Wednesday, June 3, 2009

AOTW - What is This?

(And please don't say "columnar basalts")

Mystery Pic #2

Mystery Pic#3


  1. Edit on previous post: I just clicked on one of the pics and got the larger version with MRO and Di Bello in the name. Are these the higher res versions that he's been discussing?


  2. Also (last one I promise) I think that picture 3 may be upside down. I can identify it much more as a city from that vantage point. Any chance of getting some orientation/lat_long/time data on these to see if the image has been imaged before?


  3. What's the scale in the photos? I would especially like to know how big the feature in the center of Pic #2 is-- the one that looks like a tiered building with a bright white plaza in front of it and narrow, elevated walk-ways (or a very high rampart wall) to the left of it.



  4. "Columnar basalts!"

    Oh---sorry---I wasn't supposed
    to say that, was I---


    Honestly, I couldn't guess. All at once,
    it looks like the strangest comination of
    natural AND unnatural features.

    One second, "it's just rocks," and the next,
    I'd swear that's a perfect cube I see over
    at the lower left in photo #2....


    Got me on this one!


    Hathor -- Using the magnifier...


    P.S.: "Columnar basalts" with some obvious
    landscaping thrown in???

    Evidence of some sort of mining activity?

    Ramps and roadways?


  5. The scale is - Big.

    I see temples and bunkers, steps and ramps. Sorry I've guests in town for the next week but if I can I'll try to trace out some details.


  6. Is this Iapetus? I haven't seen so many right angles since seeing the first few parts of "Moon With A View".

  7. Well, I do see the photo tags now saying MRO, but I still think it looks very much like the rectilinear structures on Iapetus, the same stuff is all over the place there.

    It looks like the whole "moon" is made of the structure. Which also leads to a more important point... the same type of construction is seen all over the solar system.

    My money is on the fact that it was all built by the same people, at around the same time. Who ever migrated from the now destroyed planet (which is now the asteroid belt) sure left their mark.

  8. Agreed - in that it is a artificial not elemental creation. I'll leave it up to guys like Mike to interpret most likely what it is.

  9. Marsandro--

    I applaud your summary! I would also add that beings who engineer planets and/or entire solar systems can also do the same to DNA-- their own, or anybody else's. Therefore, they do not need our DNA to repair (hypothetical) damage to their own, as they can whip up biochemistry from scratch, so to speak.

    They are also not here to eat our children, to harvest 'soul-stuff', or to mine gold, because with the kind of technology we are talking about (as in the made-in-space laser-proof ferrous silicate stuff found at Tunguska), they can make gold from scratch, too.

    Even among people who credit UFOs and such, most just do not get how weird the technology is. If the Isaac/CARET stuff is true (and it does dovetail nicely with independent accounts by abductees/experiencers, other whistleblowers, etc.), the reason there are no welds, rivets, nails, screws, glued-together components, nuts and/or bolts found in any UFO is because everything on the ship is held in place by anti-gravity/stasis fields. Plus, the material forming all the structural elements of the ship does double-duty as part of the computer/computational matrix of the ship. Such a craft is both a flyable ship and its own brain, all at the same time.

    Even my agile noodle conks out when I muse on the on-demand computational power that has to be embodied in a Mothership...



  10. Mike - what is your take on the recently finished Japanese Kaguya orbiter, and whether it got any revealing photos of the moon?

  11. D-19.5,

    Honestly, I didn't really look at any of the images, and some of the movies I saw seemed whitewashed to me. I found it hard to really find anything on their web site, actually. It's a future project to go back and look at all the realsed data a little closer.

    I did look at a movie of the floor of Tycho, but they didn't really get very close to some of the objects that interested me.

  12. Yes, I have heard of the Earth being much larger than it was originally, but I'm not sure I buy the "cosmic dirt mover" theory. I won't say that it's impossible (reality is usually far stranger than the wildest speculation), I happen to think that the Earth just naturally grows via instreaming hyperdimentional energy.

    I for one cannot wait to see the official Hoagland/Bara take on these AOTW pictures. I know the Enterprise Mission camp has been pretty silent lately which only mean one thing... something good is on it's way!

    I did manage to hear Hoagie's last Coast chat that happened around the time of the Hubble mission and I was pretty shocked to hear him make such claims. I only hope that he's right on the money as usual, the implications are nothing short of monumental.

