Thursday, July 24, 2008

Edgar Mitchell Admits NASA Knows About ET

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the Moon and a 33 degree Scottish Rite Freemason, has admitted in an interview in England that UFO's (or ET's) are real, and furthermore NASA knows it.

Mitchell has always played up the reality of UFO's, while steadfastly denying our premise that the Moon is littered with artificial structures. We've always found it interesting that Mitchell encourages belief in something that will never be proven (flying saucers and aliens) but discourages belief in something that is eminently provable. It smacks to us of disinformation.

But, like all good disinformation, it must have a grain of truth in it to be credible. What we find most interesting politically is that he is throwing NASA under the bus, effectively admitting that NASA has covered up the evidence of ET’s all along.

I think there is a recent book out that has as its core premise the idea that NASA lies…

For more background information, check out the Hoagland-Mitchell debate transcript from the old Art Bell show here.

UPDATE: Dr. Mitchell has clarified his comments here.

Just for additional clarification: According to the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, there are in fact three official panoramas of the Apollo 14 landing site. There are additional partial pans there, but it is unclear whether they were assembled by NASA. The ALSJ has also assembled numerous pans of their own making. Our initial investigation only dealt with the three official pans issued by NASA and retained by Ken Johnston from (presumably) first generation negatives.

All data in our possession was sent to Dr. Mitchell in 1996. To this day he has not commented.


  1. Like I posted earlier....the poor bugger most have had his memory restored then...given the credibility, as mentioned by MB and RH in Dark Mission, all the astronauts were "properly debriefed" and quarantined and manhandled for a physical check...or should we say brainhandled :-D

    amazing how these tossers can be played and used..."No no Edgar....this time you're allowed to have a fieldday and spill all the beans we concocted"...."Or else...or else we spill your beans"

    Most likely a stooge-staged event...all in all to "prepare" mankind for the next stage of events after the stooged "war on terror" . By the way...what's the latest on forthcoming indictment's against those warcriminals in the white house...when are they going to be fedexed to the International Court overhere in the Hague?

    And since Eddy Mitchell is out of the closet :-) why not ask him about Werner Theisenberg and have a good laugh while your at it

  2. T'Zairis,

    Richard noticed the same thing when he reviewed the transcripts later. Mitchell kept changing the subject and focusing on minutiae.

  3. I like the trial court analagy, t'zairis. Being a lawyer, I viewed Mitchell as a witness. No way an opposing counsel in litigation would let him evade an issue on x-exam. Richard did well as he could to address that in the talk show context, without benefit of counsel, and more importantly a judge to force answering the relevant issues presented.

    Again, you're right, walking contradiction with his embracement of new age, ufo's etc. I'll have to re-read it, but he apparently didn't deny there were objects there, but dodged the interpretation of them quickly.

    Let's cut the crap. If it looks like a duck, walks like one, talks like one, it probably is a duck. And Richard has successfully spotted many geniune ducks (face, structures, etc).

  4. I have a problem with his description of aliens as being little men with big eyes. I think aliens look just like us: 5 fingers, 5 toes. When I read the story thats the only thing that struck me that he couldn't be telling the truth about. I believe the little green alien phenomenon might have other metaphysical or psychological implications and explanations. If I can venture my own theory, the real aliens, who look like us, would probably be at odds with how our systems of governments are run and all the corruption that goes along with it. If that is so, out "rulers that be" wouldn't be inclined to invite them over for lunch. Thats why I think this image of aliens as threatening, small, large eyed, creepy cartoon characters is put forth. I am skeptical of this whole disclosure notion. I have no faith in the people who run the show.

  5. Art Bell's comments: "I asked him very directly if there were any glass structures on the moon and his response was "green cheese and balogny", that did not invite a follow up question."

    In other words, Mitchell did NOT deny it. He did not say "no" to a yes or no question, but evaded it with nonsense. I disagree with Bell. Follow up on getting a yes or no for the record, rather than accept a nonanswer like that. Still, he didn't deny it, so it is deemed admitted.

  6. Why should I object? Expat demonstrates on an almost daily basis that Brookings was correct.

    It's not enough for him that we can simply agree to disagree about certain subjects. He is convinced that we're deceptive, so he has to play this juvenile game of "now I've got you, you sonofabitch."

    Unfortunately, we have all the angles covered, so that leaves him with one alternative, which is to convince himself that we're deceptive.

