Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Why the Moon Hoax Conspiracy is a Crock of...

Okay, since this keeps coming up, I'll post links to my articles on the Moon Hoax conspiracy theory for everyone to read through.

Who Mourns for Apollo?

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  1. I just read through an old book on the technology that had to be developed for Apollo. Not only was it more complex than this conspiracy theory fools people into believing, but it worked and works (e.g., the crawler, VAB, etc.).

    Too bad we can't look at ALL the blue-prints anymore...

  2. That's the one thing that really bugs me. There was no reason to destroy the blueprints.

    Maybe what they found was so terrifying they wanted to make it impossible to go back...or at least very difficult.

  3. Mike,

    I certainly respect your position on this
    stuff. That said:

    I've been working on a design concept for an
    "ALICE Probe," i.e., an "Automated Lunar
    Investigation Craft / Electrogravitic" that
    could be flown by a computer user from
    here on Earth. And no rockets needed.

    It's a little "garage project" for some time
    in the future when I can afford it. (But not right now, unfortunately.)

    Wouldn't the "Powers That Be" have some
    degree of concern about efforts like mine
    coming to fruition?

    I might find a backer tomorrow. Who knows?
    Then this thing would be flying in six months
    or less.

    Moreover, it isn't like this sort of thing is
    unique to lil' ol' me. Ha! Hardly.

    That being the case, *who cares* whether
    NASA kept their antique drawings (other than
    perhaps for their far more appropriate use
    as a museum exhibit---investigative value aside)?

    Not that I "don't care," but...

    This *is* decades later...and MUCH better
    technology is available, as they doubtless
    MUST have known it would be, AND spreading
    into the public consciousness at large, as
    in fact it is.

    The list of successful experimenters keeps

    So...as to RETURNING to the Moon (AND
    bearing in mind that you were refering to
    "1970's NASA" being afraid to go back)---

    So *now* they're suddenly not afraid to go
    back, but---

    I mean, what's with all this talk of "Apollo
    on Steroids?"

    I call it "Mercury on Steroids," more like.

    "Well, let's see, the ol' horse an' buggy
    got us there before...so, let's use a bigger
    horse and a sturdier buggy!"


    Why not take the Lexus?!?

    It's sitting right there in the driveway...!!!!
    (Area 51 for those who wonder.)

    All this for a basically "busted" charade?
    (I admit I "presume" here....)

    The tech is all over J.L. Naudin's website
    and everybody knows it.

    The Correas have given us the means for
    on-board power with their PAGD technology...
    And everybody knows THAT....


    What's wrong with THIS picture???


    Of course, then again, *at the time*, and
    from *their* point of view...maybe you're


    "Destroying (some?) drawings" might have
    seemed like the thing to do....



    Is...Somebody Up There *hostile*?!


    And NASA's going BACK there with LOW TECH???? (For which, presumably, they're
    going to "fill in" the "missing pieces" with
    "upgrades?" Like dropping a superstock
    ceramic Wankel engine in a Tin Lizzie????)


    Color me TOTALLY confused....

  4. Anyway---

    I vote "We really went to the Moon."

    Reason: personal preference.


    P.S.: There *could have been* a studio with
    a duplicate Apollo setup, because, after all,
    there WAS an earthbound simulation that was
    publicly known---and shown on TV---for the
    usual problem solving by JSC and other NASA
    teams as needed.

    Why? Perhaps if (a) they lost the video feed,
    or (b) if something was "visible" in the live
    feed that they wanted to hide from the public.

    But I'm not suggesting that any of the "fake"
    video feeds were ever used. It would appear
    that they weren't. (Mike, I find your evidence
    that the M/L Hoax is a total "crock" quite

    Even so, possibly there WAS a studio, etc.,
    as some have claimed, but just not for the
    purpose of "faking the Moon landings."

    Maybe someone "knew about the studio"
    but didn't know its true purpose. IF it ever
    existed at all, it likely would have fallen
    under the purview of black ops.

