Friday, August 14, 2009

Mike Bara - Roswell UFO Conference 2008

About 30 pounds ago...


  1. ooh
    where can I get a dark mission tshirt mike?

  2. Mike,

    About Saturn's north polar hexagonal cloud you said this:

    "There's absolutely nothing in physics as we understand it that can account for that. There's nothing."

    I have come across something in electrical physics that can not only make hexagonal cloud formations, but hexagonal craters on planets as well! They're called Birkeland currents and you can read about their effects throughout the universe here

    Mainstream astrophysics completely rejects the idea that electricity is active throughout the cosmos. But there is very good evidence that it is!

    As you said, James Clerk Maxwell's 4 equations (those given to us by Heaviside) are the foundation of mainstream electromagnetic theory. But plasma physicists like Anthony Peratt are applying those equations to the structures in the universe and coming up somewhat short in predictive power. I don't know all the details, but Peratt has been able to simulate the formation of galaxies in a supercomputer using Maxwell's four equations. However, plasma physics is struggling to understand the behavior of electrified plasma because it extremely complex and dynamic. Perhaps tretrahedral geometry is a key to understanding it.

    I think you and Hoagland need to contact these guys.

  3. I probably should have said "mainstream physics"


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