agree, these are ground features not towers. But not a "landslide" either.

    rock (or particulate matter in general) does not flow like a liquid unless the surface it is flowing over is vibrating at a pretty high rate and keeping the particles semi suspended from each other.

    The debris "trickles" resemble the flow of a thick liquid (think paint trickling down a wall) but I really wish I could successfully DL a full res copy of the tiff to examine.

    Sad to say Mike, I think Richard is reaching a bit on this one. It's not a "tower" though the processing certainly creates that effect in the initial photo. Best guess is it' a melt effect, with multiple layers of flow overlaying each other. Maybe it's evidence of high energy weaponry, maybe it's an effect of melting and evaporating ice, but it definitely needs further investigation. It's too close to the "cave mouth" to simply ignore.

    They can read a newspaper headline from orbit, why the hell do we have to put up with such low res pics of the moon. *sigh*

  18. Does anyone else notice a striking resemblance to the Crystal city that Superman built for himself in the Superman movie?

  19. According to the LROC/ASU website,
    the camera incident angle is 80 degrees.

    The pictures may be oriented with north toward the top, but since the satellite is in a polar orbit, half the time it it traveling north and half the time it is traveling south.

    So it is possible the picture was taken with south at the top then flipped to display it with north at the top. However, the "stuff" is a lot closer to the ground than the "giant crystal spires" theory, if the picture was actualy taken from 80 degees (looking nearly straight down).
    Still, looking in closely, there are a lot of repetitive angles and straight lines, and curves, and pieces of stuff overlaying stuff.
    It might be the collapsed ruins of former "giant glass spires." (that weren't "imploded" nor collapsed into their own footprint.)

    Anyone have an aerial shot of the WTC debris field looking almost straight down?


  20. Gort,

    Search "WTC aerial photos" on Yahoo! and you
    get some aerial shots of the WTC post collapse.

    I was just looking at them, and...

    Not a lot of resemblance, except for one shot
    in particular....

    Sure enough, sections of infrastructure lying on
    the ground....

    Exactly as you suggest....

    Hmmm...another interesting angle....


    Hathor -- all over the map on this one...


    P.S.: KS15, your latest comments make a strong

    And I see we agree about the symmetries visible.
    I too noticed that.

    Some look almost like stereo pairs, and yet others
    look like mirror images.

    This is a good one, isn't it....


    P.P.S.: And for those who may be wondering,
    the Ricky Nelson version is like the Ramsey Lewis
    Trio version from 1965, but a little slower and,
    I think, a little more "cool" sounding.

    He played it live on TV one Sunday evening...

    ...and I was lucky enough to see it.


  21. Here's a question I had when reading the first edition.

    How did the Lunar Landers avoid hitting the massive glass structures during it's landing approach?

    The structures are said to be miles high. On page 197 of the new edition, one structure is described as "a mega-cube sitting 7 miles above the moon".

  22. Good question Joe. I'll answer it in a couple days when I get back from Arizona.

  23. nyceddie:

    I will forgive RCH and Mike their
    "first blush" on this image set.

    However, several of us, being perfectly capable of
    making critical observations, have proceeded to do
    so, and...

    We find a high degree of suggestion of something
    other than "natural phenomena."

    That alone is noteworthy.

    While I would posit that we have yet to come to
    a consensus as to exactly what we are seeing here,
    I would dare to suggest that we are largely in
    agreement that there is a great deal of evidence
    of artificiality of some kind.

    True, there are no "crystal towers" here. And
    yet, there may have been at one time, as one of
    our number already has suggested.

    Or, failing that, there is nonetheless something
    here worthy of further investigation.

    Consider your position overruled.


    Hathor -- The gavel has struck.


  24. joe_g: questions such as yours immediately come to questioning minds. But the authors do not want to realize that we, the thinkers, are out here ready to question ridiculous claims as are found throughout the book. They weren't writing for our benefit but for those who accept anything that comes down the pike.

  25. Indeed, nyceddie, these authors are writing for the kind of people who would accept that NASA itself started the "Apollo was faked" rumor by arranging for a man in a greatcoat to hand out a stupid flyer at JPL, a spaceflight center that had nothing whatever to do with Apollo or any other manned spaceflight....

    ...the kind of people who would accept that Neil Armstrong, possibly the greatest pilot in history but no great shakes when it comes to public speaking, would liken himself to a bird whose primary talent is speaking but that doesn't fly very well...

    ...the kind of people who would accept that some "powerful cabal" would deliberately sabotage three Mars Missions whose cameras would have provided a resolution of 40 m/pixel on the grounds that they would "see too much," yet somehow fail to stop many subsequent Mars missions with cameras of far higher resolution.

    ...and so on through page after page of technical error.

  26. Anyone have an aerial shot of the WTC debris field looking almost straight down? ****

    Yes, and it's irrelevant.

  27. Aiwass:

    It depends entirely upon---

    1 - who was and was not cooperating, and when

    2 - exactly when given techniques and the people
    and equipment required were in hand, which they
    might not always have been

    3 - and just as satellite technology has improved,
    so has PhotoShop, etc.

    That isn't such a stretch.

    I'm still waiting to hear all about how JPL
    had nothing to do with Apollo....