  13. We're buried in the new material for the Revised Edition right now, that's why so silent.

    That plus I'm going out drinking a lot... :)

  14. Hey Mike,

    Take some of that blue
    Hawaiian Punch...

    ...add a little Vodka...

    ...or maybe just a tablespoon of EverClear...

    ...and Voila!

    "Romulan Ale!" :-))))


    Interesting idea, and if the case, then there
    is the possibility of it being by design.

    However, you're describing "matter from
    energy" in a fashion that even HDP may not
    yet have a foundation to explain.

    Then again, the possibilities are limitless....

    Even so, the "alien composition" suggests an
    alien source of materials.

    Beyond this, we are reduced to speculation....

    Except, that is, in the case of our Moon.
    It's arrival here 14,500 or so years ago
    was recorded by various cultures.

    It made two close passes of the Earth (to
    set the two-body system in proper motion)
    and settled into its current well-maintained

    I might add that it has been observed of late
    that (1) the Earth recently has begun moving
    away from the Sun, and (2) the Moon also
    has begun moving away from the Earth.

    It sounds to me like the Moon is pulling us
    out from the Sun, albeit slowly. What I mean
    is, whoever is Up There at the helm is slowly
    hauling us out to a "safer orbit" for the
    duration of the current solar cycle, which
    some scientists speculate is going to be
    one wild ride.


    Hathor -- Immersed in The New Physics


    P.S.: And Mike, WATCH IT with the EverClear....

    That's * 200 proof * !!!!!

    (Well you knew that, didn't you!)


  15. Good point, Starborne!

    From waves to string functions,
    and thence to particles from the
    quantum vacuum as per the model of

    I had not thought of it that way. You propose
    an interesting mechanism. You may well be

    And I must credit T'Zairis with pointing
    out the (possible) function of crop circles
    as active circuit elements on the Earth's

    We do indeed live in interesting times!


    Hathor -- Ordering Chinese takeout...


    P.S.: The string functions actually dislodge
    massless charge from the cubic array of such
    charges (the "quantum substrate") thus
    causing the freed charges to traverse the
    "Bergman heliocycloidal path" resulting in

    There's more to the story, but that is where
    particles come from.


  16. Hey all! There is a rather interesting HiRISE image of the "Grand Canyon of Gale Crater". It was taken on March 3 of this year. It looks to me like it's a picture of water, of course the official explaination is probably "false color", but I'm sure you guys feel differently. ;)

  17. Oh, hehe.... here's the link.

  18. I'd love to see a real example of what you are arguing.

  19. I highly doubt disclosure is possible, but maybe when people can take cruise ships to the moon it will have to be.

  20. This looks like it could easily be a piece of rock or something as seen from a microscope.


  22. Fascinating---

    It looks almost like some sort
    of carbon scoring left by some
    kind of hot boring machine.

    Notice the way it is imbedded in the crater.

    It's as if something started to bore its way
    underground, then stopped and backed out
    of the hole.


    Hathor -- Noting the peak reading on the
    Weird Meter


  23. From the Associated Press:

    "WASHINGTON – NASA could put a man on the moon but didn't have the sense to keep the original video of the live TV transmission. In an embarrassing acknowledgment, the space agency said Thursday that it must have erased the Apollo 11 moon footage years ago so that it could reuse the videotape."

    Silly NASA - how could they be so "careless"?

  24. Any fool would know to
    archive something of that

    One wonders what they were so concerned
    that someone might notice....

    So perhaps the "original" tape needed, uh,
    "editing," for archival purposes...

    ...and they had to make sure that they got
    rid of the evidence....

    It's like all this blurry crap we get from
    multimillion dollar space probes. A $199
    SONY HandyCam from WalMart can do a
    far better job.

    And for $399, you can get 1080p HiDef with
    200X electronic zoom.


    Hathor -- In the cutting room


  25. Well said. I am astonished that no one of notable title has really cried fowl about this ongoing premise.
    Black and white, far off images, low res, blurred(as you said).
    Specs available for all these craft show quite outstanding capability, yet rarely do we see it or even anything remotely close to it.

    My favorite, is all the high detail cameras that seem to have 'problems' at oddly perfect timing. Failing and then poof, working great again after.


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