Thursday, October 16, 2008

David Icke at the Million Dollar Theater in LA

I posted a blog about this event over on my MySpace page. I thought you guys might like to read it.



  1. Mike, I love all of your posts and visit this blog frequently. I tend to see eye to eye with you (and Richard) on most the stuff you guys put out.

    Now, can you honestly tell me you believe 20 muslims hijacked 4 planes and hit their targets at relatively the same time? Do you really believe a man in a cave (once a prize CIA asset) could actually have orchestrated the entire thing?

    I am also taken back by how you could justify pre-emptive attacks on countries who had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. Yes 3,000 died on that day, but is that equivalent to the now over 1 million innocent iraqis and thousands others in afghanistan and now pakistan?

    I hope you don't take any of this personal. I consider you to be a highly intelligent person and I respect your views... I'm just curious as to how you still maintain your point of view especially throughout your extensive research of government deception and lies?

  2. Yo Mike...

    Have you been swallowing to much PCP's lately....PCP's being Political Correctness Pill's??

    by Jove man..have you lost it? Together with RCH so professionaly and scientifically on all things concerning NASA etc. Yes, I have read your work and that of RCH...

    So you must be joking right? And then you put the cherrie on the cake by stating

    "Keeping nukes out of the hands of a nutjob like Khadaffi is worth everything it has cost both them and us, IMO."

    Nukes in the hands of a nutjob like GWB is oke then....and by all accounts it seems this nutter's father really used at least one during the first war overthere.

    Not to mention turning this country into a depleted uruanium waste land...and we could go on and on and and on

    So Mike...since your always so adament on saying and stating things like's only true if you can proof it and/or repeat and experiment...

    So...proof your statements...

    and Mike..what is this when you're stating

    "I'm really sorry the Islamic world didn't think about that before they attacked us on 9-11, but we all know what paybacks are like, don't we?......."

    Is this really who you are???

    Because if your answer turns out to be a well confirmed yes then it really puts all your work like Dark Mission and co-ops with RCH in a completely new of disbelief and discredit

  3. Again,

    Between Bush and Khaddafi, Khaddafi is the bad guy.

    I'd respond to the rest of it, but you really didn't say anything specific. And BTW, the soil in Iraq is naturally full of uranium. At far higher levels than can be produced by "depleted" uranium. That's why we use the word "depleted" to describe it.


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