    He and NY Eddie have to tell themselves that. Because the data is too strong to dispute. And if they accept the premise that we're honest, then too much of what we say rings true, and that is deeply frightening to people like them.

    It doesn't matter anyway. I've had enough of their constantly petty and inane accusations. They aren't contributing to the blog in a meaningful way, so I've axed them both.

    This blog is for people who are at least marginally open minded and reasonably logical, and Expat is neither. I see no reason to pillory him or his ilk any further.

  7. Correction in my response to expat: "Your inability to comprehend the meaning of the US Code does NOT make it a “lie” on our part."

  8. It does make one wonder, maybe Brookings was and still is correct. Paradigms = entire cultures.

  9. Hey Mike have you thought about the fact that Dr.Mitchell seems to have a taylor made respose that seems to have the direct agenda of taking peoples attention from the Moon and Mars structures and misdirecting them from the intresting stuff found on the Moon and Mars.If you draw and straight line back to the misinformation it could seem that Darkmission has struck such a sensitive nerve that is even worth droping the "alien bomb" to distract the media. To me that signals just how important to them and us the moon history really is. Look how far they will go to cover it up.

  10. A little off topic - something that's puzzled me slightly is this: Say that the Apollo missions brought back ancient lunar relics, perhaps even something like Data's head. They take beautiful photographs of structures towering above the surface of the moon. Fantastic news for the scientists involved, right? But Why?

    If Anti-gravity craft were in fact technologically able to make a visit to the moon - if not go further than the moon - long before Apollo, then surely any hidden discoveries made by the Apollo moon-walkers would be old news to the 'above top secret' folks?

    But then...why take the risk of taking such good quality photos? It's almost like NASA knew all about what they were going to find (they had photo manipulators on staff, etc), wanted the pictures, but couldn't allow the unaltered shots to be leaked. That's a big risk! Why take these photos at all? They could have taken lower quality pictures.

    However, perhaps those involved in the secret mission behind apollo did not have clearance to the discoveries made by the previous anti-gravity missions.

    Perhaps Black-Ops said to NASA:
    "We can't tell you what we found, but while you're up there, what ever YOU find is yours - just don't f#@k up and let the world know."


  11. Distraction and compartmentalization make it so easy. I thought Richard's observation of the insider "kook" alleging a staged landing was really interesting.
    Looking forward to your next book, Mike (& Richard).

  12. But, even though they were probably separate entities, Von Braun, for example, seems to have had his fingers in both pies...

    Undoubtedly some at NASA knew something was there, and they knew that from somewhere - and I doubt all of it came from old records.

    Separate entities, yes. Connections? Yes.

    Black ops to NASA - "You know we won't tell you anything. If you want to know what's out there, you go out and look for it yourself."

  13. As I mentioned at the Enterprise forum on this, I do not think...imho, that The Illuminati/Bildeberg/Masons TPTB actually HAD in their possesion a WORKING anti-g craft until after the mid 1940's when Flying Saucers crashed and back engineering began. I also do think we had ever built our OWN anti-g craft until sometime in the mid 1970's.

    Otherwise how does one expain the glyphs at "abydos"?, or all the ancinet art and textfrom history ALL over the world from beiginning of time until today about men inside ships from outer space?

    I know you and RCH don't like to "do" non-Earth ETI's inparticular but wonder why when there is such a great amount of scientific evidence to support it such as ground trace landings, implant removals, radar tapes, gun-sight radar tapes, Generals, Admirals, DOD DIA, FAA, FBI, CIA and a host of other folks from the Disclosure Project stating such things are true.

    I agree Mitchel looked to be on an 'agenda' of his wn to discount or mislead people away from the DATA and EVIDENCE that you, Richard and others have shown through the years that there WAS a Solar System Wide was likely partly ours and partly in conjunction with "brothers and sisters" from the stars.

    It is easy to beat up on NASA when it comes to such things because when it comes to such things it seems the agency has No Adult Spervision Available.

    Still no minerological map of Cydona from Themis after all these years, nor from ESA, nor from CRISM which I KNOW took CRISM data of my Fall 2007 HiRise Request Challenge Request of the Cydonia Smoker. I have ALL the raw data strips of the CRISM for that acquisition,,,but analyising it beyond my capabilities for the moment. The PDS person says maybe September 2008 release I might see the "hour-glass" shape result of the CRISM processing through ISIS3. We'll see.