    Why does it have to be "one or the other?"

    And then, considering the possibility that
    *NASA itself* is behind the "Moon Hoax" theory....


    Welcome to the Blue Lodge!


  5. The 1969 press conference was psychotic

    After Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin returned from the moon in 1969, they held a press conference to tell the world about their incredible trip to the moon.
    These three men just accomplished the most incredible feat the human race has ever achieved. If you had been in their position, wouldn't you have been excited, proud of America, and happy to describe your trip to the moon?

    The facial and body expressions of the astronauts suggest that they are suffering from extreme emotional stress.

    Why would they appear to be so nervous and awkward? NASA wants us to believe that all of the astronauts are extremely introverted. But watch the first few minutes of their interview, and ask yourself, are they really introverted? Or are they suffering stress because they are lying about going to the moon?

  6. No you idiot, they're nervous and uncomfortable because they are trying to hide what they saw and did on the Moon -- and the real reasons for going there.

    It's all in a book called "Dark Mission."

  7. Hey Mike,

    Maybe I should put a "rumble seat module"
    in the ALICE probe and let Unit ride along.

    Whaddaya think?


  8. It wouldn't the first ship he's been jettisoned from. We booted him years ago...too bad he's found you all, but I guess you'll figure it out eventually.

    Back to the topic at hand....

    I think the relevant question is not so much "did we go to the moon?" but "how many times did we go to the moon?(that we never told anyone about)
    As to the freaked out look on the faces....
    well, lets see...you just came back from the bloody MOON. Uh, I'd be just a tad freaked out too regardless if I had seen dusty gray rocks or a whole flippin city.
    You don't need a PhD in rocket science to figure that out...psych 101 is sufficient to figure that out.

    The whole idea that we didn't go seems so quaint in light of oh, I don't know, the space shuttles,space stations, Mars orbiters/rovers, Galileo, Hubble...

  9. Hi scarletm,

    I think the relevant question is not so much
    "did we go to the moon?" but "how many times
    did we go to the moon? (that we never told
    anyone about)

    That's the $64 question, alright.

    We had:

    17 Apollo missions to the Moon
    1 Apollo-Soyuz mission
    3 Apollo standing displays
    (Huntsville, Houston, and one other)

    for 21 Apollo moon ships in all, which exactly
    matches the original slate of Apollo Moon
    missions from the outset of the program.

    However, I remember late-night news stories
    about "mystery" military launches during that
    time that seemed to be using "Apollo class"
    boosters (as some reporters observed).

    Perhaps one of these "mystery" launches was
    the legendary "Apollo 20" mission? That some
    say is only a hoax? Even as some say that the
    whole Apollo program was a hoax? Or at least
    the Moon landings?

    In the absence of truly hard evidence (since
    video such as that of "Apollo 20" is much too
    easy to fake these days), one can only wonder
    how many times we really went to the Moon.

    Then again, if the "Apollo 20" videos are real,
    then---oh, man---we haven't seen the half of
    it yet.

    Moreover, even though we yet may not be
    able to get our hands on such "hard evidence,"
    or drawings, or films/vids/photos/whatever,
    nevertheless we can follow the money.

    A recent news report stated that money put
    into black projects has been running in the
    trillions for many years now.

    These "black projects" are military projects.

    The DoD (provably) runs NASA.

    And NASA's budget is...what, again?


    P.S.: Cute dog!

  10. The question has been raised about Apollo photos that show shadowed sides of astronauts 'filled in' with light reflected from somewhere. I got the impression Mike argued that the reflected light was from lunar dome structure. Since the issue of the source of this illumination (and it is there) is also a main theme of the hoax-accusers, can we discuss it -- starting with Mike clarifying why he raised the question himself?


  11. Well, jimo!

    I see you're a Mohammed Ali fan!

    But even so, I don't think "Rope A Dope" is
    gonna work on Mike.


  12. I should have it back online in a few days.


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