Thursday, November 13, 2008

Saturn's Bright New Auroral Ring

A new Cassini infrared image of the North Polar cap of Saturn has revealed something of a surprise -- an intense auroral field generated by the unique physics operating on that planet.

If you have followed this blog or read Dark Mission, you know that Saturn holds a special place in the Hyperdimensional Physics model first proposed by Dark Mission co-author Richard C. Hoagland and Erol Torun. With its unique and bizarre (by conventional models) hexagonal polar ring, Saturn fulfills a specific prediction of the tetrahedrally based topological math that underlies that theory. As Hoagland first described at his 1992 UN briefing, according to topologists like HSM Coxeter, any hyperdimensional system (a spinning system drawing energy from the Aether, or higher spatial dimensions) should have a tetrahedral outwelling signature at 19.5 degrees, and a corresponding "inwelling" feature that is driven to be hexagonal. Saturn of course, with its otherwise inexplicable hexagonal cloud pattern, fits this description perfectly.

It is interesting to note that the newly discovered aurora not only doesn't fit any conventional model for how such magnetic effects are generated (Tom Stallard, an RCUK Academic Fellow working with Cassini data at the University of Leicester, called it a "fantastic surprise"), but it also corresponds closely to the hexagonal cloud form just below it. Just exactly how this aurora is being generated and how it fits the HyperD model isn't clear just yet, but I find the correlation to be compelling. I trust that we will also eventually discern the mechanism, and I'll update readers when that occurs.


  1. What I found incredible, is the fact that the aurora appear precisely on every 45 minutes!

  2. I know is is a little of subject, but it is very important to dark mission... long lost high res photos of the moon...not doctored by Nasa almost 2000 photos from lunar orbitar one have been found .. check the article out... makes me wonder what can be seen by Mike and Hoagland...

  3. Interesting news Shamus, but where can we find some links to see that photo ( and not only that, all of them ) in full res?


  4. hi sphinx , I have tried copying the web address twice. it seeems to altar when i post...a little bothersome. it was a yahoo news called "Long-lost lunar photos get another day in the sun"

  5. Re:
    "Is there an English translation
    of the hyperdimensional model?"

    It's the difference between a square and
    a cube, or a circle, and a sphere. It's that
    notion taken to a yet higher level.

    Let's try math:

    (1) Three Dimensions:

    x = [a^2 + b^2 + c^2]^(1/2)

    (2) n-Dimensions ("Hyper Dimensional"):

    x = [a^2 + ... + n^2]^(1/2)

    Failing that, just substitute "colour" for "color," etc.


    Hathor -- Ever the humorist....



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