    Also Section 1206.300 is the SPECIFIC section of NASA law that gives the DOD the RIGHT to destroy, alter, or simply take a mission 'black' if it has anything to do with "National Security". And we all are well aware of how far 'stretched' National Security issues have become recently as this administration states the Constitution is "just a piece of paper" in a news conference.


  14. My last request in FOIA I sent to NASA while at CCC had this:

    R6. I hereby request a complete list of any documents, images, memos or other items that NASA has received or sent, from or to, any source, internal or external, at any time that have ever been excluded from disclosure under Sec 1206.300 sub (b) para (1) or para (9) that deal with non-Earth data, of any type or source, and the dates and reasons such exclusions were made.


    THAT section is the one 'speficially' giving DOD the power to do the things I mentioned in my last post.


  15. Mike,

    I completely agree with you that 'The Stargate Conspiracy' is a large helping of twaddle. The authors dug up some interesting factoids and then took off in some really odd directions with regard to what those facts actually meant. With RCH's stuff, they selected a few bits that could be made to fit their overarching conspiracy ideas and just forgot about everything else (namely the lion's portion of what's on TEM, etc.) I also know about them finally boring through Gantenbrink Door #1 and finding Door #2 (which fits Chris Dunn's Giza Power Plant model, but not the Initiation-Hall-of-the-Great-White-Bro'hood' model of the Cayce-ists).

    What interested me about the stuff I quoted was the linkage between El Baz (Zahi's good friend) and Hawass, who is the official custodian-cum-high-priest of the Giza Plateau. Also of interest is where the financial support for Hawass's Egyptology Ph.D. came from: ARE-- run by Edgar Cayce's son. This linkage makes Hawass's virulent and rude characterization of those who pursue some sort of alternative Egyptology as 'pyramidiots' disingenuous at best. It smacks of the same treatment dished out to anyone who says they've seen a UFO by government types. The folks who had the sighting are dismissed as morons who could mistake the pinprick-light of Venus for a mile-wide UFO, while the officials doing this rubbishing are themselves collecting interesting radar data and airbrushing the skies of photos taken on the Moon. The fact that Hawass dismisses people like Dunn as pyramidiots while he himself skulks around Giza for his ARE benefactors is just deliciously ironic.

    Add to this Mark Lehner's Ph.D. bankrolling by ARE, and I think we have a situation at Giza that fairly screams 'Hidden Agendas'.

    My own take on the situation is that the occultists of various stripes involved in the whole ancient Egypt scene do not know as much as they like to give the impression of knowing. We've got a high probability that closet Cayceites Hawass and Lehner are looking for goodies that would support Cayce's prophetic agendas while they pretend to be just-the-facts serious academics. However, they've go to be rather nonplussed when the extra chambers (found by Japanese with side-scan radar) in the Great Pyramid turn out to be filled with unusually fine sand and not scrolls touting the inherent nazi-esque superiority of the 'Great White Boys' Frat-Club of Atlantean Freemasons'.

    This is why I like TEM, Dark Mission, etc., where everyone is looking at data like photographs/thermal images and launch-and-land dates for various space missions. And when Dark Mission says that Farouk El Baz picked lunar landing sites with another agenda (Osirian) in mind besides just looking for a reasonably safe place to put men down on the Moon, I have to say that his friendship and research relationship with 'Mr. Giza' Hawass and his Big, Blocked Shaft makes the assertions made in Dark Mission even more likely. That's why I never dismiss books out-of-hand: even if they are mostly silly, they often contain a few nuggets that are of some use.

    Getting back to Edgar Mitchell-- with his various ET statements and pull-backs from actually saying 'I am going to disclose everything I know', I think he has agendas, too. I agree with Seamus when he says that Mitchell's not-quite-flat-out statements are 'designer distraction'.



  16. Hi T'Zairis et al,

    Edgar Mitchell's "evade and redirect" way of
    handling questions is not unique to him, at
    least where The Mercury Seven are concerned.

    I've been in a group conversation or two with
    Buzz Aldrin, who has had occaision to do
    exactly the same thing when confronted with,
    for example, the ET question.

    This was in the early 1990s at the ISDC
    (run by the National Space Society).

    It's like they were all trained to do this.

