Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Essay by Mike Bara to be Included in New Anthology

Secret and Suppressed II, a new anthology edited by Feral House publisher Adam Parfrey, will inlcude an essay written by Dark Mission co-author Mike Bara. The original Secret and Suppressed was a highly influential work, and Feral House expects the new version to be just as well recieved.

Look for it in book stores this fall. Pre-orders are currently being taken on Amazon.com.


  1. That's great news Mike, congrats! Is there any sneak peak info you can give us? Looks like it's going to be interesting.

  2. Congrats on everything that's going your and Richard's way with DM and other things.

    Hope it continues.

    A new Cassini Radio data was shipped to the PDS today btw also as I get regular e-mail updates from the PDS mail server. Hope it helps with 'Moon With a View'.

    Me...I'm just trying to download my 4Gb website at 800KB/s...will likely take a month.


  3. Can only be a positive development for the literary world. I think DK itself is already influential in melting the iced layers of secrecy at a more rapid pace, due to its clearly researched approach. It still amazes me Richard came back with not only an answer to the sandbox images, but all of that lunar and ritualistic stuff NASA did.

  4. Can't wait to sample the
    "new tidbits."

    I just LOVE kibbles.


    Hathor -- Setting the table...



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