    Now THERE is a stretch.

    Or...was STRETCH the computer you were using
    at that time?


    Hathor -- jab, cross, and HOOK...


    P.S.: I am NOT refering to Madam Pelosi....


  28. Postscript/Aiwass:

    It's also entirely possible
    that somebody made a later
    decision that the overt method of "killing the
    transmission" was too attention-getting, and it
    was then decided to utilize other means to
    obscure data.

    Committees are notorious for this sort of

    Or am I now to believe that---

    "Committees are the way to go?"


    Hathor -- filling in the blanks...


    P.S.: There is something along these lines
    happening at this very moment in the so-called
    "climate change" arena.

    It seems certain UN types have been burned by
    some creative hackers....

    These guys need to hack NASA....



  29. Oh, Aiwass:

    I just did a little googling,

    It seems JPL provided coordination of the DSN
    (that's Deep Space Network, folks) for manned
    mission support during Apollo.

    So says JPL itself.



    Hathor -- just browsing the web...


  30. marsandro writeth: "It seems JPL provided coordination of the DSN ..during Apollo."
    Well marsandro, that's perhaps just a whisker more relevant than if you had written "ah but don't forget, that was the year the Mets won the world series."

    Really, now that you've revealed the full extent of the logical gymnastics you're willing to perform to make this material seem credible, it's obvious that you are precisely the kind of credulous person Hoagland & Bara are writing for.

  31. Hey Hathor, I don't care if you've cleaned the toilets at the White House, nor does your security clearance impress, we got 'secret' by default.

    As for sitting in on CIA briefings, that's the lamest piece of worthless tripe I've ever heard from anyone - and my God is that a record.

    It might impress purple haired old ladies, like RCH but as a reference it's laughable.

    Trevor - couldn't give a monkey's.

  32. Hi Val,

    Oh, don't worry, I know
    all too well the stench
    of COINTELPRO types like Aiwass and trevorj.

    And their ad hoc/ad hominems are more than
    proof enough for me of what they are.

    And as for the writings of Hoagland and Bara,
    I could have sworn I said,

    "...there are no crystal towers here."

    You'll notice I caught Aiwass flat-footed. (Shall I
    digress and quote it, Aiwass?)

    So...speaking of a monkey's....


    Hathor -- back in black, with steel spikes, and
    an electric Cat-o-Nine-Tails

    (...cue AC/DC...)


    P.S.: "My" Secret Clearance ALSO was "by default."

    And how high did YOU clear?

    I cleared all the way up, bud.

    Oh...and with what Cabinet level officer have YOU
    been in a private meeting?

    And of which country?

    C'mon---SPILL IT---


  33. Hummm.

    Just got done watching "Symbols of an Alien Sky." which is about the mythological evidence that Mars, Venus and Saturn used to be much closer to the earth than they are now, and stacked in a unusual manner of aligned polar axis with Mars closest to us, then Venus, then Saturn.

    That made for a rather interesting speculation.

    There is certainly quite a bit of historical evidence for this in the form of many many ancient texts and symbols.

    So what if it were true? Could that not mean that the cataclysm 13,000 years ago which disrupted the "age of the gods" also have been the same one which devastated the lower half of mars, ended up scattering debris across the solar system and wiped out the "precursors?"

    Given this rather odd to our current system set up, it would mean some rather interesting things...

    For example, Iepatus could have been in orbit around Mars or Earth and flung into it's current orbit around Saturn before Saturn retreated to it's current position.

    A lot of the craters on the moon could have been from electrical arcing instead of debris. Same with Iepatus and several other odd items Richard talks about on Enterprise.

    With the chaotic effects of planets roaming around the system trying to stabilize into new orbits, it's quite possible that the survivors of the initial disaster would have able to salvage some of the high tech society, only to have it suffer from disaster after disaster as Venus and Mars continued to make close passes and releasing massive electrical arcs as they sought to equalize charges before electrostatic equilibrium settled them into the orbits they have now.

    Especially if perhaps the extremely "literal" minds which made petroglyphs and cave paintings might have been Neanderthal, with Cro Magnon (Us) arriving from Mars during the disaster to populate a previously co-evolved but non technological world and forced by such disasters to revert to primitivism themselves?

    It makes for some interesting speculation...

    Especially with historical evidence that the moon arrived 13,000 years ago, yet species apparently evolved to deal with tides. Something must have been creating tides prior to the Moon. Perhaps Iepatus?

    Any comments?

  34. Hi KS15,

    What are we looking at,

    You've got me curious, for sure....


    Hathor -- fascinated...


  35. anything you find would be awesome. I keep finding sites that are little more than reprints of Childress's book.

    I'd like something a LOT more credible.

  36. Hello.

    Did some more work on PSP_003868_

    A couple of images...

    I was able to use the IAS Viewer wavelet sharpening tool....This image is more natural...Kept the color saturation to a minimum...

    So, there you have it.

    All thanks to NASA/JPL.

    I wonder if they knew the significance of this image...

    Maybe a slip up?..Or a disclosure


  37. Well, yes, KS15,

    I mean, I see THAT...but---

    The location is...?

    And context is...?


    Hathor -- checking the index...



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