    And I note that so far, no one has mentioned
    that all of the Mercury Seven were elite
    military personnel, sworn to obey orders.

    Their selection for the Mercury Program
    weighed in heavily on that point.

    The next questions then become...

    1 - What were these "orders,"
    2 - who gave them, and
    3 - why.


    Hathor - Penetrating the secrecy


  17. No, we still have all the orginal pans that Ken gave us. The pictures he donated have not been found by the university.

  18. I wouldn't be surprised if none of the "secret societies" (as such) were in complete control of the 'man made' anti-gravity craft.

    NASA and some of the others might be based on secret societies, however I wouldn't be surprised if anti-grav was completely military. As to what they stand for - who knows.

    None of this, however, excludes the possibility (or even probability) of craft coming from 'elsewhere.'

    Unfortunately, no matter how intriguing the reports are of UFO's (one of my favourite topics as a child) it is ultimately harder to prove them of an alien nature, so I understand Richard and Mike going for the provable.

    The very fact that we, or our ancestors, or 'creators' may have had origins on Mars, and elsewhere, as well as the number of cultures with ancient astronauts in their stories, one cannot discount that some of those craft today MAY be from the same places (or new places...)

    How many back-yard scientists have had their research destroyed because they got too close to discovering amazing new sciences? We've heard of T.T. Brown, we've got T.H Moray, and others...that we KNOW OF. What about the people we've never heard of? We are a smart species! We can invent marvellous and unbelievable things.

    Someone doesn't want us to know what we are capable of, because they don't want us to KNOW what we have been capable of.

    Just me say'n is all...

  19. I never alter the original post, because if I did, people like you would accuse me of covering something up. So I just post clarifications in the comments or in an update to the bosy of the post - which I did in this case.

  20. david 19 1/2 said...

    Hmmm ... what if the Dark Mission authors approached Richard Branson, billionaire and space enthusiast, about just an idea (lunar probe)? Pretty clear the guy likes space.


    The moon?
    A billionaire would be able to photo MUCH more than that - depending on WHOM he was connected with...


  21. Sir Richard Branson already
    has been approached with a
    number of similar proposals,
    and has snubbed all of them.

    He's following the space tourism agenda for
    the time being.

    Where's the profit in proving that there are
    structures on the Moon? In a picture book?
    At Barnes & Noble?

    He thinks a lot bigger than that, at least in
    monetary terms.

    And Philanthropy? I have observed over the
    decades that these guys do things like that
    only when there is some form of payback
    in the offing. They make a buck on it either
    directly or indirectly, in some fashion.

    For every penny they put in, they're going to
    get three back, one way or another.


    Hathor - Running the Teller window...

    ...and keeping the tally...


  22. Wouldn't blame Branson if there's no $ in it, but I dared to suggest.

  23. Someone ought to ask Dr. Ed Mitchell these questions. On the Apollo 14 mission you conducted the classified NASA-DOD "Chapel Bell Experiment". What was the "Chapel Bell Experiment" & why are its results still classified?

  24. Mike, you should talk on Oklahoma City's am radio, Jack and Ron on 98.9. They are mainstream and like to have guests on the air that discuss books in your genre.

  25. Sounds like an idea.


    Maybe JimO knows why its still classified...

  26. Jim,

    Where did you find the "launch phase" reference?

    I do know that a guy made a FOIA request to NASA about Chapel Bell, and they responded that they had no documents. This seems inplausible, given that it was on one of their missions.

  27. For "Chapel Bell", perhaps
    substitute "NAZI Bell," and
    research the latter. Fancy
    the NASA boys playing with
    THAT particular toy in space.

    I wouldn't be surprised if that's it....

    Of course, it's only a wild guess....

    And if I'm right...I wonder how it was


    Hathor - Mistress of Speculation


    P.S.: Don't forget, Wernher Von Braun was
    a Colonel in the S.S.


  28. Hmph. Sure enough.

    I stand corrected.


    Hathor - Shaking her finger at me....


  29. I don't buy it at all.

    Follow the recent money (nuff said)...

    Mitchell is on the "dark side" on this one.

    He is completely misrepresenting what he saw - deliberately.
    He's getting a handsome amount to do so. Gotta love the grandchildren.

    Other Apollo's are enraged.

    I have no proof of my statements to deliver to you - at this time.



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